Perfect gifts – a week to go –

There was a joke suggestion on FB re the perfect Christmas gift for writers so naturally I re-posted it on the spot but it got me thinking. Perfect gifts cost the giver nothing but time and a bit of thought, and delight the receiver.

What else qualifies as a perfect gift? A bunch of wild flowers is the only other one I can think of. Nice but a bit – boring. There have to be other things in this crass commercial world which have no cash price yet are priceless. When we were kids, hell, easy – parents finding time to play a game of our choosing with us was the best gift of all.

Tough to work out what someone else would like. Perhaps there’s something real and achievable you’d really prefer to a pair of socks or another woolly or silky scarf for your collection. If you could share, that’ll give us all ideas

And yeah the grownup version of ‘finding time to play with us’ would go down well but not all of us have someone to oblige sigh

rolling on the floor laughing

Off to school, where a good rating from a student means a bonus for me, so I’m sorted with my wish for today . . .
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2012 - the year the world didn't end

Remember when we were being told the world would end on December 21, 2012? .

I'm glad it didn't. The last 6 years have been much more interesting than I expected when I was resigned to just possibly dying horribly in 2012.
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In the alphabet soup of life, I pick aitch

How weird is the alphabet? A J and K sound alike (unless you are a Scot – they say jiy, not jay)
B C D G P T V sound alike – and if you are American, Z joins that bunch
E L M N S X sound alike
I J (Sottish) and Y sound alike
Q U W are linked

O, R and Z (English) stand alone but none are so utterly odd as H.
In English, it is aitch confused
In Spanish, hache – you might think hash, like cache? oh no. You say it, uh-cheh. wow

As an utterly odd person (out and proud), I’m looking for another H. Hopefully a hero not a heel.

Since J and Z have alternate pronunciations maybe other letters do in your version of English - maybe even H folds quietly into the mix as a simple he. But I suspect H is always the one which sneaked in from galaxies far far away. I mean, look at it. It's just - different.

And ..... continuing to learn the Spanish alphabet. As you were.
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First phrases

Can we be serious a minute?

Aye that'll be right rolling on the floor laughing

But no, seriously. If you are going somewhere they speak a different language, what are the most useful phrases to try to learn beforehand? (like - "where is the (whatever) and please point as I don't speak your language")

Weirdest phrase I ever saw in a phrase book was "please open the window". It was weird because it was in the airplane section of the book. dunno I would have thought "stop trying to open the window or I will call the stewardess very mad" would have been more useful.
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The god of Christmas shopping

A speaker invited to a school to talk about the meaning of Christmas instead went rogue and told the kids – some as young as 4 – that Santa doesn’t exist and then handed out chocolate Santas for them to smash up.


Parents have rushed to assure their shattered kids that the nasty crazy Christian was lying and Santa DOES exist and is the reason for Christmas.

Yikes, how embarrassing it would be to admit the pile of prezzies came out of hard-earned cash (or credit card debt) from Mommy and / or Daddy and aren’t freebies from an elf-factory at the North pole!

How much of your Christmas this year depends on the existence of Santa, a commercial entity created to build greed in children, guilt in parents, AND teach us to lie through our teeth to our young to protect a consumer icon?

THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE AN ANGRY BLOG AND PLEASE, IT IS NOT RELIGIOUS. This is SANTA talk, okay? rolling on the floor laughing The question, if any, is how big a role does the god of Christmas shopping have in your Christmas, and has anyone noticed a difference from childhood to now in the size of his role?
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You've changed

Every serious relationship you were ever in, changed you. Men change for women and yes, women really do change for men.

Did you keep the changes or shed them with relief when the relationship ended?


the end is nigh

Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first send mad. This is not an entertaining link. It is deeply disturbing and could hurt your brain. You shouldn't watch it.

These televangelists have jumped onto the Trump bandwagon with just as much enthusiasm as those who making a living and a following being hostile to him. wow so the blog is not about being for Trump or against him - it is about going mad. I had no idea how close we were to the end of days until I saw the link on Facebook. I can't find it on youtube and I have no idea whether you can open it without already having Facebook - hopefully it is public viewing. It was posted as funny, but it isn't, because they do have followers.

I'm closing comments, for once, because I am one of those bloggers who responds to comments and in this case I really don't want to know who thinks I am wrong. The blog is instead more of a sharing of my WTF shock. Normal service will be resumed when I blog again.

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tenant or home-owner? does it make a difference?

Some people rent all their lives, and some buy as soon as they can scrape up a deposit

Some tenants would like to buy but only if they found the perfect place.
Some buyers regret buying and sell even at a loss to get out of a bad property.

Some tenants are careful, paint and decorate and keep their place immaculate, with constant small improvements - if there is a garden, it is kept in perfect order. They'd be devastated if they were given notice to leave.

Some tenants don't do a thing to the place, not theirs so why bother? When it gets too much of a mess they can move on at any time

Some tenants are actively destructive - they should care, the most they lose is the deposit, right? They flit and disappear having near destroyed the place

Some owners, true, true, are also pretty lazy and neglect the property

If this was on a single's profile, I'd find it interesting to see how a careful responsible tenant, versus the owner of a ramshackle ruin, works out romantically - whether a tenant by choice, or an owner by preference, is more stable in a relationship

I have no idea how that works out, by the way. The countries I have lived in, most people are home-owners, and I know in other countries most people have to be tenants, so my research is very restricted! A guy living in a cardboard box under a bridge is likely not a great prospect on so many levels anyway

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Proverbs sayings prayers personal marches to get your teeth into

The serenity prayer - nicely short and to the point - God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

I originally had the unknown nun's prayer as first comment and it seems no matter how often I read it I still can't learn from it so I deleted it snooty

Anyway this blog is more about truisms, proverbs, sayings that strike home, I hope you will add yours.

My personal mission statement is simple - "You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should go do them" - and I do keep to it.
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Father's rights to their children

Okay contentious issue, but I think the whole rights thing has gone a step too far now.

A woman made pregnant at 14 by the rapist ringleader of a paedophile gang has told how a council paved the way for her rapist to be involved in her son's life. Grooming gang victim Sammy Woodhouse, now 33, said Rotherham rapist Arshid Hussain has been offered the chance to seek visits.

Hussain was jailed for 35 years in 2016 after Sheffield Crown Court heard how he, his two brothers and three others groomed, raped, beat and forced more than a dozen young girls into prostitution.

He has, apparently, shown no interest but if rapists are given parental rights over the children they fathered in the process of rape - without the mother having any say in the matter - seriously?

Those who believe however a child is conceived, it has the right to life and abortion is never an option, I'd be particularly interested in your opinions. The mother is still single and may, for all I know, still be a prostitute - the article didn't say, but it could be hard to break out of such a violent introduction to adulthood. The son, now a teenager and living in care, was initially when approached quite keen to see his father in jail but has since decided he doesn't want anything to do with any of his family. The father is serving time for his role in ruining a dozen and more teenage lives. Happy families.

If the rapist was remorseful and seeking out ways to make amends to the child he forced into the world -
If the teenager had been wanting the right to meet or know about his father -
If the mother had even known this was being promoted by the council -

I know with adoption the usual course is children can tell the authorities they would be interested in tracing either parent, and if either parent also tells the authorities they want to trace the child, we have a match.

But this was orchestrated by the nanny state. What next? Force them to meet? Trying to get my head around this.

The mother is terribly upset and trying to block this going forward for all women forced into motherhood by rape. The son is, I'm guessing, pretty conflicted. The father will be out of jail long before the 35 years is up, jail sentences being what they are, and probably has a wee tribe of offspring with very mixed feelings about Papa.
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Sometimes it isn't worth reporting a crime. Wow.

Man walks into police station: Hello, I’d like to report a mugging.

OFFICER: A mugging, eh? Where did it take place?

MAN: I was walking by 21st and Dundritch Street and a man pulled a gun on me and said ‘give me all your money.’

OFFICER: and did you?

MAN: yes, I co-operated

OFFICER: so you willingly gave the man your money without fighting back, calling for help, or trying to escape?

MAN: well yes, but I was terrified. I thought he was going to kill me!

OFFICER: Mmmm. But you did co-cooperate. Are you a philanthropist?

MAN: I give to charity, yes

OFFICER: so you like to give money away. You make a habit of giving money away

MAN: what does that have to do with this?

OFFICER: you knowingly walked down Dundritch Street, wearing a suit and looking prosperous, like a man who gives away money, AND you didn’t fight back. It sounds like you donated the money and are having post-donation regret. Do you really want to ruin his life because of your regret?

MAN: This is ridiculous!


True story. Oh, except that it wasn’t a man, it was a woman. And it wasn’t a mugging, it was a rape. Same difference, right? Crime is crime.
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Like him back - N/A ???

This is the second time I've had a 'like' from someone who is still online but instead of the option of 'like him back' CS says N/A - confused

It's not that I would, he is in his 30s and obviously pressing 'like' at random - he isn't even in Europe - but it puzzled me. Anyone know what that's about?
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