One of our blogger is in need of prayers. Oregon specifically by Ashland region is on fire. Evacuation is forced on level 3 as I am writing this blog.

Please join me in praying that there will be no human casualties on this calamity.

Thank you all.

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Ash I wasn't able to respond to you because we were in the lake where there is no service. With my children for the whole day and I can't have a net access.

My prayers to you and all the victim of this calamity.

Take care and hope it will be contained soon.hug
Stay safe Ash hug hug teddybear

Stay well, Ash! hug


Wish ASH well in the midst of a FIRE...
Kinda ironic.

Thanks Merc.wave
The NB area last year was one of the worst fire in 80 88 years and the whole world troops were here to help in the containment. As far as Australia and Europe came for the rescue and containment.
Stay safe Ash. sad flower
Johnny the gire6is now getting close to the border.

She'll appreciate it Johnny.

Thoughts for Ash teddybear

Stay safe! Just prayed for you!
While your in a praying mood

Spare a few for the trapped boys and the firefighters and others who died in the fireworks factory explosioninnocent
Ash hug teddybear
Thank you all for your prayers. Ms. Witch, nice to see you around.wave

Jim my friend, I am flying back to Mid West for my traffic court. Next month.

Mercedez, thank you for being here.

OB. Il do my best to pray for them, too.
uh oh

Update from a couple days ago...

"Saturday night we went from 8000 acres to 2100 thousand acres.
It is heading away and eastward.
This is a wind pattern here due to the geography of the mountain and low lands.The smoke was averted,which if coming from northern Oregon fires will linger for days and cause many severe respiratory problems.
There is generally more summer season hikers in the general direction the fire took.Both Pilot Rock and the Pacific Crest Trail are major attractions.

Going North, approximately five miles after crossing the Mt. Ashland Ski Road, (evacuation level 2)the PCT will cross 3 dirt roads spaced fairly close together. Then you are at the I-5 Hwy.(closed7/5)

PCT Map."

This was emailed to me by our dear Ash just now.
Nat you be safe Ash.wave
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