Drones the future is here

Two years ago, Jeff Bezos promised that Amazon would soon deliver packages by drone. “I know this looks like science fiction,” the Amazon CEO told a 60 Minutes reporter, as he stood with several Amazon drones. “It’s not.

BEIJING - An online company, JD.com, Inc., is testing heavyload drones that can move payloads weighing 2,000 lbs.
JD.com says it has reached an agreement with the provincial government of Shaanxi to build China’s largest low-altitude drone logistics network.

On June 21, the FAA finalized rules for commercial UAVs, or drones. While commercial applications for drones vary from aerial photography to package delivery, especially exciting is Amazon's Prime Air, promising to deliver a five-pound package to your doorstep (or back yard) in 30 minutes or less.Aug 9, 2016

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the last video is thumbs up laugh laugh laugh
Hi Lukie
I wonder how long before drones get hi-jacked for the payload or perhaps for the drone itself. laugh

How difficult can it be to jam the original signal and take control of the drone with a stronger local signal. I think they're opening the door for a new type of crime.

The Israeli'e must be careful with their drones, One of these days those Arabs will wake up to it. No matter how sophisticated the control, it can be broken..
Hi Luke, I like the videos, the last one has still got me laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Drone, I want one. thumbs up
The last video! rolling on the floor laughing

Hi Luke applause
Hi Ded, I just could not resist including that one..thumbs up laugh
Hi Cat, and if hijacking the signal dont work I'm getting my Ketty all stoned up..laugh

What I do find amazing is how big and how quick this has taken off.

JD operates its own nationwide network of thousands of delivery stations manned by 65,000 employees. The company says it has 235 million regular customers.

cheers handshake
Hi Wen, Yes, the last video is quite a blast.
I think if you and I had a Drone we would use it for all the wrong stufflaugh handshake cheers
Mimi, thanks. I found it irresistible laugh bouquet
Luke,. Yes would probably use for the wrong stuff. rolling on the floor laughing

It must have a camera on it. grin
Hi Lukeon,

Last week, the CES or computer expo was held in Las Vegas. They were supposed to have some driverless cars that did the Uber thing, giving people rides around the Vegas strip.

Also, last I heard, they also now have some little helicopter like objects in the works. They're supposed be able to fly people around to short distances like a cab and such.

Just thought I'd mention it.

Interesting blog. cool
haha you a BAD guy brorolling on the floor laughing cheers
Hi Rob, The more I hear the more I'm amazed, and strangely enough we were talking about the ride to the Mall just this morning, and here you confirm it.... Its a WOW.

Thanksthumbs up cheers
Drones are here to stay for sure.
A drone just made a delivery at a prison

Next Jenny
Luke, the last video is hilarious. Specially about the Subtitles.rolling on the floor laughing
Don't think they will be droning over our little village soon so will still have to meet the couriers at the local shop for many years to come. laugh
Hi Lukeon wave
It was only a few days ago, my friends and I talked about an issue related to drone hijacks.
(somehow I couldnt watch what you posted blues )
Wow. That's amazing. How are you?
Jeff Bezos,

There is a reason he is the richest man in the world.
This Drone news must be the final kick in the balls to an all ready under appreciated fleet of Sub contracted couriers.

But hey "progress" roll eyes
So I could get drones delivering my order if I could get my internet stabilized long enough to place it.

Technology is a bit like my house. Rushing on to the next thing and the next before perfecting what we have mumbling

That was a personal rant, of course. Fascinated by the blog thumbs up thumbs up
Ha! ...and there was a time when we watched at The Jetsons dreaming about future in front our black & white screens.

Thanks for your info Luke, I usually do not check this sort of stuff, you updated me.

I wonder if China will help N. Korea clone the drone that can carry a 1 ton payload. I can easily envision a flight of 300 - 500 of them all crossing the border at top speed heading to Seoul with ground forces trying to guess which ones are the ones that absolutely must be stopped.
Hi BC,
Thats a fact. Yes the story waws on our news too, and was my inspiration for this blog.

The ringleader of a gang who smuggled drugs and phones into prisons using drones has been jailed for seven years and two months.

Former armed robber Craig Hickinbottom, 35, organised the flights from behind bars, Birmingham Crown Court was told.

His gang put prohibited items worth an estimated £1m into jails as far apart as the West Midlands and Scotland.

Hi LJ,
laugh Agreed. Enjoy your day.

Hi Ek,
You might be pleasantly surprised when you call a Uber and a Drone lands with a single seat.

Take care.
Hi Kal,
Sorry that you cant view. Really interesting.

With all the cameras installed
Hi Calli
Long time, great to see you. Hope you and your daughter is doing well.
Take care.
Hi Ele,
About time you kept some carrier Pigeons for times likes that.
Thanks for your rant.
laugh bouquet
Hi Nons, The human factor means nothing when money is involved.
Good to see you bro.
handshake cheers
Hi Cach,
You are most welcome.
Hi Ken,
another aspect that boggles the mind.

handshake cheers
Indeed. They can carry spy equipment, radar, explosives or small nukes. Only imagination limits them.

For about a decade now within the US military there are debates that even the plane pilots are themselves obsolete. Air France experimented a decade ago with auto pilot flown passenger planes running commuter routes with fairly few problems. AI development has come a long way since then. The USN was forced to allow some carrier launches of very limited IQ drones a couple of years ago and fought hard to block it. The drone test fights went smoothly and now behind the scenes fighting inside the Navy is what is blocking more financial support for the program. The fast path to Navy promotion is service as a plane jockey or a submarine crewman. If both jobs can be done by drones, how will folks get promoted? Much like the old army horse cavalry objecting to tanks and armored cars. The mission in the video you show me, no reason at all a drone plane couldn't have done the drop of the smaller drones, thereby not exposing a human to any risk. Well, one reason. Air Force pilot ego, The same fears as the Navy. How will we get promoted if no one is a pilot? LoL.

Drone war craft in land sea and air are a coming reality. Program the AI with an assignment and let it fly, swim or wheel away. If it is shot down there is no pilot to be taken POW or killed. It can take almost unlimited G forces and will therefore be vastly faster and more maneuverable than a human piloted opponent. It can make shoot, don't shoot decisions or react to a threat in a fraction of the time a human pilot can. The body mass of a human pilot and his/her life support equipment can be replaced with an equal mass of armament or fuel. It is amazing how much of the space inside a craft is taken up by human pilot or crew needs. Replace all that with an armored breadbox sized computer and the plane, boat or fighting vehicle can be much smaller too. Noting smaller also often means faster, which equates to harder to kill.
Ken, some interesting info, I fancy this Drone era.thumbs up

Money to be made with this getting expanding the way it is.

Some guys (maybe con artists) are selling franchises here that is supposed to include contracts etc. I guess the earlier one gets into it the better.
**Money to be made with this, at the rate its expanding.
Yes, Boston Dynamics was winning the DARPA (Defense Advance Research Projects) robot challenge, so Google purchased them. The winning military robot design team will be paid millions if our defense department chooses a winner (they may pick several). Here is a video showing some of the DARPA contestants from Boston Dynamics 2 years ago.

Luke, I thought I seen a Drone hovering at my window last night.

Was that you grin
Hey Wen. Nahhh wasnt me, I was too busy catching fish today.laugh thumbs up

Just wanted to add that this incident took place today. 18th January.
Luke, great video and remarkable. I hope they can keep cost down so they can be easily purchased it does save lives thumbs up
there's something droning around my head. How small do they make these things?.laugh

You think they can build one with night vision to patrol inside my home to zap flies in the day. and mosquitoes during the night. idea
recording Drones that fly and position themselves as programmed have indeed been made as tiny as a fly. Right now only a few organizations have them and they are very, very, expensive. So, if you want to really tick off someone spying on you with a nano-drone, smash it.. LoL

We can expect the cost of the micro nano drones to drop with new advances in crystalline manufacture and quantum electronics. One goal is to eventually develop one that can be used for medical exploration of sick people by injecting a few into a vein or artery.
Hi Ken, Ive heard of the camera 'capsule' one can swallow, and recover once it passes, but not yet of an 'injectable' drone.wow

Like the guy points out, its a 'quad copter'laugh handshake cheers

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