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Heavy Metal Music (283)

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Bathory One Rode To Asa Bay Music

Bathory: One Rode To Asa Bay

Es el videoclip del tema publicado en el álbum "Hammerheart" en 1990. Bathory, que lleva el apellido de una infame condesa húngara del siglo XVI, fue...

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Tr By The Light Of Northern Star Music

Týr: By The Light Of Northern Star

Esta canción pertenece al álbum homónimo; obra publicada por la banda feroresa de folk metal progresivo (que lleva el nombre del dios manco nórdico de...

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Falkenbach Havamal Music

Falkenbach: Havamal

"Havamal" es un demo piblicado en 1995. Pertenece al proyecto musical de folk/viking metal Falkenbach, cuyo artista permanente es Markus Tümmers (n....

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I love this song im listening to it when im trying to sleep...

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Disturbed: The Sound Of Silence

I love this song.  I loved the original too though....

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OKeefe Music Foundation 46 and 2 by Tool Music

O'Keefe Music Foundation: 46 and 2 by Tool

This is probably one of the best covers of a 'Tool' song and it's done by a group of very talented kids. Rock on!...

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TooL Lateralus Music

TooL: Lateralus

My FAVOURITE band. Enlightened, conceptual, heavy, spine-tinglingly fierce yet loving lyricism, SOOO brilliantly produced..this band is tiiiight. Can'...

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Devin Townsend Project Deadhead Music

Devin Townsend Project.: Deadhead.

Hevy Devy, DTP, Strapping Young Lad, Steve Vai... Devin Townsend has created a niche market in metal, a genre he calls 'beauty', on account of the sy...

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Hawthorne Heights: Ohio is for Lovers

Heavy Metal and Soft Rock Combo - Headbanging Good!...

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Metallica Whiskey in the jar Music

Metallica: Whiskey in the jar

Woohoo!! Bring your whiskey...

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metallica halo on fire Music

metallica: halo on fire

I actually have this album on CD 2 Disc set apart I really like is when the singer mentions I fear to turn on the lights because the darkness won't go...

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metallica halo on fire Music

metallica: halo on fire

I actually have a copy in this is my favorite song because like the song says I fear to turn on the lights because the darkness just won't go away...

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Slipknot Duality Music

Slipknot: Duality

'Duality' from the album, Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)...

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In This Moment Oh Lord Music

In This Moment: Oh Lord

What a voice wow...

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Metalica Carpe Diem Baby Music

Metalica: Carpe Diem Baby

An interesting song, Not sure if you'll like it...

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Memphis May Fire Carry On Music

Memphis May Fire: Carry On

Love the message....

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Architects The Distant Blue Music

Architects: The Distant Blue

The lead singer has such a powerful voice. Australian bands rock when it comes to metalcore....

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Architects Naysayer Music

Architects: Naysayer

Love this band. Hope to see them in concert one day soon....

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Skyline Erra Music

Skyline: Erra

I find myself getting lost in this song. Beautiful song....

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Alive Wage War Music

Alive: Wage War

Metalcore type music. Love the energy....

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Make Them Suffer Ether Music

Make Them Suffer: Ether

I love the clean lyrics with screaming. Totally love the riffs!...

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Guns and Roses apetite for destruction Music

Guns and Roses: apetite for destruction

big band yes love there positive songs...

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Evanescence Evanescence Music

Evanescence: Evanescence

The band's music is still dark as you'd expect it to be but you will clearly hear that there is something different about it. It's unlike their previo...

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there's no dislikes when coming to Dimebag Darrell Abbott rest in peace...

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Running Wild The Rivalry Music

Running Wild: The Rivalry

One of the best German bands ever!...

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Iron Maiden Piece Of Mind Music

Iron Maiden: Piece Of Mind

Good band with very good songs...

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MetallicA And Justice For All Music

MetallicA: And Justice For All

Good songs from a good band...

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Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Music

Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath

This is my Bible Black Sabbath songs Ozzy is my Lord...

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Bullet For My Valentine Venom Music

Bullet For My Valentine: Venom

The only thing I don't like about this CD is the first track "V" it's just an intro and I'm not big on intros. Other than that...this f*cking CD rocks...

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Volbeat Outlaw Gentleman and Shady Ladies Music

Volbeat: Outlaw Gentleman and Shady Ladies

Heavy Metal meets country and western. Volbeat are from Denmark and originally started out in the death metal scene. Like their previous releases OGSH...

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Reign Blood Reign Blood Music

Reign-Blood: Reign-Blood

Teen-aged rebellion....

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45 Grave Sleep In Safety Music

45 Grave: Sleep In Safety

the movie Return of The Living Dead features music from this album...

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System Of A Down Mezmerize Hypnotize Music

System Of A Down: Mezmerize/Hypnotize

there 2 seperate CDs to me !!! i love them both!!!...

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Rob Zombie Past Present Future Music

Rob Zombie: Past, Present & Future

You have to respect this album...

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Distirbed The Sickness Music

Distirbed: The Sickness

There cover of Genesis's "Land of Confusion" is bloody marvelous...And that album cover has raised more than a few eyebrows...... Regards...A...

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Slipknot Slipknot Music

Slipknot: Slipknot

An amazing album by my favourite band...

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Dead by April Dead by April Music

Dead by April: Dead by April

The album is addictive I can listen to it over and over again and not get bored.. amazing Swedish talent!...

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Within Temptation Hydra Music

Within Temptation: Hydra

The latest album from Within Temptation is just amazing and we get treated to duets with Tarja Turunen, Howard Jones and Xzibit.. yes Xzibit and that...

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Kamelot Silverthorn Music

Kamelot: Silverthorn

Amazing new album with their newest singer.. I love Song for Jolee the best.. but Sacrimony is a close second....

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UNHERZ Die Wahrheit Liegt Dazwischen Music

UNHERZ: Die Wahrheit Liegt Dazwischen

Hello How do you put music into it. Please tell me. thank....

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Pantera Vulgar Display of Power Music

Pantera: Vulgar Display of Power

I was taken aback to see this album was not in the list. Basically the most important Metal album of the 90' me anyway hehe. What is on the c...

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Manowar kings of Metal Music

Manowar: kings of Metal

Hail to the Kings!...

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