What good is belief if it warms you NOT in your coldest of times?

or are all believers in God and his promised afterlife disbelievers without knowing it.

Maybe its time to question what belief is all about.

Anyone pls feel free to be first to explain what it means to you.
I'd speak up myself.... only for one eyes asleep and the others quickly catching up yawn

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Can honestly say that becoming a Christian changed my life.
Am I now perfect? No I am not and never will be but I am doing my best.teddybear
Hello Itchygirl wave

Beliefs, hey?

I've never believed in a god, sin, karma etc..., or anything to do with religion, as it is all man-made.

But, we have other beliefs, don't we?

When I found out (years ago) that the world/reality we live in is all an illusion and that we are the creators of it, changed my life too!

I've seen it all, with my own eyes, have experienced it...and have also had it confirmed with facts.

Fortunately, some are waking up to the reality of life and the game we are in.
Dan how do you explain having received definate answers to prayer, many times.
How do you explain when I had hurt my foot in a sledding accident and needed to get back up the mountain, just when I, true to form, wanted to show off, and step on my hurt foot, heard a voice saying;
"Don't even try it". I obeyed unreal for me. Was told in the hospital that my foot was shatered in four places
that I may never walk again. Put in a cast up to my hip
I am convinced had I tried to show off that I can do anything, I would not be able to walk today.
Who was that voice do you think.
This was the third time hearing this voice, that I am convinced was God...............teddybear

I can believe that you've heard a voice - I've heard a few myself when being in a life and death situation.

However, how you interpret it is according to Your perception....and Your belief. Whatever brings you comfort.
Jenny, WE are the Creators of this reality (which is a computer game) and we are players in it. (In the matrix)

Our guidance is our Source connection, our inner voice or intuition, thoughts suddenly coming into our mind, from somewhere....

We come into this world with a Script. Our lines are written...the other characters who come into our life etc...
But, we can also change that. Depending on our frequency level.

More later ....bouquet
All i know my grandma died peacefully as she believed in a God. I have known a few folk who are strong firm believers who live a more life of calm.

I have also known a believer who thought she knew a god but at time when she needed that god he did not appear, she had a horrible despairing death.moping

Me i say whatever floats your boat to get through this life.

Me, my boat floats alone in this big ocean of life, the waves crash sometimes madly other times the crashing of the waves brings a peace.
Of course i always can hug a tree or three and bliss yay teddybear
Respected CW. .. angel
In simple words........ love
Do you have believe in friends to whom you share you sorrows and happiness...... hug
That's believe....... peace
CelticWitch64Galway, IrelandJul 24
(For whatever reason, some are tested more than others....
or so it seems.

Thoughts to you and yours )
peace .... bouquet ....... heart1

Respected CW. ..... angel
Above was your comment on Abby poem.
You admitted that
( some are tested more than others )
This is your believe.
Hope you understand.

hug ..... heart wings
Here's what happens when your belief system fails you:
And I know this is true because it's happening in front of my very eyes......Free Will is quite the gift I say.....

Embedded image from another site
I can relate to that Jenny wine
but sometimes I believe its alright to give wallops to twallops after all, even Jesus showed his temper and he was not crucified for such.

There are always worse things we can do but once we're always trying our best....
isn't that enough wave
Good afternoon Dani wave
being honest I was meaning belief and faith in God/Gods however I did go on to say and question one's belief and as you've said...away from Godly ones, some do have other beliefs.

You've never believed in God, so you have never experienced such faith and belief yet you say God is man made as if it a fact, without experience is everything else not but an illusion?
Not a smart arsed question, just a reality check of a better understanding for us both, is all.

where do you sit with rewards and punishment after death?
As true as love can blind us, so too can pain sad flower

Regarding the horrible passing, my sisters was the worst most horrid I've ever seen, yet not once did it alter her belief, thankfully my mother suffered less but such questions were with her and because I knew my mother better, I knew her sadness ran away with her faith is all.

Without going into explanation or details, one wanted to die, the other not .....
So now when I think of it I question is our expectation stronger than our faith?
if yes.... then is it any wonder God is being dismissed like a useless magician.

I love your lonesome boat expressions Red thumbs up
you have a way with words ....
but anyways, to you and your sailings hug

lordy me Timo, but of all the situations you could of put me in, you direct me in one I'm pretty useless at FRIENDSHIP doh

Is there really any such thing as a friend?
friendships are burdens, traps even, like so with love.

So to answer your question, no I don't believe .....
however I shall sweeten my tone a little by saying, I believe in YOU bouquet

Right you are TImo, but I also went on to say ...
Or so it seems.

Given our views differ concerning evil .....
I like that Mr Worthy thumbs up
Respected CW. angel
I believe in you.
Very nice song. thumbs up
You're my friend
You're my teacher
You're everything to me hug
You're loyal You're true
You're Moon in Stars
Give coolness to me
You're Sun in Sky
Give warmth to me

peace ... . bouquet

Above few lines for you

heart wings .... love
You should be able workout what your true beliefs are in your darkest hours, something or thought will comfort you in some way or another;; the thing that comforts you the most and comforts you in many different dark hour situations, is most likely your true belief..
"Beliefs are centered around some sort of "Knowing" that there is something more than 'meets the eye' alone. Along with this are Teachings that resonate within me. I am not a follower of "Organized Religions" '. I cannot follow what a person in a building tells me "God says.................". I listen to Teachers, Inner Guidances, those who have experienced things beyond the physical, Ceremonies, etc..... I like the term "Animism" as it relates to Creator/Creation. This is why I'm a Pagan and have been since I was 8yo.
Good on ya Willey, your the only Pagan person I know on CS..
Some peoples beliefs are suspended in time and never change, my beliefs evolve and keep moving as more info comes in...
Respected Timo wink

You are the sweetest & kindest man ever bouquet

Well it seems the grim reaper knocked on your door and you sent him packing Just knew you would. xxx

And you dear lady have a way with music, that song never heard before and i loved it just right up my (river)grin street xxx
Hello IW,

I think belief is basically admitting that we as a human species don't know everything there is to know about life, death, and the universe; however, given the huge scope of those three concludes there is something missing with our knowledge of them....then therefore, leading us to believe certain things about them based off of historical accounts.


broke down simplisitically...

Having faith we are ignorant (not knowing), knowing there is something missing (which our science cannot explain), thus then being open minded or at minimum, non-bias towards the potential (the vastness of these three mysteries).

As you've said, maybe it depends on the depth of ones darkness ....
but tah for your thoughts Butch, I have belief in what you say wine

True belief is like a mountain, lives hardship & sorrows, like a mist.
(or so that's how I see it)
because even if when out of sight, the mountain is still there.

Walk through it or wait for it to lift, which it always does.
liking your thoughts and comments Willey handshake
nothing better than sitting with a wise one and listening to all their teachings. personal guidance and experiences can be far better than a book and more interesting also.

Not stepping on one to heighten another but a bit of give and take, never goes a miss.
What good is belief if it warms you NOT in your coldest of times?

Sometimes I put my trust in Brandy in the coldest of times...laugh

Just call on me. I'll warm you up, heat you up in your cold frigid moments. Yeah! peace
what can I say Red, but I've many bolts on that door of mine....
there quality another matter uncertain

Glad you enjoyed it, safe and happy tidings to you wine

Not anyone knows everything but it don't stop folk trying to convince some, otherwise.

If we did know, then it wouldn't be belief or so me thinks.
Believing what you see with your eyes isn't quiet the same thing, plus we can't always trust our eyes.

Sometimes truth can be starring us in the face, yet we fail to see it.

Anyways, a G'evening to you there wave
laugh laugh Luke wink

In God Brandy I trust drink pouring lol

See you in five Rob conversing

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Respected Timo

You are the sweetest & kindest man ever bouquet
Respected Sweet
CelticWitch. angel
You really take my breath heart wings
While using such words for me. hug
You're Dignified & Sophisticated Lady. smitten
Stay Happy cheering & Healthy.
peace teddybear
Not at tall Timo, you make kindness, easy hug teddybear

And that's something coming from a witch wink

Now lets put this blog to bed shall we .....
so G'night sweetheart its time to go sleep

Respected CW
Good Night bouquet Sweet Dreams
love Sleep Well hug
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