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Elton John Daniel Music

Elton John: Daniel

This song has so many emotions. It is also can remind you of a lot different kinds of things happens in life...

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George Harliono Rachmaninov Concerto no 2 In C minor Music

George Harliono # Rachmaninov: Concerto no 2 In C minor

Pianis George Harliono Concerto no 2 in C minor (3rd movement ) #Sergei Rachmaninov Conductor Valery Gergiev with Mariinsky Theater Orchestra...

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Elton John Nikita Music

Elton John: Nikita

This song is dedicated to my greatest crush....A Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Justin Trudeau, whom i will not be able to see or meet him in person be...

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Elton John Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word Music

Elton John: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Why is it so hard for people to say am sorry? Why is it painful to express what is in your heart? Say it everytime you have opportunity. Regret sti...

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Schubert Serenade Music

Schubert: Serenade

Love this song, so beautiful and relaxing. Enjoy the beauty .........

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Joe Hisaishi Merry Go Round of Life Music

Joe Hisaishi: Merry Go Round of Life

Merry go round of Life Composed by Joe Hisaishi & Hayao Miyazaki OST of film How'l moving castle #Studio Ghibli Joe Hisaishi and London Philharm...

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Ernestina, orchestra, and chorus: Songs my mother taught me.

Mothers day celebratiin is coming up soon for many. For me, it is everyday........

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Elton John Skyline Pigeon Music

Elton John: Skyline Pigeon

This song is dedicated to married people who wants to get away from their relationship. Because they found someone better....I suppose One fan of Elt...

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Elton John Your Song Music

Elton John: Your Song

There are many forms of love in this world. If I were a singer like Sarah Geronimo and Elton John I would sing for you If I were a song writer li...

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Elton John Sacrifice Music

Elton John: Sacrifice

This is the song that encourage us to make sacrifice for mutual happiness. You can never have a successful relationship without sacrifice. Simple wor...

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Elton John We Are Fall In Love Sometimes Music

Elton John: We Are Fall In Love Sometimes

Sometimes falling in love is accidental. It just happened when you least expected. I fall in love to someone. Never i will not forget him, he is happ...

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Jonathan Ostlund Nocturnia Etheral Nights Ascendance Music

Jonathan Ostlund: Nocturnia - Etheral Night's Ascendance

piece for Symphony Orchestra, Chorus, and Piano Obligato, recorded at Mosfilm, Moscow - featured on my album 'Mistral'...

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Jonathan Ostlund Sonata for Cello Piano Night struck mvt II Music

Jonathan Ostlund: Sonata for Cello & Piano 'Night-struck', mvt. II

featured on my first (double) album; 'Lunaris'...

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The Piano Guys Fight Song Music

The Piano Guys: Fight Song

Just relax and vibe...

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The Piano Guys The Cello Song Music

The Piano Guys: The Cello Song

Makes you appreciate Bach ....

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Kishori Amonkar Aaj sajan sang milan Music

Kishori Amonkar: Aaj sajan sang milan

The song moves my heart whenever I tune it....

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Kumar Gandharv Rinanubandhya Music

Kumar Gandharv: Rinanubandhya

A Marathi classical song by legendary Kumar Gandharv...

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Jaswindar singh Ibtadaye ishq hai Music

Jaswindar singh: Ibtadaye ishq hai

A ghazal of late 17th century Urdu poet Meer Taqi Meer...

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Abida parveen Tujh lab ki sifat Music

Abida parveen: Tujh lab ki sifat

Ghazal of 15 century Urdu poet Wali Dakni sung by Abida Parween...

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Kishori Amonkar Sahela Re Music

Kishori Amonkar: Sahela Re

Thumri teen taal...

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Chhaya ganguli Ye roj roj Music

Chhaya ganguli: Ye roj roj

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Abida parveen Man laago Music

Abida parveen: Man laago

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Michael Jackson Heal The World Music

Michael Jackson: Heal The World

This peaceful song is relevant till the whole world becomes a better place for everyone. We don't want any war. Let's spread love, peace, and unity w...

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John Williams: Sevilla (composed by Isaac Albeniz)

Sevilla is a key composition of the Suite Espagnole, composed by Isaac Albeniz (on piano). Played by John Williams on classical guitar, it gets that...

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NewSong When God Made You Music

NewSong: When God Made You

This song is dedicated to all CS members who found their love. May God bless and guide both of you in your relationship. Mark 10:9 Therefore what Go...

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John Williams: Asturias - leyenda

Classical spanish guitar, composed by Isaac Albéniz. An enchanting performance of one of the highlights of spanish guitar music. I'm sorry I nee...

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Il Divo: O Holy night

When I thought, you are here for ever; so sad, so endless sad that we lost you Carlos but so grateful that we got you. Missing you very much on earth....

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UTTERLYTRUTHFULL 1st Piano Concerto Music

UTTERLYTRUTHFULL: 1st Piano Concerto

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra...

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keith perreur lloyd 1st Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Music

keith perreur-lloyd: 1st Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

for HEADPHONES ONLY! All comments welcomed........

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George Benson Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You Music

George Benson: Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

To my eternity, My heart beats only for you. I tried to chat/ mingle another man but my heart is refusing and i'm bleeding inside. I wish i could tel...

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George Harliono The Little Prince Music

George Harliono: The Little Prince

'The Little Prince' Composed by Michail Tariverdiev A Soviet Film Composer Arrange by George Harliono...

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royal scots dragoon guards aud lang syne Music

royal scots dragoon guards: aud lang syne

like the majesty or heartfelt emotion of bagpipes (in small doses). have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year now and for all time.........

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Michael Johnson Ill Always Love You Music

Michael Johnson: I'll Always Love You

All things happened for a reason. Thanks for the memories. It was once in a life time happiness with you. I'll never regret that i met you. You are al...

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Carlos Gardel Por una cabeza Scent of a Woman Tango Music

Carlos Gardel: Por una cabeza (Scent of a Woman Tango)

Message for guys- Let this music be your guide to love making technique. Just do what the music tells you to do and no woman will be able to resist y...

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Colin Blunstone Miles Away Music

Colin Blunstone: Miles Away

Even though we are separated, he always on my mind and in my heart....forever i miss him I hope he doesn't see this...

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Enya May It Be Music

Enya: May It Be

Traveler33MB, this is my favorite Enya song from the ' Lord of the Rings ' movie...her voice is just so incredible...if you haven't seen this movie, y...

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