Roadblock Season.

With the approach of the festive season, roadblocks checking for drunken drivers and any other criminal activities are on the increase again.thumbs up

My father and my sister’s husband both celebrated their birthday on Thursday and as per usual, I took them out for a birthday meal last night. It was a wonderfully relaxed evening. It is not my habit to drink more than a glass of wine when I have to drive home but the white wine flowed quite lavishly and we topped it off with a bottle of champagne before leaving.drink pouring

The steakhouse is somewhere midway between my father’s and my sister’s place so while driving my dad home, we were stopped in a roadblock. Mercifully, the traffic officer started off with the only question I had a feasible answer for.giggle

Where are you coming from, he asked.sir bobby

I gestured with my head to my passengers and told him that the two gentlemen celebrated a common birthday and, as they knew that they would not be in a condition to drive back home, they asked me to fetch them afterwards.blushing

The officer asked me if I drank anything and I said Not a drop which was the truth. It was probably almost a bottle. The man was very impressed and actually commended all of us for being so law-abiding. He wished us a safe journey and off we went.yay

Coming back we were waved off again but when we were recognized, the officer indicated that we could proceed.innocent

It was a lucky escape but it could have ended in a disaster. I could have spent the weekend in the holding cells, as I would only have appeared in court on Monday or Tuesday for a bail hearing. And that would only have been the beginning of the problems.scold

So to all you fellow South Africans – and everybody elsewhere – don’t be foolish as I was. If you must drink, don’t drive. Get somebody to drive you home. It is season for roadblocks. And that half a second delay in our reflexes can easily cost a life.
cats meow cats meow

Have a great weekend and don’t go drinking and driving.

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Here in Spain these days a breathalyser test is automatic in that situation, they will stop everyone & test all the drivers, a group of us is going into town tomorrow to see a horse show, my neighbours have hatched what they describe as a cunning plan as to wear to park the car, we will get a taxi back through all the known road block locations uh oh grin
Some years ago, just outside Klawer, I was pulled off the road and the traffic cop was drunk. This was early morning. He must have realized that I was onto him and let me go without bother.
doh cheers wave
It's getting quite hard to be a driver in Europe, all the countries have there own rules so in order to comply you really have to have the kit in the car for all of them, so that's a fire extinguisher, 2 warning triangles, a bulb kit & the tools needed to change them, a yellow luminous jacket, 2 breathalysers, a can of fuel,paperwork for you & the car etc etc, it's got the point where if you own a small car there isn't room for any passengers doh laugh rolling on the floor laughing
Yikes! It is almost as bad as the safety gear you need on a small boat. All that is short is the life jackets, flares and thermal blanket.doh
laugh rolling on the floor laughing
Ooops, yes forgot the blanket & supplies for when crossing mountains in winter, a set of chains is also mandatory laugh rolling on the floor laughing
I did once try to read the governments rules on checking your car before every journey, oil, water, tyres etc OK, but then it said to check the condition of the brakes uh oh and the spark plugs wow doh and that was just the first couple of paragraphs, I gave up after that point laugh rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Cat! Sounds you got away unscathed ...I can only imagine the grin on your face ....grin

I don't drive Cat but had some experiences with cops stopping the taxi I'm in and check for my ID.
Here in the Middles East, we Asians have to carry with us our valid working permit and residence card wherever we go. Some cops would stop cars, buses and taxis to check if the foreigners on board have valid IDs, sometimes it could turn bad even if you have an ID.

Few weeks ago, I was riding a taxi and a police car on the other lane signaled the taxi driver to stop...I knew they wanted to check if I'm legally here. Unfortunately the taxi driver didn't noticed the cops waving and was busy talking on his phone using a headset. The cops made a u-turn and started to chase us. The taxi driver was oblivious, didn't hear the siren. I kept looking back and saw the police car gaining speed on us with it's siren wailing. When they were over taking the taxi, cop signaled for the driver to pull over . He stopped the taxi, turned to look at me and asked if I have residence and working permit. I grinned and told him " I think they are after you"

Police came over , I showed them my ID but the taxi driver got busted.grin
Oohhhhhh Catfoot, you must be grinning like a Cheshire cat now!!

giggle giggle giggle

hug wave
@ Cat - wave .. In this country, same as Z, if they go to the trouble to wave you over for a breath test, they WIL test you regardless of who you are or if you tell them that you are a non-drinker.... at some stops they also have drug testing.... sir bobby

Our legal limit is 0.05 and zero for Lerners, Provisional and heavy vehicles.

.... grin cheers
Hi Z Yes, it is amazing the pre-flight check you have to do before getting into the car. But how do you check the brake lights when you are alone? It seems like you need a co-pilot when you want to use your car.
grin doh wave
Hi Fruity,
Yes, I was lucky this time. But can you imagine the arrogance to go back through the same roadblock when there are many alternate routes to take. What if it was another traffic cop and he decided to be a shit house.?

I have an unblemished license and I would like to keep it that way. I was being reckless last night.
hug wave
Last night I felt very elated but when I think back today I'm not very amused with myself. Chancing my luck twice was not very thoughtful.
hug wave
Hi Hans.
This roadblock was not specific for alcohol testing like when they have a special caravan for testing. This was general purpose, looking for roadworthiness, stolen property, illegal substances and unlicensed guns and illegal immigrants. Often a car is pulled off and just asked to produce a driver's license.
@ Cat - Here they always ask for license and do a breath check first every single time they pull you over for whatever other reason it may be.... thumbs up

.... grin cheers
I'm sure they are to check the driver's license as a first thing here too but more than often they simply don't ask for it. A R50 or R100 note also smooths out any problems that may arise. I heard somewhere that a R100 note tied to the drive shaft of the car ensures that it goes up the jack and down in no time with all papers duly completed and stamped.

Africa is a bit different than the rest of the world and since we have the new government we have followed suit. Banknotes can fix anything.
grin doh wave
They seem to go out here having been told to look for one specific thing, if it's say the test on your car I get the feeling you could be a party of bank robbers complete with sawn off shotguns, if the car has a sticker you're good to go laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh
There was always zero tolerance for drink driving in Germany (different attitude here in Ireland I have noticed) and I just don't drink if I'm driving. dunno

Our parents and my friends wouldn't have tolerated it either and thankfully I don't mind not drinking alcohol at all. conversing

You were lucky. wine
It reminds me of the copper who never made an arrest and when his CO ask him why he said it is because he never sees anything wrong happening. Nonsense, his CO said. Everybody breaks the law every day. Even if he just pisses against a lamp post. Bring him in and we'll book him.

So that night the cop sees a masked man with a stuffed bag over his shoulder climbing over a fence.

Right, the copper said. Why are you climbing over the fence?

The masked man said that if he used the gate it would wake the residents of the house.

You can consider yourself damn lucky you did not piss against that lamp post there, the cop said. I would have booked you.
doh grin laugh
Yes, I was very lucky. They are very strict here on drunken driving but some officers are very lax. I don't know why I drove, there were so many people I could have phoned to fetch us. Normally I am the first to give my key off. I never drive under the influence. My idea all night was for my sister to drive home but when I realized that she was not in a much better condition than I, I decided to take the chance.

Though I must add that although I probably had about six or seven hundred ML of white wine and champagne inside me, it was consumed over a period of three hours and we had plenty to eat in between. None of us were really drunk. We were, to use our local jargon, just mellow.
hug wave
handshake Cat. All well that ends well. Good going..applause

scold You Are Soooo! Right.

roll eyes That's Why I Don't Even Walk. When I Drink & Drive!

I Can't Do All 3, At The Same Time. moping
Hi Luke
Hmm, but it was a close shave. I don't think they have internet in the cells.doh
cheers wave
Cat, not so sure about that. I heard a rumour OP has every electronic gadget in there that his heart desires.wink rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Angel
Many years ago I read about a fella that was arrested for drunken driving while pushing a pram. I don't know if he was found guilty.doh
hug wave

doh hmmm! Me either.
I just Googled it. Apparently it has happened all over the world.grin doh
Yes, but I don't think I will qualify for such luxuries.
frustrated very mad
hey smitten kitten cartwheel thought your blog said roadkill, damn it blues I know nothing about roadblocks, so no comment, sorry but hope you have a great weekend as well bouquet
Hi Flutterby
Thanks for dropping in.
hug wave
Had a similar from that resulted in me not drinking and driving at all...lucky once but not foolish enough to believe it could happen again!!...have a great weekend!!wine
Hi Lou
I was just silly to drive. I don't know what came over me. I never drive if I had more than one.
hug wave
Such road block check points are fairly common around here at Holiday time. The Federal Govt rewards police departments that enforce drinking and driving laws with checkpoints. It is big bucks. Also in this state the court throws Special Assessments on top of the fine and sometimes the local law enforcement agency is the assessment recipient.

Frankly, at least one of the common road block check point locations frequently set up around here I find to be a major pain in the *ss because it is a major North South route and the pd in question (actually a Sheriff Dept.) likes that spot and sometimes the back up involves a 2 hour or more delay to reach the checkpoint even though it is only 2 or 3 miles from where you had to start braking. There is a couple of bars and some stripper clubs just North of where they usually set up the check point and often when there is a good crowd, sometime after 11PM they will set up their check point and run it until 3AM. On several occasions before learning a bypass while going to Walmart or coming back from, or going out of town I have had to just sit in park for up to 30 minutes at a time, then inch forward a few car lengths, then go back into park and wait and ibid. Always they get a few drunks and that to them justifies everyone else losing a few hours. It happens often enough so it is predictable and lots of locals take the alternate routes to circle around the major road where those clubs and the road blocks wait.

So anyway, yes, Cat. You were lucky. :)

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