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Singer of the Chalice Card: Higher Love

Unless you have been there... Overflowing Heart We Are One We Are All We Are Guided...

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Love: Folder

Relax and love yourself first....

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Me Peter John Bosse Hello Music

Me Peter John Bosse: Hello

performed by me...

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Marc Dupr and Stella Dupr You AreThe Reason Music

Marc Dupré and Stella Dupré: You AreThe Reason

Amazing and great duo singing song: The father (Marc Dupré) with his daughter (Stella Dupré)...

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Ray Lamontagne: Such A Simple Thing

Beautiful melody awesome vocals :)...

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Ray Lamontagne: Such A Simple Thing

Beautiful melody awesome vocals :)...

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Nora jones Forever young Music

Nora jones: Forever young

Classic cover of bob dylan...

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Yellow Brick: Super Deep Meditation

Relaxing meditaion music to aid sleep...

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Extreme: More than words

Brought back lots of early teen memories with my first girlfriend...

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Fby Under the Sea Music

Fby: Under the Sea

released in Paris, 1996...

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Gheorghe Zamfir James Last The Lonely Shepherd Music

Gheorghe Zamfir & James: Last The Lonely Shepherd

Gheorghe Zamfir - a Romanian musician Live in London 1978...

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Rhodes: Your Soul

I looooove this band...

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Rhodes: What If Love

What if Love is a feeling to believe in ?...

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Troy M Colost Music

Troy M: Colost

Recorded at home...

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Cafe Del Mar Easter Song A man called Adam Music

Cafe Del Mar: Easter Song ( A man called Adam)

A man called Adam, well maybe I am looking for my 'Adam' someone who can bring me back to life :-)...

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Susan McCann Susan McCann When The Sun Says Goodbye The Mountains Music

? Susan McCann: Susan McCann ~ "When The Sun Says Goodbye The Mountains

Susan McCann ~ "When The Sun Says Goodbye The Mountains...

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Michael Buble: You will never find

That elusive one...hopeless romantic...

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Katherine McPhee: Terrified

Love this relays about trying one more time...

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The XX Intro Music

The XX: Intro

Ambient. Metaphysical, mystical, spiritual, transcendental....

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Rag n Bone Man Only Human Music

Rag n Bone Man: Only Human

Awesom Lyrics........

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John Legend All of Me Music

John Legend: All of Me....

It's a Love Love Potion #9 needed ......

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Sade The Best Of Sade Music

Sade: The Best Of Sade

The most best & beautiful singer have seen never ......

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Patricia Kaas Jeremy Irons If You Go Away Category Music

Patricia Kaas & Jeremy Irons: If You Go Away Category

movie - Ladies and Gentleman (2002)...

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The Album Leaf Always for You Music

The Album Leaf: Always for You

Is this song about you...?...

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RUSH Xanadu Music

RUSH: Xanadu

To seek the sacred river Alf.....

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Beck Farewell Ride Music

Beck: Farewell Ride

Some need diamonds... some need love......

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Beck Go It Alone Music

Beck: Go It Alone

Sometimes you gotta go alone...

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The Who Sunrise Music

The Who: Sunrise

Early Townsend...

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Gregorian Masters Of Chant Music

Gregorian: Masters Of Chant

Easy to listen to...

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Enigma MCMXC A D Music

Enigma: MCMXC A.D.

Excellent music...

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bernardo sassetti: trio motion

history of a love, sound theme...

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Washed Out life of leisures Music

Washed Out: life of leisures

Relaxation beach music...

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Ellie Goulding love me like you do Love Me Like You Do Music

Ellie Goulding love me like you do: Love Me Like You Do

I posted the music video from you tube some people like to listen to it. Your welcome....

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Enigma Mcmxc A D by Enigma 1992 Music

Enigma: Mcmxc A.D. by Enigma (1992)

All I can say is if you're a fan of Enigma, we should discuss over coffee. Most guys didn't like Enigma when it first hit the radio waves, but I could...

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