Endless selections for mates...

It used to be that women were thought to have endless selections for mates...and all they had was the tough decision on discerning who was the best one to pick. The world has changed.

Now with monogamy becoming a thing of the past...they have the less tough decision of picking the best ONES to pick.

However, that is not what this blog is about. It is about men now being in the same position as women. With men now having endless selections and also choosing the best ONES.

Now, I am not saying that is how I am...or how all women and men are....that they want to be with multiple partners. However what I am saying is, both of their available selections have dramatically increased with social media and the internet.

So...what are some of your deal breakers when looking at photos of men or of women on the internet when determining if you want to move forward and pursue a person as a potential mate or life long partner?

For me: when I see a woman post several pictures of herself in fancy restaurants and in expensive formal dining clothes...my mind automatically concludes that she is high maintenance.


When I see a woman posting a picture of herself shooting a gun....that is an automatic red flag for me. I don't care that she owns and knows how to use a gun...but why post a picture of it thinking it is important for her potential mate to know that?


Those are two main ones for me that I can think of right now. What about you?

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Someone with a pet would be good but...
If he eats meat...deal breaker!

Someone with a cigarette in his mouth...deal breaker!

Someone who plays the guitar .. good!
But...if he's a smoker..
Deal breaker!!!

Someone sporty and looking healthy...GREAT!
Hello Dan,

Are there any exceptions you would accept....say if he ticks all of your boxes and has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth?

Been here longer than most, living in the most popular state in N. Amerika, and have exactly 01 CStepford date in my File.

It remains sealed due to Natl. Emergency.

.. Standby.
Hello AB,

There are several selections, here alone on CS. Perhaps taking some open minded searching to make a connection happen. The whole world is available...which is larger than any single state. thumbs up

I'm 35 and too old to be that picky which is just as well, too many people look like shit at 35 but if she was coming up for 24 that would make a good photo. Besides things are so choreographed in the world of social media it's actually less shallow to look at her tits, actually more deep than the self-promotion.
Hello CC,

That is a good point too....with photoshop. That is another turn off for me as well. ...deception...

Haha... nope..
The cigarette hanging out is the biggest deal breaker for me.

Eating me... I suppose it wouldn't bother me if he eats it out of my sight.

Anyway... I only want a source player character to continue the journey together (see my other blog!)
And, if he is on that frequency level, he would have given up all those addictions anyway. smile
As a woman, for those looking at my pics, they will see that I'm not a high maintenance sophisticated person.

I'm also a minimalist.
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Is that a deal breaker, Johnny? grin
One negative of posting pictures.
People make judgments without trying to get to know the person.
Dan...I agree...there are some deal breakers to me as well that are just too much to overlook.
Kal, there is something wrong with your face. That would be a deal breaker. laugh tongue
Hello Friendship...that is true enough. I would rather have a photo up and have 90% of the people reject me...than having no photo up where nearly 100% will more than likely will.

rolling on the floor laughing
Picking the one vs picking the ones? The third option is not to pick anyone at all. If people truly picked someone or a few, they'd settle in some sort of relationship, monogomous or otherwise. People don't do that anymore. It's an endless search for the perfect mate, which is of course a futile endeavour. So is life nowadays, very sadly speaking.

After reading this blog, I took your advice. There were 3 women who actually liked me a little. So, I told one that I pick her over all the other two. I told her I'd take her to dinner next week after I sold some aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

She in turn told me, "You can go f*** yourself! And Johnny's blog is full of s**t! Don't ever call me again!" Then she hung up on me.

Sheesh! What went wrong? I was just being a nice and kind to her. confused

I love them!!!
Hello Joe,

I think there are many out there that still have monogamy in mind, however, I suspect there are many more today that are not of that mindset...vs....some years ago.

So, it is not a terrible situation, but just more difficult...let's say.

Robert....with more selections...one becomes more fussier. That holds true for both women and men.

So...you got weeded out. Maybe hold off next time on exposing your source for financial security. rolling on the floor laughing

Hello lovely Hover...

Yes, I like that song as well. thumbs up I paged through your other blogs with all your other music selections. I must admit, many of them I have not heard of. I will have to take some time and check them out. I know you have a good taste for music.

If she is verbally abusive or is intimidating.

Ask for money before we meet in person.
Hello RW,

True to that...there are some really evil women out there. However, there are some really truly loving ones too.

Someone next to a vehicle or property. I have literally seen people step out of their cars (and some of them were not even driving) and have a picture taken of themselves by someone else's car or in front of a house or building. Fake! But to me, it is not about the picture. I look at tags, locations and what they write in their profiles. People that share nothing I just ignore. It is all about the written word for me.
I don’t like it when men think posting a silly photo is a good idea. I can tell they are trying too hard and it’s a turn off. They just look like a goober. Just be your normal self at first. The silliness can come later.

Men that have sunglasses on in every photo…okay is there something wrong with your eyes??

Men with unibrows. barf

And yes, men do have endless selections nowadays. I won’t have sex before monogamy. From my experience that’s a good rule to follow. They just tell me they can get any woman they want. And I say well it ain’t me. Bye. I don’t know what they think I’m going to say when they tell me that. laugh I don’t care how great a man is. I have boundaries.
Yes. An amazing rule that is but here's a wee suggestion: why not try to date a eunuch, for example? Any other sort of dude will have some trouble with that.

Kidding aside, why would you wannae give your boyfriend such a needless hard time? If he uses you, well, you'd have used him in return no?

I sometimes think women just don't like/need/want s3x.
I like sex as much as the next MAN. laugh

I just have values. Nobody has values anymore. It’s just so strange to me. dunno
Why is having sex with your boyfriend right away tantamount to lacking values?

PS: I bet my s3x is going to be censored. If it is, given that yous isn't, this website would be extremely s3xist.
aw. It was. OK, I'll calm down.
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