In memory of bloggers who have passed on...

I have seen bloggers come and go. The best part was when they found someone and announced they were leaving the site. Some married and continued to share blogging experiences. This blog is about those who weren't so lucky.

There was an older woman who often made friendly comments to my blogs. I believe her name was Judy and she was a retired teacher. She didn't blog very often, but was there for support to the other bloggers. Painting was her hobby and she was good at it. Photos of her winning gallery entries were on her profile. We knew she had health problems and I learned from someone she passed on due to cancer.

Add to the list a young guy who made it to some of the member get-togethers, including weekend camping. Very friendly, made lots of comments especially on the forums.
I learned he leaped off a building... suicide, not an accident.

Every once-in-awhile you'll find another blogger who dislikes you. It doesn't matter what topic or what you have to say, they make negative comments toward your or your blog. I recall he was politically conservative and got into 'blog wars' often enough to be banned, but as you know, it's easy create a new profile and return doing the same 'schtick'.
There's a saying in English when someone has a 'hard-on' for you, this guy had a passion about me! Okay, so these are only blogs... He was a heavy smoker (and drinker) disappeared from blogging and another blogger who knew him personally said he died from a stroke/heart attack leaving a young son without a father.

Side note: Most people don't make provisions for their family in the event of an unexpected passing...

There are more... the woman who had a profile photo in front of a classic car.
Gone. Health issues.

The one that's a mystery to me is the part-time musician who worked as a phone/cable TV installer. He posted photos of this guitar tattoos and often played weekend gigs. Something about a murder-suicide involving him and him mother? Everyone like this guy and surprised of his passing.

People move on to bigger and better and haven't passed on.

I don't have a Facebook account but someone here probably remembers the guy in Texas who has COPD as a result of the toxic fumes as a welder. He left the old blog site (before their demise) and hangs out on Facebook. I know he has health issues and hope that he is doing well.
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Nostalgic Gum...

As Halloween approaches I can expect to see the return of chewing gum that was originally produced as far back as the 1890's. Beeman's gum with pepsin, Black Jack licorice flavor and Clove clove flavor.
Many of these are done in small production runs every few years and always in limited supply.
You can buy boxes of these nostalgic gums wholesale from some sites, but typically they are out-of-stock.

When I see them locally, I'll snatch whatever they have... and remember, real gum was made with real sugar!

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Billion Dollar Lottery...

You can't win if you don't play... and last week the jackpot rolled up to $680 million.
Reports last night claimed the jackpot exceeded $1.6 BILLION making it the largest jackpot in the US lottery history!
Sure, I put $5 in with 30 coworkers in a chance to retire with more money than I could imagine. The girl who made the transactions for us mandated that if we hit the jackpot ALL of us have to show up Monday to decide which tour bus we will hire to go claim the prize money.

No one called or texted. sigh
No jackpot winner either...
Maybe next week.
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There must be some scientific explanation as to why I can open a container of yogurt and the top surface is smooth and solid. After taking a scoop or two and putting it back in the refrigerator, liquid floats to the top making a small lake. I pour it out before taking another serving and the next time I get more yogurt... yeah, more liquid at the top!
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Performing a TLS Handshake...

My computer did 2 updates yesterday. Virus protection and Firefox.
Now, all the websites are hesitating to load.
In the bottom corner of the Firefox window I see: Performing a TLS Handshake...
Searching Google I see there is an issue with the TLS Handshake causing it to 'hang' when loading pages. So, I opened Google Chrome and I'm getting the same delay.
Explorer has the same issue.
Three different browsers and they are all acting the same. I suspect it's related to the virus software update and since I have it installed on a few computers, I'll go around and check to see if they are all running with the same update.

Like I have time to troubleshoot computers this week... very mad

Google has this to say about it "The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Handshake Protocol is responsible for the authentication and key exchange necessary to establish or resume secure sessions. When establishing a secure session, the Handshake Protocol manages the following: ... Authentication of the server and optionally, the client."
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Things that don't go together...

Years ago, I formulated a list of things that (I believe) don't go together. The list disappeared, so I'm starting over again.

Pineapple on Pizza. Seriously, that got started when someone was stoned on pot and while phoning in an order couldn't think what toppings to choose. The guy taking the order thought he'd fu*k with him and suggested pineapple. Word got out through all the pizza parlors that any time a stoner called and needed help making a selection, offer up the pineapple. I'm sure of this... so you don't have to Google or Snopes. Trust me on this one!

Black socks and recycled truck tire sandals. What are you guys thinking? You know it's banned at no less than 20 resorts throughout the world.

More later...
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Then and now: Stevie Nicks or Christine McVie...

I did a CS poll about two women who costarred on a 1960's TV show called Gilligan's Island, where passengers on a small fishing boat got lost at sea and ran aground on an island. One woman (Ginger) was a movie star and the other (Mary Ann) was a country girl.
Although they had totally different looks and attitudes, guys were often asked who they thought was more attractive. Ginger or Mary Ann?
The show ran from 1964 to 1967 and syndicated reruns forever but it was after a few seasons, I (like many others) grew tired of the moody actress Ginger and thought Mary Ann made the best choice.

The same comparisons were given to the two women in the British rock band Fleetwood Mac. The front woman Stevie Nicks with the deep sultry voice and keyboardist/backup singer Christine McVie with the higher sweeter voice.

Interestingly, Fleetwood Mac had some love arrangements. Stevie and singer/guitarist Lindsey Buckingham joined in 1974 were a duo prior. Christine and husband bassist John McVie joined in 1967.

As you have it Stevie topped the polls in the beginning and later it was determined that Christine was the best choice.

Thanks for reading my blog!
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Fish head soup...

We stopped at the Asian Market yesterday and bought a few things. After a brief conversation with the woman at the meat counter, she went in the back and returned with the head of a salmon. My wife said we would have soup. Knowing what to expect, my only request was to cut the eyes out first!
I didn't want to know about the rest of the preparation.
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Getting real about real estate...

I've accelerated my home shopping this month.
Last week, I went to see some single story townhouses. 1 and 2 bedroom 4-plex units in a 55+ community. I like the idea that parking is near each unit and some separation between buildings. Easy in and out of the development, but no gate or security guard.

There are some negative aspects... low ceilings, small bedrooms, baths & closets. The place is dreary and depressing to me, inside and out. The buildings are old and some appear that repairs aren't as timely as they should be. Coin operated laundry shared by each 4-plex. We met one guy who has been flipping units there, that could be something viable since I'm in the remodeling business. My daughter has flipped a few units over the years and mentioned she would partner with me on such a venture. For what they offer, the asking prices seemed high. Yes... negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.

I learned some important shopping tips from shopping with women. Men are different. A guy will buy the first thing that looks good. Women won't see a first choice... everything is a second or third choice. If a woman finds something that meets ALL of her search criteria, she will continue to shop for something better!

This week, I've been getting links from an agent featured in a different place. 3 and 4 story condos in a gated community. The development is easily ten times larger than the place with townhouses. Priced better, the 2 bedroom units are in the same price range as the 1 bedroom townhouses and the HOA is also less. There are more restrictions in the condos, including no pets (good) coin laundry shared by many. Some buildings must be primary residences... renters are not allowed. Personally, I think that would make the units hold their value.

Getting in and out of gated communities has it's delays. All the listings talk about the amenities. Pool, spa, exercise room, golf, theater... all the things I have no interest in. I'm really not looking forward to condo life. Stairs, assigned parking 50 yards away, laundry at the end of the wing.

The community is predominately Jewish. I worry we would be considered as outsiders. My wife has no religion and I worship internet. I mentioned to a friend about acceptance there and he said "Put that out of your mind." I'm also concerned if the community would be prejudice toward my Chinese wife. Again, he said "No worries mate, she's friendly and outgoing, they'd be drawn to her in an instant."

We are meeting the agent to look at some units tomorrow. Hopefully, everything goes well and we'll see something we like.
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Sunday drivers...

I was on the highway at 9 this morning headed to a meeting with a real estate agent. They forgot to alert me today was the contest to see who could out maneuver who. I wanted no part of it, especially knowing this road is notorious for unmarked Highway Patrol cars... including the 'wanna race?' setups.

Oh, you didn't know about them?? A friend of mine decided to be part of a race already in session and when they came over the ridge, several police (with radar guns) were waiting to 'see your drivers license, registration and proof of insurance.'

Back to the drive... Sunday morning is great if you want to see people with vintage vehicles out for a Sunday drive. Today I got to see a nice roadster. I'm guessing a 1930's Ford. It had lots of high performance modifications like wide tires, big carburetors and short header exhaust. The car had a blue license plate signifying 'antique' so it was the real deal and not a 'put together' roadster.

Years ago, a client of mine had a 1957 Bel Air convertible with a Corvette engine in perfect condition. He 'ball parked' the value over $200,000 to the right buyer. He would take it to classic car shows and on rare occasion drive down 'the strip' on a Saturday night.

The coolest (in my opinion) antique car I've seen on the road happened to be early one Sunday morning, I pulled alongside a Ford roadster that must have been late 1920's to early 1930's. It was immaculate, you would think it came here via a time machine. The light turned green and some guy in an SUV behind the old car starts blowing the horn!

Obviously, he didn't appreciate Sunday drivers...
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Laundry is perpetual...

My entire bachelor life I did laundry nights and weekends at no specific intervals. The dryer is often a holding spot until I have to put wet clothes in it. I bought several plastic bins (love the clear ones) for storing clean clothes that I cannot fold after they are dry and colored bins for dirty clothes. My strict rule is I don't use the colored bins for clean laundry.

The washer and dryer on are a back patio, a screened room with a covered aluminum roof. We can do laundry any time of the day or night and no one gets disturbed by the sound of the machines running.

My wife has taken on the responsibility of laundry duty and I always have clean clothes. Typically, I would wear jeans only once and that means lots of clothes get washed each week. Coworkers often wear shorts and I can see many wear the same garment several days in a row. It's an office environment and my position changed over the years as I once was a project manager in and out of construction sites, I decided (this year) to wear jeans 2 days before tossing them into the dirty laundry bin. Less wear and tear on the clothes and less laundry.

I did a blog not long ago about the HE (High Efficiency) washer that was too abrasive and frayed some of my favorite jeans. That problem has been resolved now.

Last week, my wife spent the night with a friend who has a young daughter. There was a Jewish holiday and the little girl was out of school so they planned a day at a tourist attraction and they all went together.
I did a load of laundry (towels) and felt bad because I didn't have time to fold and put them away... after all, laundry is perpetual.
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I got pulled over for speeding...

On the way back from the Mexican shoemaker 'Zapatos' I had my new boots on and suddenly I see some blue lights flashing in my rear view mirror. It was the police signaling me to pull over. I did and he told me to present my driver's license, registration and proof of insurance. I explained I'm unable to reach for my wallet and I needed to get out of the car. He stepped back to allow me to do so and when he saw my new boots he began laughing uncontrollably. Shaking his head he understood why I was speeding.
"Yeah officer, I just got these boots 15 minutes ago and didn't realize this would be a problem when I started driving."
The officer told me he would let me off with only a warning and to promise to remove the boots when I was driving. "It's a deal" I said.

Good thing I wasn't wearing my 'Saturday Night dancing boots"

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