Breaking up

I don't look forward to this part of a relationship. Yet it is inevitable. When things are not working as planned and or the so called love is going sideways for whatever reason. What is next? Forward or Reverse?

I am not the person that is easily convinced that trust and commitment will get restored if both are willing to work it out. Really?

I am finding the right door to get out at the moment. lol, hopefully the door is wide open.

Anyways share your feelings if you can relate to this.

Do you find ending a relationship quite easy? Or hard? I know it depends, but to me, it is a very uneasy feelings to go through.

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Hi LJ, I guess it is much easier on the one ending the relationship, could be much harder on the one that is being left.

If there was any real feelings I would believe it could be very emotional on both.

Used to be easy. I think maybe my relationships get too tangled up with liking and friendship as well now. I've have 2 in recent years which were easy, one which was hard. Good luck.
Aa, well I am always the one who is emotional to begin with. Is it normal for women to be more emotional than men?

I am the one who is leaving but at the same time I believe it was hinted in many ways. My closure is still blurry but that gut feelings you get like, why are you still here?

Confusing sometimes.
I didn't have very many break ups Elle. I only had three true loves that I can think of. I had the first one very very difficult. I had to sacrifice even leaving my daughter who was only 7 years old just to get away from a very toxic relationship. That is my first love and had it for 9 years. My ex husband of 30 years the easiest one, wheewww, like wiping a chocolate smeared on your elbow (ok, he still loves me alright?, Irish Catholic and believes that even if we got divorced, I will always be his wife according to his belief.), the third one was so so. This one I think is going to be as easy, I just don't like the feelings. And moving. but it is what it is.
Hi Phyllis my friend,

Is this the same person that I met?
Yes Jim. wave
Guess who sang this song lyndsydunno

Knowing me, knowing you
There is nothing we can do
Knowing me, knowing you
We just have to face it, this time we're through
Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go
Knowing me, knowing you
It's the best I can do

It hurts of course but if u talked and have the proper closure then going my way and his would be easier for both of usapplause
Lindsy this topic is waking me up early this 3:3am:banana: teddybear
Gayyem, on I know. Abba.
Gayyemhead banger

I know u know...I was in my HS days 80's when I start to love their songs.

"Breaking up is never easy but I have to go
knowing me knowing u is the best I can do..."teddybear
Yes that's very fitting indeed. teddybear
Then relate it with minelaugh

"for the good times"


That is the after breakingcheers
Oh I do. Sadness from the aftermath.sad flower
Breaking up
Moving on
Friends again
Normal lifecheers applause
Sorry, Manang! must be too emotional for youhug

I don't like breaking up, I prefer to just disappear and not face any unpleasant feelings...over a long period of time they will stop missing me, and when we talk again it wouldn't be so baddancing
Ading I like that. I am running so far away. I think it will be so much easier, don't answer the text or the phone and no explanation needed.

Thank you ading.teddybear
Ading nice to see you back.hug
good to see you too, Manang!

you can text him, it's easier to break up in text messages, I find it much much easier to say what I want to say without looking into his eyeslaugh
I am thinking about it ading although, I am hesitant to even start it. I think I will just disappear like you said. Leave him a note. He'll get the picture.
Hey Phyllisconfused
Am I missing something heredunno

Am I reading "leaving him a message"


Just be hereteddybear
Jen, I already started to give him a hint and he hasn't really responded which is a sign that actually he was just waiting for me to do the packing.

go do what makes you feel better. if he wants you, he'll find you, even if you're already in the arms of someone elsehug
love What HINT?
That ur going away?

Maybe he doesn't respond because ....dunno
Adiiing I love that. Oh yes, the only thing Ading is, when I leave, there is no going back. He knows that is how I am. He knows how much my ex and one other ex are still trying to make me their love. True ading.

I just don't like this part. I am not hurt as I thought I would feel. I think it is just the good and happy times are haunting me at the moment.
Forget about finding the right door to get out of and wide enough or not, concentrate more on shoving him out.. simple as, problem solved nerd


I know saying goodbye can be very difficult, that's why I didn't get closure from my past relationships coz I was too scared to face it, I opted to run away and pretend they're no longer there, in reality, theyre still there haunting melaugh
@ itchy, problem solved. laugh

Please don't never break up with me. laugh

hug forever
Ms. Witch, I will have to share you a story that happens just like 6 months ago.
Here is a very true story with my soon to be ex. We are driving on the freeway and from out of the blue, he said: "Hun if in case I get a heart attack, just be calm don't panic, elevate my head and call 911 and do as they say. In the meantime just keep telling me you love me and if I don't make it, then it was meant to be."

Ading, I had tears flowing down my cheek when he told me that. I realized I seldom say I love you but he does very often. But of course he knew I loved him then.

Oh he also said apart from that. If he were the one on the wheel, which is often the case as he hates my over speeding tendencies, said: Slide me off the wheel and then elevate my head then call 911"
That is what I did with two of them ading and the first one, there was no guilt. He had it coming. But the second one, it hurt him so much. I kind of regret a little bit.
Wen, I normally bounce mine out the window when I'm done with them.....
I only said door because I'm practicing being kind innocent

wave wen
Ok what am I missing here, you're leaving him because he has heart problems?
why do you want to leave ? Looks like you care deeply for this person...if so, then leaving might not be the answer
Oh non Ms. Witch, that was just a scenario that he created just in case. He had a mild heart attack 10 years ago but he has it under control and he is good.

The reason I am thinking of leaving is because of my suspicion that he is being insincere to me. I don't want to prove I am right nor will I go to the extent of finding it out, it is just that I have this instinct that he is.
Ading, sometimes I have this gut feeling that tells me that he is not sincere anymore and it bothers the heck out of me. He has never accepted in spite of my brushing that he might not be sincere as I thought he would be. I might be over reacting somewhat, that is why, it might be good for me to just take a break.
And this is where the confusing part comes in.

I always follow my gut feeling but I tell you don't... there were times I followed my gut feeling, it was all wrong and I regretted itdoh

it happened to me last week, I just don't trust that much anymore and don't want any drama so I opted for an easy way out, I was once again mistaken. I made a 180 turn and immediately did another 180 , I realized my stupidity right away and still human enough to admit my flaws and say I'm frigging sorrylaugh
Ms Jones hope you don't mind me speaking my mind here hug
but if you don't care enough to know/find out for sure... then I think the problem is with you, not him ... if i'm wrong don't eat my head off, just a thought is all hole
Dear gayyem hug

It would at least ease u a bit if u give yourself time out to weigh what is supppsed to be done.From your email I received it shows that something might be true on yhe instict u have about himdunno
Gayyem then try to talk to him for a proper closure....we are not getting younger anymore to just walk away.If u do that u are just mking it harder for uhug jst be here gayyemteddybear
Relationship means compromise. If only one makes the compromises the relationship will fail Only if both compromise every day can a relationship last.
So very sorry to hear this Lindsay.
Breaking up, I know how that feels it leaves such an empty space, that you have to fill up again somehow
hug wave Jenny
Hi Lindsy, I know you’d know what’s best for you hug
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