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Duran Duran Virus Music

Duran Duran: Virus

This song says a lot about how a virus can be to a person or how can effect them....

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Portishead Portishead SOS Music

Portishead: Portishead - SOS

Holding a sign-UP saying SOS Please someone help! i cannot be alone anymore!...

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Portishead Portishead Roseland New York 1998 Remastered using Artificial Intelligence Music

Portishead: Portishead Roseland New York 1998 - Remastered using Artificial Intelligence

The content of this post is being used for comment/educational and demonstrative purposes only. 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:52 Humming 00:07:00 Cowboys...

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Daniel Lanois: When You're Mine

When You're Mine Silver Lining - Silverlake Benefit Concert Paramour Estate 2001 Los Angeles...

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Creed Faceless man Music

Creed: Faceless man

Mankind in general...

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Muse: Sing for Absolution

I liked the video before I liked the song (watch until the very, very end). I mean, it's space, and time travel, and cyrogenic suspended animation, an...

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Bowling for soup 1985 Music

Bowling for soup: 1985

People actually feel this...

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Metro Station Shake it Music

Metro Station: Shake it

If you like this would you move like that...

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Lit My own worst enemy Music

Lit: My own worst enemy

If you love the 90s...

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The Pixies Where is my mind Music

The Pixies: Where is my mind

In deed where is it ?...

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The Breeders Cannonball Music

The Breeders: Cannonball

Second song on my iPod...

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Fountain of Wayne Radiation vibe Music

Fountain of Wayne: Radiation vibe

One of my purchases on apple ipod!!!...

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Mickey Avalon Jane Fonda Music

Mickey Avalon: Jane Fonda

1234 get your booty on the dance floor...

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The Chemical Brothers Devil in details Music

The Chemical Brothers: Devil in details

What do you say when messed up...

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The Chemical Brothers Let forever be Music

The Chemical Brothers: Let forever be

Vibe,bop, groove it's in the detail....

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Garbage 1 Crush Music

Garbage: #1 Crush

Music from Romeo & Juliet version ( 90s music)...

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Garbage Stupid Girl Music

Garbage: Stupid Girl

Now more than ever, it make sense!!!!...

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Garbage When I Grow Up Music

Garbage: When I Grow Up

She bad, and tough...

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Gorillaz Stylo Music

Gorillaz: Stylo

For Bruce Willis, get well!!!...

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The Smashing Pumpkins Tonight Tonight Music

The Smashing Pumpkins: Tonight Tonight

It just a classic,WHY WOULDN'T I SHARE THIS???...

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The smashing pumpkins 1979 Music

The smashing pumpkins: 1979

Everyone has to feel this way as teens !!!...

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Green Day She Music

Green Day: She

90s throw back....

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Passion Pit Sleepy Head Music

Passion Pit: Sleepy Head

How it feels, when you just want sleep....

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Moth I see sounds Music

Moth: I see sounds

Soft alternative rock banger....

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