Sayings or phrases that grate on my nerves...

All righty now.
That's your answer... cut & dry.
Everything happens for a reason...
Just sayin'
I've got your back!
When you get the answer... reach out to me.
I need that... A-sap!
Trust me on this...
Who died and left you in charge?
Been there, done that.
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Connecting the dots...

It's been a blast of political news stories this weekend about Mueller, Manafort, Cohen and Trump. I have to ask myself "Have we passed the point of speculation?"

Carl Bernstein interview:

All along I was thinking SYNERGY was just a software company! laugh
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All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth...

There's a song about that I'm sure.
End of the year I still had some insurance money on a dental plan, so I got a chipped tooth repaired this morning!
thumbs up
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One tenth of one percent...

0.01% sounds like a small amount. It's the amount of Sodium Benzoate found in many canned drinks. According to Drugs dot com, "Sodium Benzoate is an antimicrobial preservative and flavoring agent used in the food industry and a tablet and capsule lubricant used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry."

Flavoring agent? Those drinks always have an aftertaste. Who are they trying deceive?

According to chatillion... "That must be the chemical taste found in Pepsi products like Mountain Dew and Lipton Tea." Seriously, I try my best to avoid products with Sodium Benzoate.

That must be a cousin to Sulfur Dioxide, a preservative sulfite on dried fruits that is known to cause serious health problems, including breathing problems, life-threatening allergy-like symptoms or, in rare cases, death.

When shopping for dried fruits, if Sulfur Dioxide is in the list of ingredients, the package goes back on the shelf.

Thanks, but no thanks!
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The Bush Funeral Train...

I've been busy with work and preparing for a move so I haven't followed the funeral for President George H.W. Bush. I heard the story on the morning news in my car. They described Engine 4141 a funeral train going 70 miles from Spring to College Station where people can line up along the stops to view the flag draped casket and give their last goodbyes.

An interesting bit of history found on one news clip "Bush’s funeral train procession is the first since 1969, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower was taken by railroad from Washington to his burial place in Kansas."

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I right my green headed girl in starboard...

It's late, I need some sleep... I need to board the ship but I'm not sure which part is the front. Maybe you can help me. Surely someone knows about these things.
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The end of the year medical stuff...

It's the end of the year and I'm planning to take a few days off. Not as an official vacation, but a day here and there. Company policy is vacation doesn't roll over and they don't pay the days and allow you to continue to work. Hopefully, it will be slower at the office in the next few weeks. Some of my coworkers will be doing the same. I cannot afford to be out more than a day or two with no one to 'oil the machine' while I'm gone. So, a day here and there should work out fine.

With a few 3 day weekends, I'll use the time to move to my new condo. Painting, moving furniture, setting up storage for things and moving my home office. Oh, my back is beginning to ache from the thought of all the work needed before the end of the month.

Part of my year-end rituals is to have medical tests. Physical exams, blood work, etc. My wife went for a mammogram last month and the all important mail-in poop colon cancer screening tests have been completed by both of us!

Earlier this year, I decided to have 3 teeth crowned. Thinking I could have the best fit with them done in one session proved wrong. I had 2 removed last week and go back next week for the replacements. I'm not sure if it was the fault of the dentist making the impressions or the laboratory who actually cut the teeth, but the dentist did a lot of grinding before setting them in place. I was unhappy with the results. Several trips back making adjustments wasn't enough to satisfy me. I switched to a new dental team and there is money still available on my insurance plan, so I'm taking advantage of the 'use it or lose it' this calendar year.

That reminds me, I need to add to my 'Do List' to rewrite my do list. laugh
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Song Remakes...

I listen to a local classic rock music radio station that has a few hours of talk show in the morning and music at 10am. One day, they talked about little known groups who re-record famous songs that help start their career. They stated, the price to pay for this is 50% of the total royalties.

YouTube is my favorite source for music and I often follow song remakes.
For this blog, I picked "You keep Me Hangin On" in 1966 by The Supremes, remade (as a psychedelic rock song) by Vanilla Fudge in 1967, and again remade in 1986 with a disco beat by Kim Wilde.

The Supremes
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Name dropping brands and not products...

Achoo... please hand me a Kleenex.
Most of the time, it's tissue as Kleenex is a name brand.
I had a client give out her contact information and said she was giving me her iPhone number. You and I know this to be a cellphone. Telling me she had an Apple iPhone (for a cellphone) was an unnecessary name drop.

My Mercedes is parked out front. Oh, is that your car?

Last week ,I did a blog about Q-TIPS.
They are cotton swabs, but most people call them by the name brand.

"Would you like a Coke?"
"No, I'll have a Pepsi"

My grandmother always referred to a refrigerator as Frigidaire. That was the brand name she owned.
Putting things into perspective, my dad always called it an "Ice Box"

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George H. W. Bush... 1924 - 2018

Last night before going to bed, I scanned a few news stories and George H. W. Bush was on the front page as he died at the age of 94. This morning, I had to do a search as it's no longer the top story.

Also in the obituaries is Kuma, a trained dog who played the part of Stan on the Disney Channel. Kuma leaves us at the age of 16.
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Wood stick Q-TIPS...

Q-TIPS is a brand name for cotton swabs. I've tried different brands and always return to Q-TIPS. A generation ago they made them with wooden sticks. The wood was replaced with a plastic tube but the cotton on the tube didn't stick well and white paper sticks replaced the plastic.
In layman's terms, Q-TIPS with paper sticks suck. I'm sure it's a safety factor, but they give way when you try to dig into the ear canal. I remember the old days having control with wood sticks. I'm thinking someone dug too deep and damaged their ear drum. Yes, very possible. Worst case would be the stick splintered. THAT would be painful!
I did find some long wooden stick cotton swabs used for cleaning electrical equipment, but they were low quality and I'm sure they would splinter.
I found good quality wood stick cotton swabs on a trip to China. it was great! That with a small bottle of alcohol I was in ear cleaning heaven. On my return to the U.S. Chinese customs stopped my carry-on through their scanner and asked if I had any beer. No... but the little bottle had leaked and set off an alarm. Seeing it was packaged with the cotton swabs, I didn't need to give explanation (or go to jail) but it was discarded and I didn't have a chance to bring them home.
Hopefully, I'll have a chance to return to China for the Chinese New Year in February and plan to buy more swabs. This time I'll leave out the alcohol.
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Pumping your buttocks with cement...

Inspired by my Botox injections 'gone wrong' blog...
South Florida is a special place and people pay 'big bucks' for body enhancement.
I'm not sure how or why, but cement became part of that procedure.
It was a little more than a year ago, I read some news reports about a Fort Lauderdale woman who was sentenced to 10 years in prison (with 5 years of probation) for the death of her patient who received 10 injections of chemicals to enlarge her buttocks.
The story claims she was injected with a mixture that included Fix-a-Flat, cement, silicone, mineral oil and Super Glue.

The woman charged had already served prison time for practicing medicine without a license. Previously, she had administered breast injections to a woman causing cysts and reportedly left countless other women scarred for life.

At the bottom of one story had Kim Kardashian revealing she too had butt injections. So there... that's all the reason to get your butt 'jacked up with cement'

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