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Just got off the phone with a friend of mine. He was talking to me about how some of corporate America works. He told me to Google about how only 10 families own the majority of trademarks we buy. I Googled it and it said that 10 mega companies own much of what we will find in our local supermarkets.

He was also telling me how there was a business that was purchased. The buyer was well connected with the local government. What ended up happening was that the city wanted to put a turn lane in, right in front of his business, and purchased a small 10 foot wide chunk of land for the same price the whole business was purchased for.

He also mentioned how companies will file bankruptcy, screwing the stock holders, and employees...only to sell the company to one of their sister companies. He explained how there was this big operation going on under one company name and the next time he visited it, it was doing business under a completely different name. He asked how that was possible, the guy told them...well...they are us and we are them....and started laughing about it.

Then he mentioned there are some companies that will get tax breaks if they set their companies up in certain areas, and then resell it to a sister company to reap the tax benefits continuously.

The person I was speaking to asked me to keep the names of these companies private.

But...many people do not realize how things are working behind the scenes he says.

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you are so right and not only do theses companies not pay taxes, most actually get money back from the government
Hello Mar,

I guess there is a reason why such a small portion of the population owns a large majority of the wealth.

Hey there Johnny,

The boss Lil' Ceasar, wants to sees you. I thinks yous in big trouble for revealings all ours secrets. smoking
laugh Robert....I am a small potato in a big bag of tatters. laugh

I do know of some fast food places that are part owned or fully owned by soda companies. There's people who sell their built up companies, yet make a deal with the new franchise to keep them in as advisors.. in other words, to keep them on the payroll even after they sold off the business.

Heck, there's so many loopholes, I know a guy who never worked in his whole life.. yet he's now got more money than my dogs will ever have.

I know another guy, who's a big time gambler, and he's got way more money than you and your Bert friend. Sheesh, that's how rich he is. wow

You can squat a pile of brown on the ground and be richer than me. laugh

Yes...the loopholes, lawyers, politicians, and money.
by the way Johnny,

not that you're into partying and drinking and such. I know you're a half innocent church going, library volunteer, helping young ladies in their short skirts cross the road, type of guy.

But here in California, coming soon, there is a Tequila Festival coming to Avila Beach. Lots of party people going there. You should sell one of your mansions and get a flight over here. It's going to be a blast.. err, from what I hear. dancing
Again Robert, brown on the ground.

rolling on the floor laughing

Take care friend. :)
Alright, well, you have a good night Johnny.

I gotta go do some things right now too.

groundhog cool
Hi Johnny
You have nailed it perfectly. Nice guys does not get too far in business. You have to be unscrupulous to be really successful in business. It's like that all over the world. Successful businessmen are mostly just thugs in suits.mumbling
Johnny, in the USA the richest 1% hold about 38% of all privately held wealth in the United States. while the bottom 90% held 73% of all debt (Wiki) so it is no surprise at all.

It is very easy for the richest to make themselves richer. And if things go wrong, claim bankruptcy, screw their workers and suppliers, and then start up under another name again .

The laws are there to protect the rich, not the ordinary mortal.
Vote Trump.
He's for the little Guy. conversing

Good Blog Johnny,
Have a look at this.

Have you ever seen the documentary

"the 1%"

Well worth a watch if you have not.

Hello Molly wink wave
hi Non, fellow 99 percenter laugh
For you Molly, wink

The flake is my favourite bit smitten
You don't have to say who they are. Because it's right on Google!
So! In a way, you did tell....laugh
Hi Johnny, Yes some companies don't want you to know certain things and some probably for the under handed they are doing. But the good thing is....The truth is out there... grin
eeejay: "habit"(meet us in the poems)

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