The main character of The Bible

I believe the good book is good.

So, if the good book is telling us accounts of times past, and is believed by very many to be true, isn't it time to stop for a second and ask yourself something?

Who...or perhaps even...what, is Jesus?

Somebody who can walk on water.
Somebody who can make the cripple walk again.
Somebody who can make the blind see.

Are these just metaphors? Or, are these real physical acts he performed?

Or perhaps, mistranslations?

If they are real physical acts he many truly believe. I am not aware of any such human that can perform these feats. Was Jesus human then?

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There were in history, and there still are today, myriad people who have many a witness ready to attest to their miraculous abilities. Inevitably, all these claims crumble under modern scientific scrutiny.

Does that prove that Jesus was yet another one of such people? No, it don't, but that doesn't detract from the fact that eye witness accounts are the least reliable form of evidence, and the good book (as you call it) is based exclusively on that.

I think it takes faith and faith alone to believe. Religion and rationality are incompatible.

May Allah forgive me.
Faith and acceptance is the key.

there are many lessons and teachings that are meant to be followed and heeded. many examples as well. it's the good we should be following with the commandments as our primary guidelines.

through out the "good book", we see the examples of pretty much every thing we see today. much of it to the demise of whole territories and groups of people for disobedience and deep corruption.

the bible also has it's corrupt judges, politicians, leaders, and people. political wars. deep immoralities. persecutions.

there isn't anything today that hasn't been warned against for the bad, or praised and encouraged for the good.

i don't think they are just stories. people were given free will so it's not all God's or the devil's doing. there is a certain amount of effort and work required on the part of the person as well. we were never promised no loss, no hardships, or possibly worse.
Hello Drae,

That is what amazes me about the Bible, it seems to be timelessly relevant. That is why I believe what is written in the Bible is more than likely true...including the miraculous nature of Jesus.

Hello Bn,

That is possible about the reliability of eye witness accounts. I wonder if eye witness accounts were more accurate back in the day...being that a lot of knowledge was passed along this way. dunno

Jesus was incarnate....

especially of a deity or spirit) embodied in flesh; in human form.
"God incarnate"
Hello Sea,

That is interesting what you say...and that is what we are told...exactly as you put it.

What makes that interesting to me is that we can have completely human looking people with super human powers.

Would or could you of believed in the good book, if there we no Jesus to begin with?

If there WERE no Jesus

I must be doing something wrong.
I asked and I didn't receive. dunno
Hello IW,

That is an interesting question. I am not sure the good book would exist...because it is the teachings of Jesus.

Because of that, better understanding Jesus is pretty important in my book. :)

Hello Friend,

Hmmm...asking and not receiving. Maybe you didn't talk nice enough. laugh dunno


I didn't want to use my sexy voice. laugh
in my humble opinion, Bible is collection of 66 books written around and about Jesus Christ, from Genesis 3:15 though the book of Revelations. angel
in my humble opinion, the Bible is a collection of 66 books written around and about Jesus Christ, from Genesis 3:15 though the book of Revelations.

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