What do ya listen to?

It's been one of those kinda days today sigh mumbling ...music does wonders for the soul sometimes.....Please brighten my day with a little music...always helps comfort What is your favorite song? What would you say is the most annoying song ever? laugh What kinda music gets the workflow goin? When you're down, what do you listen to? Let's fill this blog with good stuff (and not so good stuff laugh )...and what is your connection to the music you prefer? conversing

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ehhh feck it mumbling head banger

Toxicity at it's finest scold

By Rihanna and co I prefer Rehab.

Are you familiare with the swedish band Roxette?
Apart from their large 88's hit 'the look'?

This is my fav of them by far.
The live version is there on youtube but the quality of their voices
was so crap that here somebody cleverly put the studio version
on top of their live performance. So here it is their amazing song "Paint":

Roxette - Paint (Music Video)

Love this....one of my favorites, thank you! wave

You're welcome...this will keep you chilled out, for a while...
I actually love Roxette....I've heard a lot by them, but this one I have not.....lovin it so far though heart wings wave
You know what's crazy....I was actually in the process of posting the original when I came across your comment first. But honestly, I love this version better....it's just very different heart beating heart beating
And this, from the same fab album

One more, for you, before I go offline, to start the day, in oz

Best video, ever, hey?

The beginning sounds like something else I've heard before.....but the song, itself, not so much. I like it though banana
Ub40 don't break my heart officiale vid:

Well dang....once I saw who was singing it, I was not expecting to see a woman...in the beginning. I do like it, though cheering
"Video unavailable
The uploader has not made this video available in your country"

Oops rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Yea, they brittissh. You know how the name came about? (ub40..)

Listen which of these versions do you like best, Nick Kamen or Madonna?

Madonna - Each time you break my heart (1986 Demo Remastered)

Nick Kamen - Each Time You Break My Heart - 1986
Brighten your day ??? How about Sunny Afternoon ??

driving around with 80s

Actually, UB40 was huge here too....but for whatever reason, that one wasn't playing dunno
Oldie but goodie, Willy, thank you! dancing
and when I'm in the mood to do laundry :

CH, we be jammin! cheering applause banana banana banana wave
Oh, so funny you mention this one.....I remember when I was younger and jammin to this one while doing my chores banana rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
and just when I want to be a little crazy

helps get the job done, right?laugh
one of my " not so good stuff " songs.....moping

Just going with my mood.

A Forrest

The Cure could perform their music for hours on hours and again and again and again ....

and again and again and again ....
This! Just makes me feel like a kid again laugh banana banana banana
Oh, that it did, lady, that it did! applause
A forest is amazing Gals. Just amazing.
I think it's about chasing love that prove not to be there after all.. you know..
very much like we've all experienced once or trize.
Oh, itchy.....that's the wonderful thing about music, though.....isn't it. The music basically just puts our thoughts in a song to make it easier to get out there. I hope things get better for you soon comfort wine
Yes! The Cure....one of my favorite bands of all time. Good choice! wine wave
Ozzie, how right you are sigh wave
Well dang, hpy.....got ya some happy hippie music goin on there.....definitely got me boogyin dancing dancing dancing dancing laugh laugh wave
YES ..happycheering
Well, thanks everyone, for making my day a little brighter! Was pretty stressed earlier...but all this awesome music that I've been playin from y'all has helped me think and put things into perspective.....music just helps me focus. And, well, I've had time to just figure it all out while listenin to some good tunes. Thanks again....and feel free to keep the tunes comin....lovin it, guys and gals! hug kiss teddybear wave
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