If we found out the world/powerful are corrupt....so what?

So what then?

If we found out the powerful, elites, leaders, law makers, pharmaceutical companies are corrupt.

What would you do?

What could you do?

Would you quit your job?
Would you scream foul?
Would you cry?
Would you write blogs?
Would you stop paying your taxes?
Would you tell your friends?

Really, what could you do...what could anyone do?

As far as I can see, we have positioned ourselves as humans to rely on them...no matter what they do. Perhaps all we can do is pray they allow us to live our lives in somewhat peace? dunno

...just some thought provoking after watching a movie.


Good day/night all, and remember to smile.
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Hello Johnny

Shouldn't the question be written in the present tense ....

Now that you've found out that ---------are all corrupt,

What do you intend to do about it? dunno
Maybe I'd go and live in another dimension? dunno
The first place to start is to make term limits...for all politicians.

Politics has been corrupt for years...both parties...and, the last few years has brought it to the surface.

When we live in a democracy and many can not get healthcare...it is because...the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies lobby against it to fill their pockets....

Also..no more lobbyists...

That is a good place to start.
D4, there really is not much one can do about any corruption...maybe many...but even at that, the many should have a organized plan of a much better replacement....or self-governing operation...or even no governing but some sort of completely different societal reformation.

Living in a different dimension....interesting concept...one that leads me to think about the protection of our souls. Not to allow our souls to become corrupt or stollen.


Hello Gone...I agree that is a good start. A system redesigned that is inclusive to all. If we look at the extreme differences in wealth, there is clearly indication that our current system of society does not address human life in an equal fashion.

Why should one human have such luxury, wealth, excess, ease of life.....while another human struggles to barely survive with just the basics of life...such as food and shelter. I get it...the wealthy were either born into their wealth...born into their social circle that facilitates such excess...or was born with high intelligence to succeed in our current social structure. While the struggling may not have such fortunes. Or, in some cases may actually have high intelligence...just no options to exploit it. In any case, it shows a flaw in our current structure of society. If of course, we are looking at it from a humanitarian aspect.


Usually the press discover these sort of unlawful acts. Then the whole world knows and in order to remove the embarrassment, the law starts to operate correctly. The public become aware. They have mass protests. The offender's are targeted and problem solved.
Hello Crown,

I agree, that is supposed to be how it works....well, it is the only solution to corruption that the masses has come up with. I do agree, in order for some sort of more equal humanitarian societal structure to happen, it will need to be by more than just one person.

Two issues I have with your statement, even though your statement is 100% correct. The first issue is a press that once brought about the corruption to our attention, is now corrupt themselves. Secondly, our historical protests has not done away with all corruption. So the effectiveness of them are very limited. It most likely is the best tool available, but not completely the right tool for the job.


Usually you find that once one news media hits on a story, then the others follow like sheep. They love to have a scoop and that's how they sell papers. Watergate was an example of a scandal through dedicated journalists. Without news media it's difficult to discover corruption unless an insider talks. Or organisations like FBI do their job.

The big corporations that control the supply and price of Toilet Paper and Beer, they unfortunately control EVERYONE! (dramatic music) YIKES! help

Crown....totally agree. thumbs up
Robert...I heard the people who overturned Roe vs.Wade also control the condom market. laugh

And the price of Condominiums has gone up too. doh

I tell ya, people just can't lose for winning, or something like that.
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