Hal Atosis...

Some people don't realize they have bad breath.
I try to keep a good distance from one of the salesmen I deal with as his breath is strong enough to wilt flowers. Nice guy, but when he gets close I have lean back as he talks. The same thing for a general contractor who gives us a few kitchen orders every year. It's a husband and wife team where he builds the houses and she does the design. In meetings, I have to hold my breath when he speaks and wait a few seconds for the air to clear. What surprises me is his wife doesn't appeared to be bothered by the smell.
I'm in sales... it's important to communicate with people 'up close' and I keep a small bottle of mouthwash in my office. Before meetings, I head to the rest room to gargle so no one can call me Hal.
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Mankind's greatest inventions...

On April 10, 1790 the federal government of the United States enacted the fist patent statute. It was a concise law defining the subject matter of a U.S. patent as "any useful art, manufacture, engine, machine, or device, or any improvement there on not known or used. It granted the applicant 'sole and exclusive right and liberty of making, constructing and vending to others to be used' of his inventions.
Simply put... if you invented something unique and had it patented, no one could legally copy, sell or infringe on your patent rights.

History records inventor Thomas A. Edison had a few thousand patents to his credit. You can also find that many claim some of his patents were stolen from his workers and colleagues. That's the case with many scientists and engineers who work for large corporations and are required to sign contracts, especially ones with non-compete agreements.

I met a man who claimed to have been working for General Electric and invented the rheostat... it's common name was a light dimmer. They got the patent, he got a paycheck.

Someone told me a story of the the guy who invented the intermittent windshield wiper control. He went around to a few car manufacturers looking for someone to buy his idea. He couldn't afford the patent. None of them showed any interest and a few months later, one manufacturer had a similar yet improved device was added to their newest model.

Jonas Salk was a medical researcher who discovered and developed one of the first successful polio vaccines in 1953. He never patented his discovery believing, like the sun, a vaccine for polio belonged to the people.

Some 200 years of patents and long ago it was recorded by one of the clerks in the patent office, that everything that could be patented already was!
I could see he was a man of vision... less than two feet from his nose.

I've always been impressed with some of the more simple inventions...
Amazed how the 2 liter bottle that Coke-a-Cola is made and more impressed who designed the slots on the threads so a pressurized cap doesn't harm someone when when unscrew it!
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no screen refresh on the main blog page...

Houston, we've got a problem. Could be a glitch. I'm working from my cellphone right now and parts of the website aren't working correctly.
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Moody Musicians...

My first recollection of a musician who was 'difficult' to work with was guitarist Jeff Beck. His first claim to fame was with The Yardbirds in 1965 where he had been fired in the middle of their U.S. tour for consistent no-show and explosive temper.
I read stories that he went on to form The Jeff Beck Group around the end of 1966 with singer Rod Stewart and bassist Ronnie Wood who complained about being on the road eating hard boiled eggs while Beck ate steak dinners.

Next on my hit-list would be Neil Young... he's the guy who walked out on Crosby, Stills and Nash a few times. Sorry, with his unpredictable mood swings dating back to Buffalo Springfield, once would have been enough for me.

More, more... I'll think of more.
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The Condo...

Seven years ago, I started working for a company that was 40 miles from my home. Nearly all highway miles, I've tolerated bad drivers and never ending road construction. With no traffic and obeying the speed limit, it's around 50 minutes one way, door to door. On a bad day it's more than 90 minutes to reach the office.

Except for the crazy drivers, I actually enjoy driving. Unless I were a professional driver getting paid to be on the road, it shouldn't be part of my career. I try to optimize my travels and visit projects before I get to the office, but that's not always possible. Sometimes, I have meetings at office first, then I travel out on appointments.

When I started this job, I owned an old Toyota Celica and after 220,000 miles I bought a new Hyundai Veloster in 2014 that's past 125,000 miles and the 4th set of tires.

My first choice was to purchase a house near the office, but that was totally out of my price range. Then I considered renting an apartment, but I didn't want to walk away with nothing to show for my efforts. That got me to condo shopping as that is the least expense to make things work. My wife had an apartment in China and was fine with that lifestyle. While there are lots of freedoms with a house (and no Homeowners Association) that would be traded for someone else maintaining the place but I would have to accept a list of 'cannot do' this or that, typical with condo living.

Shopping on and off for two years got accelerated in the last 6 months. Although house prices are rising, I found that the units I viewed usually were sold and quickly taken off the market. The last agent I dealt with has more sales than all the others combined and I decided to go with her. She was very helpful in making a purchase.

What I got was someone who already printed reports for the units we planned to visit and actually knew something about each one and not reading details from their cellphone like the other agents I met. Mentioned in previous blogs, the last one I saw was matched more of the conditions for a purchase. For example:
Price range, less work needed to be able to move in, no one had died in the unit, bedroom was on the east side and away from the heat of the afternoon sun, easy access from the entrance gate, laundry in the unit and not community coin laundry.

I made an offer, negotiated a bit, placed a deposit. Approved by the mortgage company and the homeowners association, I was cleared to move ahead. The home inspection showed no leaking roof and no trouble with the appliances. That said, I coughed up the money and met with a cashier's check for the closing.

The sellers had all their furniture and belongings removed the day before the closing. I arranged to have utilities turned on in my name. They left me a bar of soap in one bathroom and a bottle of water in the refrigerator!

The purpose of this blog is to track my progress with the renovation and document the pitfalls as well as the successful moments.
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Paul Paul Paul...

It looks like Paul Manafort got off easy with only 47 months of prison for tax and bank fraud.
That's only one hurdle as he awaits sentencing in DC where he pleaded guilty to illegal lobbying.
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Pssst.... they're fake !!

Simple fact... ALL dating sites have scammers with fraudulent profiles.
Some sites have more than others and I believe it's related to management, because they don't have the staff to monitor activity. That means, all of them rely on the members to report scammers or fakes...

In a world of 'self service' they do nothing until someone tells them something is wrong.

Not so much on Connecting Singles, because they often delete bogus profiles within a few days, where other sites only only respond to reports when an administrator gets around to it and that's not too often. Sadly, one of my favorite places had a scammer using a stolen photo of a pornstar that I blogged about her anniversary being there. I must have reported that one 15 times including the site where the photo was stolen from!

I see a new profile appear yesterday that has a warning to women. It's a man in the photo and the profile is warning women of a profile using that photo. Unfortunately, the person trying to be helpful has the wrong gender. They should have created a profile of a man so it comes up on the correct search for women.

Anyway, it's a rainy morning and I have a few minutes to do a Public Service Announcement (PSA) and entertain you with some scammers I have found.
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Song Remakes...

I listen to a local classic rock music radio station that has a few hours of talk show in the morning and music at 10am. One day, they talked about little known groups who re-record famous songs that help start their career. They stated, the price to pay for this is 50% of the total royalties.

YouTube is my favorite source for music and I often follow song remakes.
For this blog, I picked "You keep Me Hangin On" in 1966 by The Supremes, remade (as a psychedelic rock song) by Vanilla Fudge in 1967, and again remade in 1986 with a disco beat by Kim Wilde.

The Supremes
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Ahh.... DST

I'm okay with Daylight Savings Time and wouldn't mind it year round. thumbs up
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Actor Jan-Michael Vincent...

I see in the news yesterday that Jan-Michael Vincent had died at the age of 74. What I find strange was he died a month ago and the stories are coming to light now. From the look of things his health failed over the years mostly from his drug and alcohol addiction.
One story states:
"According to the certificate, Vincent was cremated and no autopsy was performed. His family and loved ones have yet to speak publicly on his death."

Goodbye Mister Airwolf. I really enjoyed the TV series.

(it's also reported he was 73 at the time of his death. I don't have a calculator handy to verify this)
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There are words...

There are words to describe people who...

Park in the handicap access and walkway to a medical center.

Park so tight in the handicap zone that a handicapped person couldn't get in or out their vehicle.

Over stack the end of the dumpster instead of taking 3 more steps and throwing the trash in the middle.

Finish the roll and walk away.

The last one makes me wonder if they didn't have enough paper to finish the job, did they walk away anyway.

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Ash Wednesday...

I had forgotten about Ash Wednesday, but a coworker came into the office with marks on his forehead. One of the Jewish guys asked what that was about and before he could answer I said he's a follower of Charles Manson.
We all got a laugh from that!

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