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Hugo Chavez Captures a American is ......2,20261Aug 2012
Mitt Romney choose Paul Ryan to be his REP runmate.....5,234148Aug 2012
Summer Olympics Games are coming to London in a month. Boring? Exciting?98419Jun 2012
Should the Christian Faiths Sue the NewYork Time for Defamation regarding headlining Beivik as a Fun7974Jul 2011
Go USA Go USA Go USA......95710Jul 2011
Why the Justice in the Gabreil Gifford Shooting will be hard to come...4323Jan 2011
Dandy3781Dec 2010
How many new Seat will REP/Tea Party Gain in the 2010 Mid Term?1,56656Oct 2010
The Great Myth Is Broken......2,55782Aug 2010
Should President Obama Become The Next United Nation Secretary General?1,82064Apr 2010
6 NJ Women Had Butt Implants Using Silicon From HomeDepot4,04351Mar 2010
Former President Bill Clinton (63) Was Admitted to a NYC Hospital4426Feb 2010
Continuation of Dude' Obama's Health Care Thread1,26730Feb 2010
Inspirational Sports Story- Basketball Player with only one hand5436Jun 2009
Amada Knox.........guilty or innocent?2,67094Dec 2009
Continuation Thread Obama Rocks......3393Aug 2009
Iran Sentence American Journalist to 8 Year for Spying2,842153Apr 2009
President Obama's trip......did it accomplish any thing?2,581139Apr 2009
Man divorces Wife...desires kidney back1,75862Jan 2009
President Elect Barack Obama and IL Gov. Blagojevich2,876118Dec 2008
Now taking Applications for the Best of CS year 20084398Dec 2008
AlQeada No. 2 Racial Attack on Preesident Elect Obama, Colin Powell, Condi Rice2,57083Nov 2008
Barney, GWB White House Dog.......Digest the Fingers of a Rueter Reporter59813Nov 2008
Since Dude has a hangover.........on Barak Obama's Election Win69218Nov 2008
Obama's Plan to Socialize America3,348181Oct 2008
The Unknown IL Politican and Tony Resko........9129Oct 2008
Obama's Truth Police1,68245Oct 2008
Iranian President Ahmadinejad at the UN......2,36984Sep 2008
Leahman Brothers Bankrupcty and AIG Bailout........4,164181Sep 2008
Things You'll Problably Never Hear a Waomn Say1,05227Sep 2008
The Birth of Moses and Barak Obama1,60852Sep 2008
Media on 9/111,08133Sep 2008
Computer Illeracy for the President....a Big Problem or a Little one1,08710Sep 2008
Obama/Biden for President........McCain/Palin for President1,09725Sep 2008
Poll on the McCain/Palin Presidential Ticket2,19378Aug 2008
Poll on the Obama/Biden Presidential Ticket1,11720Aug 2008
The 7 Mind Games Women Play3,48077Apr 2008
Continuation of Dude Obama for President III68018Apr 2008
Begging for Islam, the story of Coli5994Apr 2008
Bill Cosby "I'm 83 and Tired"5614Sep 2012

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