Toleration And The Intolerant

At the best of times I’m fairly easy and tolerant but I cannot tolerate the intolerant. I don’t think they deserve to be tolerated if they cannot tolerate those who have different views or to hand

This include
• religious groups who believe they have the only key to heaven and that they can kill all those who differ from them,

• political groups who believe that they have the right to force their will on the people and the right to kill their opponents,

• pressure groups like eco-terrorist, who believe that they are on a crusade to save the world and that their goals justify their methods,

• and individuals who think that their opinions are paramount; opinions often based on garbage fed to them by sensation seeking news media while they think that those (often more knowledgeable) who differ from them are fools.

It is the last category that irritates me most. They often shoot their mouths off about something happening on the other side of the world while they seldom understand the real situation. confused

As an example let’s look at the death penalty. It is all too obvious that the people in Sweden will have different views on it than those in South Africa. After all, they have very few murders and it is not a big issue. However, when fifty people in your country are murdered every day and about the same number survives attempted murders, it is a different matter. And if you have lost a parent, sibling or a child to a murder, it becomes a sore point.very mad

But that was just an example; I could just as easily have used an example like food production, illegal immigrants, hunting, racial issues, or terrorism. We all have different views on it and even when we do agree, it is to varying degrees. When the problem is far away you think about it differently than when it is close to home.mumbling

And it pisses me off even more when people shoot their mouths off about the history of another countries while their own histories are written with blood and the very things that they rant about still prevails around them every day. But they don’t notice that, do they? It is more convenient to rave about the sins of others in order to justify or ignore the shìt (and the buried skeletons) in their own backyard. And if you dare to say something about their countries, they are ready to start another crusade to the holy land.doh

What I’m trying to say is that we cannot condemn somebody for having a different view while we don’t understand why he has that view. Everybody have different views but the opinion that is based on hands-on experience is normally the more accurate. What you hear or read or see on the TV is usually what somebody else wants you to believe, not necessarily the whole truth and often exaggerated and/or spiced with lies for the sake of sensation.professor
cats meow cats meow

Don't let this worry you; I'm just venting. laugh

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Brace yourself with protective gears against those ammunition that would be coming your way by the offended . Locked on
Hi Annlee,
I don't expect a massive radioactive fall-out. I have watered it down since writing it on Sunday. laugh
...I would love to read that unsencored vertion....grin

cool wine
Hi Viking
i think not. That was suspension material. rolling on the floor laughing

When we live in different circumstances...yes...we would have different views but why not strive for non-violence and economic equality?...certainly root issues should be explored in every country...Canada has no death penalty and committed to reform...but is not in the same scope as Scandinavian countries...but we can learn from them too...

I feel for your predicament in my South Africa...every one needs to feel safe...police should be there to protect...and criminals should be there no policy regarding reform?...forgive me as I am not knowledgeable to your country's laws...or politics for that matter...

Nice to see you by the way...


I too am intolerant of the intolerant.

I am willing to hear and listen to most points of views, but if those views are based on hatred or intolerance or blind ignorance, I don't give them the time of day. Don't get me started on those who put the supernatural before humanity....

Everybody has views of other countries as well as their own. Sometimes it can be a more objective view than that of the person living in the country. Nobody likes their own country being dissected negatively by an outsider. But sometimes it is good to listen, as we don't always see things as objectively as outsiders.
Hello Cat
Whether you will EVER get "Them---Others " To understand the truth and nothing but the truth about South Africa, is going to be like talking to a brick wall. The majority of my friends and family reside all over planet earth, have begged and pleaded with me to relocate. For all the uninformed, do yourselves favour and purchase the latest and MOST shocking truths that have come out in the deepest corners of RUSSIA with the truth that has been exposed in the underbelly of the Now Ruling government called the ANC. The man I had so much respect for has made me so furious and I'm so shocked at his devious underhanded way in which he was involved in siphoning off South African money with Zuma and his cronies. I feel so disappointed, that for all these year's I've been involved in the film industry, making movies about the apartheid era such as "Long Walk To Freedom " Winnie , Cry My Beloved Country and many others. The book, that has just been released ( To the Horror of the ANC ) and boy is this shocking , as they have now been exposed for the world to see .MANDELA obviously has died, so to say he once was someone I looked up to was , yes a terrorist through and through,, and I feel betrayed by this exposure. If you can obtain the book ( which flew of the shelves ) It called
" The Presidents Keepers" . Written by top awarding journalist Jacques Pauw. He has exposed the likes of Rwanda, Burundi, Algeria, Liberia, Sudan , the Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone among other countries. He won the CNN African Journalist of the year award twice, the Daniel Pearl award for outstanding International investigative Reporting in the U.S.. Italy's Ilaria Alpine and the Nat Nakasa reward for bravery and integrity in journalism. Three of his books are on the shortlist for major literary awards, And that I hope he will be alive to receive. So in a nutshell, far too many pass remarks, and derogatory, may I say about South Africans, but don't have a clue that it is run like Zimbabwe, Rather Pray for our country that is burning, while the Fat Cats are raping the country. Sorry Cat but it irks me that other countries have bad things to say and very much so, BUT they have bad if not worse situations in their own countries. JUST IMAGINE A PLAYPEN WITH All THE LITTLE BOYS PLAYING COWBOYS AND INDIANS. Not a nice time in South Africa Right Now.frustrated roll eyes scold
Hi Lou,
Thanks, great to see you as well!!

That has all gone down the drain but as I said, that was just an example. Well, I suppose the death penalty is controversial. look at the USA. In some states they have it and in others they don't, but they're not fighting each other about it. They accept their different views on the matter. That is what I'm talking about. Tolerating the views and habits that differs from your own.
I don't know. I don't really bother if somebody criticizes my country as long as it is true. I do it myself . I openly admit that things here is as bad as it can get; or can it get worse? probably yes.grin doh
There is no perfect country on earth. Things can always get better, or worse. We just have to look at it all as objectively as we can, and try to improve things on a micro level.
hi Fiery,
Once again, I'm not specifically talking about South-Africa. I just used the death penalty and our country as an example. My dislike for seal clubbing in Canada can be another example. Note I said a dislike not a hate. Seals are a protected species in South Africa but they are probably a pestilence in Canada. I don't say it is right but I cannot condemn them outright just because I don't agree with it. It is the same with using mercenaries or repatriating illegal immigrants. Those countries may have reasons for what they're doing.

We may question them but we cannot condemn them without knowing those reasons.
That's the key, to try to improve things at a low level if we cannot bring about a major change, but intolerance is not going to be of assistance. We need to understand each other better.
None of us can make the big changes...but big change can come about as a result of many small changes.
Incidentally, your country is making some big changes in our country. They are building hundreds if not thousands of houses for the poor. thumbs up

Nice houses, not the matchboxes that our government is building. and almost every project terminates prematurely due a lack of funding.doh
Cat, is that the Niall Mellon Foundation?
I know he builds houses in SA with the help of volunteers who go over for a few weeks at a time.
Hi Cat
I understand what you're saying, as I'm a very active member ( as in activist) for many atrocities, be it animal or human welfare. My point I was trying to get across was that South Africa is labeled the worst country in the world, yet we are the most strictest when it comes to our animals, which we work hard to protect. Then on the other hand we have " Visitors " that are quiet prepared to come hunting our beautiful animals and go back home feeling " Not an iota " guilty. So yes I do get my tits in a tangle and my ovaries in a knot when when we are talking about human or animal life. Two rights don't make a wrong and visa versa, be it our country or another..confused
I not sure exactly who it is; When I go that way again I will look out to see who it is, I only saw the banners on the signs and it said something to the effect of "The Irish Government At Work In SA" but they're smart two bedroomed houses with tiled roofs and solar hot water cylinders.

The stuff that the ANC builds have no inside walls except for the bathroom, no bath and no washup in the kitchen area. Only a cold water tap in the kitchen part and only a toilet in the bathroom. And they are tiny, outside measurements probably 4.5 m X 4.5 M. . Some of them have up to 8 or 9 people living in there.doh

Funny, the poorer the family, the more children the have and then sometimes they have a brother , sister and/or a grandparent living there as well.
Oh, it is probably done through Irish Aid so, which is the governmental agency for foreign aid.

It is normal in every country that the poorest have the most children. It is nature's way of ensuring survival. As living conditions improve, mortality levels improve, and people feel a sense of security, then family sizes gradually decrease.
Hi Fiery,
There I agree with you wholeheartedly. Some overseas people who condemn our hunting industry do not realize that the industry has done more for wild life conservation than anybody else. Thanks to their intensive breeding programs they release more animals into the wild than what's being hunted. But they stand there on their soap boxes shouting rape.
Hi Molly,
Ah, does that explain why I have only two daughters and they have only one child eachlaugh
I ran over 6 people on a zebra today and was then told by the police that my driving wont be tolerated, who the f*ck do these people think they are???
Now that was naughty on your behalf.

But such intolerance is unacceptable. Did they bother to establish the reason why you did it? grin
Cat, no they didn´t try to establish anything. It was complete no questions asked intolerance of me which made me feel smallcrying
BN..I refer you to my sewing needle comment on Rough's blog cool
I hope you did not damage your car to badly. Those zebra crossing is just a bad nuisance.
grin wave
I first paid a visit to rough's blog to get up to date. What should I say? Don't bnaughty or let's bnaughty?.laugh
Let's BNaughty is always the best option wink
Ah, then we'd have to be careful.devil
I admire your subtle humour Molly likekiss
Thanks, like cool
Hi Catfoot wave It's good to vent I done it the other day myself. I have always known if you want to start a debate or argument bring up Religion or Politics.

I have opinions and views just like anyone else but I try to stay open minded about it. there is enough problems in every country mine included.

I recently in a comment said I don't debate the Bible cause I have my believes and try very hard to respect others believe. I don't like when people have a opinion and voice them out loud with out full knowledge of all the facts.

I try to stay neutral. but sometimes have a problem with this but still try to avoid any personal attacks.

Great Blog my friend cheers
Hi Wen,
Oh dear, that venting story was a spoof on you!!!rolling on the floor laughing

But this blog did not take the direction that I wanted. I did not have politics or religion in mind. I just mentioned them as part of the problem.Luckily the Clergy and Green Peace were not aroused.

I was really hoping to address the smaller private issues; like food production, illegal immigrants, hunting and so forth. You know like people who refuse to eat meat because of the way the animals are treated.

By the way, I also think it is a disgrace the way that chickens are raised. Some of only see the light of day on the day that they were hatched and will not see it again until the day when they are slaughtered; cropped up in sheds with no room to move.barf
Catfoot, I agree with you about the Chickens, that's why when I eat Chicken I do it in a small dark room to show respect. grin
Luckily I'm not that fond of poultry and as a result I very seldom buy it. The only times I eat chicken is when I'm a guest and there is no other meat on the table. Mind you, I buy KFC two or three times a year and only if the person with me at the time requests it.
Cat, KFC have the worst reputation of all regarding their treatment of chickens!

I refuse point blank to buy any of their products.

I buy chickens which are free range; antibiotic free, and preferably organic.
We don't really have a large choice. There is one other chain in SA but In don't like their product. I guess in the end they are all alike in their methods towards producing chickens,
I would choose not to buy any if that were the case

I rarely buy fastfood anyway. I prefer to cook myself and know the source of what goes into it.
Hi molly,
i normally have takeaways on a Friday. the normal thing is fish, burgers, hot dogs, curry & rice, or Chinese. As it is Yorkie requested KFC last week but she learn since that I'm not fond of chicken so it won't happen again too soon.
I'm lactose-intolerant giggle

Hello Catfoot applause
Mimi, that reduces your ability to enjoy all food!
jaw drop


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