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A simple question but no answers given..

I need to stop joining debates on Twitter, because they leave me quite exhausted. Not because of the energy I have to use, because I don't really use a lot, but it's more the sheer volume of people who, as soon as being asked about something, clamp up and refuse to answer.

Case in point: There was a question on a tweet from a BBC article, about if people were double vaccinated, why did they still get the virus? I replied that even if you are double jabbed, you can still get the virus.. That led to a flurry of antivax people replying to my answer, some with debunked claims (the famous key stuck to skin trick, among them). I was then given four tweets with people claiming stuff already debunked, to which I found the corresponding debunking articles. I then asked the question that I still haven't gotten a clear answer on, even seven hours after I asked it. It went like this: "Lets say you're right. That they purposely push a vaccine with no real evidence to back up their claim of it being effective. What's their motive for doing so? Why would they push a vaccine that doesn't work on us?"

The reply? "Excellent question. Go and find out... All the best"

Why not answer that question? I mean, it's a simple question, is it not? Surely the people saying the evil big pharma corporations pushes a vaccine on us that doesn't work will have a reply to what the motive for doing so is? Not even a theory? Is it money? To track us all? And what about them not suffering from TB? The bubonic plague? Measles? Mumps? Diphtheria? I guess it's because vaccines have been developed for those illnesses. Why is it such a big controversy about this covid vaccine? People will claim it's because the covid vaccine has been rushed, when in reality it hasn't. As I understand it, the vaccine for covid was developed quickly because they were already studying coronaviruses for the past five decades. It was then easy to create a vaccine from data collected from all those five decades.. But that doesn't sell newspapers or generate clicks. Regarding the tracking us all.. Well, what about the smartphone that people use? That tracks you all the time. If you use GPS in your car, that uses satellite information to track you. A vaccine will NOT track you - mainly because it doesn't include the capability to do so.

I, for one, am happy with getting the vaccine

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First thing you -- or anyone- should do is
Get the internal documents of the Vax makers..
In order to gain the knowledge of what is in the formula & how it will react.{ McBob did this...long, long time ago..
Now ask your brain if potassium chloride, graphene oxide, Mercury Thimersol & nagelase are right for you.
...part 2. Wise up....
People over 22 yrs.of age almost NEVER change their TV headed policy position because a stranger posted sum Truuf--eloquent though he may be.

@BobAgent. I think my last working tv I had was back in 2011.
Bob i asked you before; what have you got to convince us it's bad.
Your reply was: just trust me it's bad. aha.

@Philipsen. I agree wholeheartedly about your smartphone comparison, THAT is the REAL tracker.
Every move, and at what speed too.
I also see no motive so the low effect remedy (vax) is ok with me, but what is the Lab for?? hmm..
Those scare me.
I'm sure some smart scientist blogger soon will come tell me we need those labs but I' think the risk seems to outdo the "useful" purpose.
A simple answer to your question:

Because the said "vaccine" is NOT a vaccine!
It's an experimental drug!!!!

For what purpose?

You can find some more info on Shelana's blog.

Yes, a vaccine can track you if it has a microchip in it!
I can answer that question, but won't because it is irrelevant.
The vaccines DO help prevent serious illness when getting the virus and THAT is what matters most.
The different variants do decrease the antibody production, but do not eliminate the rest of the immune response, which is also primed.

No one has microchips that can fit into a vaccine and if they ever develop them, they would only work at very close range (unlike a cell phone) and would show up in X-rays.
It's just another irrational fear.
@ grande..
Are you Mc$erious ? So, in your part of the world, all is well with Ambush & Triumph ® ( the Vaccines
J & J vax was recalled ?!?
Over 32,000 killed ) and that's a rough estimate from the Adverse reaction dept.
Obviously eYe know how to use the internet for gain of Function...and the rest of you are content to use it to echo the TV monoxide - propaganda.
Again, ask your brain if potassium chloride & graphene oxide R right for addition to
Mercury Thimersol
Nano spike protein
Nagelase ( destroyer of Vita D.
@Philipsen, we will not jack the blog much, dunn worry.
I like Bob and he know it, much is done then.

Bob mate. I know you have much valuable info on your hands.
And I also know we can't talk like we'd like to. That is why we sometimes have one
hand tied to the back when debating. The ones we discuss with don't seem to understand that tough.
Never the less; that is just my point: I am not a doctor.
So how could you transfer some of your knowledge to us, the readers, and still not
'break-out' too much, like swing out sister once sung.
Can that be done, and to that I can't say myself to be honest.

Yes we here have been sheltered by a small gov listening to a few very well informed independent docs who even EU -almost- listened to... so az and jj was shut out relatively early on, but only after a handfull (to say it grusome) of nurses died of blood cloths.

I get your message Bob, we all do, but the details escape us.
Surely you may not be in position to hand out a lot, and it's cool -
and with this I rest my case.

Stick to the science and do your own research, especially when it can be a life or death decision, and don't take opinions from strangers on Twitter or on dating sites. C'mon really, would you actually take any advice from anyone here regarding your life? Seriously, it would be like going on the Jerry Springer show asking for relationship advice.laugh
I've had both jabs.

I think I've just been tracked going for a pee and then making a cup of tea. I'm not sure how sensitive these microchips are, but I'm a bit worried I might have been tracked with my hand in the olive jar.

Tomorrow, 'spect I'll get tracked picking up my prescription. I won't take a much needed dose straight away no matter how debilitating and painful the delay. It'll probably contain something which boosts the signal and I've a terrible craving for vine-ripened tomatoes and avcados. I'm not sure it's safe being tracked buying veg.

I may live in a cut-throat world, but I'm hip to the dangers and how important a player I am.
I agree Jac, that one was this years dumbest comment.
But but as Petter Solberg said.

True dou: cellulare phneras R tracked. Race tracked.
Hello Phil,

according to this early report (2020), here's what's in the Pfizer jab. Note that a lot of medical researchers hotly deny that it qualifies as a vaccine and even Fauci has admitted that the Jab does NOT give the person injected immunity against Covid, NOR does it stop that person from infecting others.

(Soooo ? What's the purpose? )
Embedded image from another site

What's in Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine?

When the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine received an EUA from the FDA, its ingredients list was published online in a fact sheet for vaccine recipients and caregivers. This is the full list of ingredients, according to the FDA:

- mRNA
- Lipids (including ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3- phosphocholine, and cholesterol)
- Potassium chloride
- Monobasic potassium phosphate
- Sodium chloride
- Dibasic sodium phosphate dehydrate
- Sucrose

I'll have to follow up by finding out what each of those ingredients does individually and collectively to the injected. Already, researchers are sounding the alarm at the effects of the Spike Proteins.

They are saying the Spike Proteins don't just convey the message carried in the Jab, they are a toxin in and of themselves, and causing brain, blood and heart damage, and in some cases, death.

Have a nice day.
If one is happy about it, then the precursory questions were bypassed.
It is the after the fact effect that others do not address.
Pretty simple, the why you did no one else's
In the medical field it is your record that is legally private.
They know to not ask or advise unless you sign a consent or waiver.(the non-liability clause)

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