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aScottishGuy823250Sep 2014

thoughtsHoping my profile sounds okay . Any help or advice would be great...

21loner2130Sep 2014
if love is honest i will find this way

if love is honest i will find this way.........If LOVE is blind,LOVE happens from heart,then LOVE me,i m nt rude,i m caring ,you never will doubts on me,still inside my heart and blood is same lik...

freemorgan322630Sep 2014
no one in qatar

no one in qatarno one in qatar...

khalidsaber3220Sep 2014
Have a look and tell me what you think

Have a look and tell me what you thinkIve just put in" whats me "...

ddylan2192Sep 2014Sep 2014
whos up for a good comvo

whos up for a good comvoWho wants to talk...

shwayze774390Sep 2014

hey :)Whats your opinion?...

Gleek963223Aug 2014Sep 2014

HiI am good looking...

Jjwee3836Mar 2014Sep 2014
Hey im new im wangs holla if your interested or want to know more huh

Hey im new im wangs holla if your interested or want to know more huh :)hey take a look,you might like what you see :),lol,so how is everyones day going :0...

Wangz2972Sep 2014Sep 2014
What am i doing wrong

What am i doing wrongWhat am I doing wrong. Looking for the one to help heal the broken pieces of my heart. Thought I had found her here but guess not...

Emighdragon2303Sep 2014Sep 2014
profile yes fine

profile ? yes- fine!I really don't know what people thinks about my profile... Is my description far too good to be true? Is any one can be so brave to describe myself...

comefly144104Sep 2014Sep 2014
My Profile may be a bit harsh but its truthful let me know your

My Profile may be a bit harsh but it's truthful..let me know your ......This profile was written with keeping it real in mind..I have read so many profiles that are so full of the same crap..People who are in their prime w...

tk865969910Aug 2014Sep 2014

admirationyou are a classic beauty and i am sure they dont make women like you anymore. hats off to you !!!...

dan_barry644150Sep 2014
Hey All

Hey AllI m nwe to this site. so please will you suggest me how would i make my profile meaning ful and updade . Thanks to Give your valueable time....

redcheeks1433150Sep 2014
Sunday dont hv mood for blogs today

Sunday ,don't hv mood for blogs todayI just came from hukka clubs,watching tv nd meantime checking blogs polls,..............boring,do any women thinks the same way...

freemorgan322840Sep 2014
Let me have it

Let me have itOK, open to any criticism. I obviously have no problem expressing myself, so I am just looking for feedback. Thanks!...

SincerelyHonest3382Sep 2014Sep 2014

HiI am new here.. would like someone to have conversations with.....

seanfer12311990Sep 2014
Divorced looking for caring mature woman for serious relationship

Divorced, looking for caring mature woman for serious relationship.please review my profile and letme know what is wrong....

dsatish4033Sep 2014Sep 2014

AM I TOO YOUNG TO BE HERE?It seems there's nobody here i can connect with. i just need someone to talk to thats all. thanks....

JayBieEff2091Sep 2014Sep 2014

hiI am not sure women on this site truly need a life partner because if they do i don't know why i have not been able to receive mails from any i am a h...

Mamo552752Sep 2014Sep 2014
hi all please will you help me out to review my profil

hi all please will you help me out to review my profilHey all, will you plz help me out to improve my profile. thanks....

redcheeks1433400Sep 2014
ArneHansen4312Sep 2014Sep 2014
How could my profile be improved

How could my profile be improved?I would not mind a little advice or any pointers that you may have picked up along the way that I just haven't seen in the 2 weeks or so that I have b...

Sarge19613213Jul 2014Sep 2014
Is there no ONE

Is there no ONEi have seen millions of people on the site. is there no one for me who ask me what i want, how she want me to change ... i am ready to change me for a...

zee993040Sep 2014

(:Aww it cant be that bad, BE BLUNT PLEASE!!!...

justdave114752Mar 2010Sep 2014

AdviceHello everyone? please check my photo and tell me How do i look? i don't think i am that bad looking.. :( and give advice why sometimes peoples...

Sarinusa2763Sep 2014Sep 2014
Any help will be appreciated

Any help will be appreciatedI am open to any suggestions. I am not sure what women want to know in a profile. Please advise....

Fixingme3664Sep 2014Sep 2014
Am I not pretty enuff

Am I not pretty enuff?I'm wondering y I don't get many messages! Plz be honest !...

john21143975Sep 2014Sep 2014
i wish my women use different colors of lipstick

i wish my women use different colors of lipstickLive your Life with full of Love, Let your Lipstick b red Let me comes closer to you,let me permit to kiss you forever, nice but its a marketing...

freemorgan323320Sep 2014
what do you think of my pictures and profie

'what do you think of my pictures and profieHello please advice me about my profile and pic, i am here to find the love ones who love me,please suggest...

matta121751Sep 2014Sep 2014
check me out

check me outdo u thing I am worth it? Skype me @ allstarnars19...

narstar2142Sep 2014Sep 2014
Does my profile need anything

Does my profile need anything?How can I improve my profile? Open to all suggestions. I just opened the account on here and I am new at this..... Any help would be appreciated. :)...

Firefly11764062Sep 2014Sep 2014
rate me

rate meHello its Elizabeth would like to see comments on my pics xx...

julesboy2481Sep 2014Sep 2014
Im not that bad honestly D D D

I'm not that bad honestly!!! :-D:-D:-DRight:-D:-D:-D. According to the advice above, I'm not the best looking guy in the world. But, I'm new to this so I need all the help I can get. I nee...

Newton333972Sep 2014Sep 2014
can people find easy the next half on dating sites

can people find easy the next half on dating sitesMy profile does not have pic,but meeting a soul not matter look shape size,I m trying something thts not virtual like pic.......

freemorgan323350Sep 2014
Hello Everybody im new uphere Wish you a very nice day good luck

Hello Everybody im new uphere. Wish you a very nice day good luck!!!how is life uphere :) wanna know more about this website is it okay for dating? :) thanks!...

Robertxzx2791Sep 2014Sep 2014
New to the site

New to the siteHello everyone im new here , is this site any good ? is it worth staying ? thank you...

mirela7811,02015Jun 2014Sep 2014
Hello all

Hello all.Just wondering on what you all think of my profile and if I need to change anything . Many thanks...

onlysteve042762Sep 2014Sep 2014
need help for good profile

need help for good profileHi guys can you plz send me some suggestions for making my profile more attractive and is the profile picture is good or not......

rajeevinmaale3612Sep 2014Sep 2014
its dark in here

it's dark in here.It feels like a stranger here no messages , no profile views , is there something wrong with my profile? I'll be very greatfull hearing your opinions,...

Mahdey963371Sep 2014Sep 2014
mother of god is it my preofile or are the genuine guys a mere dream

mother of god... is it my preofile or are the genuine guys a mere dreamwhats the story with attracting genuine guy, why get so many one nite stand offers, or replies frm relationship cheats looking for a friend, is my pro...

busababe813,31348Feb 2014Sep 2014
hows my profile im new here

hows my profile im new here!what is it that yall like bout me...

Femalefrompa4272Sep 2014Sep 2014

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