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Christmas gifts for yourself...what would it be?

I know this is something that is not the typical gift. It really has not appealed to me since the first day I have heard of them. But now...especially with Covid....I am going to wish for Santa to deliver me one of Robert's silk screen pillows. Hopefully it would be new and not used. rolling on the floor laughing

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rolling on the floor laughing
okay...second gift would be a nice cooking set. I have been on life support in that department for the last 18 years. thumbs up
Ash, you want one of Robert's pillows too?
I just read about a " missing person" that was wandering with only a pillow case.Do you think?
Nah..he had dementia, maybe if he has a credit card.

OMG your cooking utensils probably have those metals that leech ..? into the food. I forgot.doh
Could that be Robert? wow laugh main frying pan is in so bad of condition...I finally to the point of retiring it. It was one of those "non-sticks" that have lost most of its non-sticking material that has probably poisoned me countless times. sigh And...I only had one frying pan. blues crying It is time.
Toxic heavy metals:
Nice list there. I think I am going to see about buying something of quality. I will make sure to avoid those metals. Perhaps something to do with copper.
rolling on the floor laughing
It is a Christmas List not a Death Wish...


Are you fried again?
I hope you do not have porch robbers in your neighborhood if you are having it delivered.
thumbs up
I have a silk pillow case already but moping
not one of Roberts.
Actually Ash, I had spent all day just relaxing, sleeping, and gorging myself with food. laugh
Is it a full body pillow with a kickstand and a high resolution Robert image on it?tongue
So what is your gift to yourself if you were to buy one?
Copper is very trendy...when refurbishing houses I hear they recycle all the copper.laugh
The last copper pan I owned was called
" Revere Ware" copper bottom..

as opposed to copper top like the batteries.
It this prospective copper pan top or bottom?
laugh kickstand!!!
I don't know Ash....I have never really shopped for pans before. You are just turning my otherwise peaceful day into something stressful rolling on the floor laughing tongue
I think most Christmas gift exchanges are pretty cheap still, like $10?

So 10 of something.dunno
I like Christmas stockings grin
Maybe I will just stay away from the lead pans. laugh

Yes Ash....the famous Robert slang word. banana
Take a beer with you shopping then..tongue
I hear you Ash....I have always said, there is nothing that feels better than a new pair of socks your feet. Or, are you talking about the ones that hang?
One Lamborghini in each style applause
Whoops. I just woke up. uh oh
Lovely solution...just take a few shots of some whiskey and I just end up behind bars for Christmas....instead of shopping. laugh

I actually plan on shopping online. There are limited stores around here and have limited selections. I am going to attempt my hand at being fussy. lol
rolling on the floor laughing
I suggestion going to the " As seen on TV section"

Jim too!!
rolling on the floor laughing
Hello are not too hard to please. laugh
Yes, be fussy but remember there is always a discount code when you shop online.thumbs up

wink Even for
Yes...I was surprised to see those in stores now. Walmart has one and so does Menards. thumbs up I wonder if those snuggies are still on the shelf. hmmm ...those go good with pizza and chocolate and soda. laugh
Ash...okay. I will have to hit you up for some of the best places to shop when I do it. I bet you could find better spots online than I can. We shall see...if you are up for the challenge. I will tell you what I have found and for what price and I will see if you can find a better deal. So seem to be a very well informed lady...perhaps the best I now. thumbs up thumbs up

my brain is fried. rolling on the floor laughing
Yes I was referring to hanging stockings..
hanging over the shower rod, on the bed board.

Embedded image from another site
Those are sexy and cute and would look good hanging over the bed head board. laugh
I say....just go to the nearest charity.laugh
They will probably give you a good pan AND the food.
Maybe an entire Thanksgiving meal.yay
They have charity centers for hanging socks. laugh

wow blushing laugh
Oh....rolling on the floor laughing for pans. laugh

Speaking of turkey...we have yet to heard Robert talking about molesting the bird yet. sigh
Oh yes!!!

You know since you mentioned Covid and all, Robert's pillows are probably selling out!
laugh molestina might have some news.
Probably where he is now...hand making them...hand sewing them...hand signing them. I wonder which one is his hottest seller. laugh

Ash, I bet you are on the top ten list. thumbs up

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