The Same Old Story

Looking in this morning filled me with melancholic nostalgia and reminded me of an incident many years ago when my father paid a surprise visit while I was a second year student.professor

I was breaking every single rule of the hostel with a KFC take-away, a bottle of cheap wine and a girl in my room. Luckily my roommate - who promised to occupy himself elsewhere for a while - saw my father arriving and came to warn me. I shoved the wine and the food into the flustered girl’s arms and told her to disappear out through the back where I brought her in. I rushed down the stairs to intercept my father to give her a chance to get away.hole

“I did not expect you,” I said and he said that he wanted to surprise me. Well, he certainly did that but for some reason it felt more than a disturbance.mumbling

“The same old staircase,” my father said, reminding me for the umpteenth time that he studied at the same institution and lived in the same hostel when he was my age. “The same old rooms,” he said as we entered my room. By that time he had tears in his eyes. “The same old wardrobes,” he continued as he opened the wardrobe. To my consternation it revealed an embarrassed girl standing there with disheveled hair; a bottle of wine and a KFC box in her

“She… She just came to fetch a book,” I managed to say.blushing

My father looked at me with something immeasurable in his eyes and with a long sigh said: “And the same old excuse.” doh

So now I come here ascending the familiar old stairs and walking the haunted passages of CS; heading straight for the blogs. I observe a lot of new faces, a lot of missing faces and even more of the old faces. grin

And I say to myself, what a wonderful… Shit no! Still the same old… what! I don’t know but somehow it is still the same old … uh… whatever.dunno

But it is great seeing you guys again. reunion
cats meow cats meow
Have a wonderful daywave
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banana banana banana carfoot and you too, great seeing you. Yep same old same old on cs steps too laugh

Hope life has been treating you good and you stay around awhile. So good to see old faces again and old feet on cs staircase, your only after a book after all hug teddybear
Hi Red,
Yes, just a book and it's not even about anatomy either.rolling on the floor laughing
wine wave
Well do not read what you already know about laugh laugh but do not pick and run stay around whilst you read the Karma Sutra rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Hmm, some of those quote make one think. It is such a pity that that too is now being commercialized.sigh
Oh well mine was a joke. laugh laugh I have never read the book passed 1st chapter grin and just knew I could not get my leg around my neck laugh laugh laugh
What!? Why not? Are you getting to old for that now. rolling on the floor laughing
@ Catfoot - wave .... The more things change, the more they stay the same..... conversing

Great to see you haven't lost all your lives yet, mate...... cats meow

...... grin cheers
Hi Hans,
Howzit mate!. Good to see ya too.
cheers wave
@ Catfoot - wave ...... I'm fine mate, great to still see you around....... The one that calls you 'furryfoot is still here too..... sure she will make an appearance when she wakes up..... cheering

.... conversing grin cheers
Hi Hans,
Yes, I saw her when I looked through the blogs. It's a pity she does not like cats.laugh
Catfooooooooooooooooottttt!!!! reunion

I was looking all over for you blues
Hi Mimi
wow But I was here with me all the time.devil laugh
wine hug
rolling on the floor laughing

Whatever you’re making for lunch, make it two please? grin
I'm defrosting some fish.I'll make enough for two. If you don't claim yours within the next six hours I'll eat it for supper.snooty
It's always a good story when history repeats itself generational.
Oh! I won't say looking at you same old or what ever. You always are a breath of fresh air.

How are you young man? Hope life has treated you well. bouquet hug
Hi LaFonda,
Indeed! Especially when your professor was your father's roommate.mumbling
wine wave
Where’s MiMi’s fish?!?!? yay
No special recipe. I merely spice it and grill it. Normally on charcoal but today in the oven. It is too unpleasant outside.

The fish is a Red Roman and we have them in abundance and they are easy to catch if you're at the right place.
Embedded image from another site
Catfoot, which part of the fish is the best?
Hi Bob,

Your looking good,nice to see
You have two hours before I foreclose on the deal.laugh

Some people say the stomach (middle part) is best but I prefer the firm meat of the tail. My mother was crazy about the head but I don't have all that patience. I put it in the same category as crayfish heads and chicken feet - too much trouble for too little meat.doh
Hi Capri.
Thank you and you look even better. Gosh. if you were closer...
wine hug
So nice to see you Cat! What happened with the girl?
when she wakes up Hans doh
keep implying I'm a lazy bones and I'll be having you on that magic coffee table of yours scold

wonderful seeing you FurryFoot hug
loved your " same old story" loved how your dad replied to you " same old excuse" perfect thumbs up

Now I know who you got your way with words from ....
as for not liking cats, new or old for you I'll always find an excuse bouquet
Hi Lucy
Oh nothing. My old man was quite nice about it. He told her to get out of the wardrobe as it is too dark to read in there. Then he had a glass of wine with us and gave us money for the movies before he left us in peace.thumbs up
wine hug
Ooooh Itchy,
You should not say such things, My heart is pumping custard. blushing
wine hug
The best part of the fish are them cheeks! smitten MiMi would be vying for them whenever steamed fish is being served.

My late maternal grandma was a Hakka ( one of the major groups of varieties in Chinese ) and it was our family custom to serve her the fish head.

We save fish heads for the elders to respect their status and fish eye for school going children so that they will be clever grin

To be honest, I’ve eaten my fair share of fish eyes and all I can say, MiMi is none the wiser help
As children we fought about the eyes but that was when last I ate a fish eye - or a fish head for that matter.

I don't eat cooked or steamed fish. It must be grilled (preferably) or fried.
wine hug
If fish eyes made people wiser, I would have been one of three men paying tribute to a boy in a manger before I was sixteen.doh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
wine hug
I love almost all types of fish, cooked in all types of method. I love stingray! Especially when grilled. Yummy!

MiMi loves loves loves steamed garoupa ( grouper ) smitten
Cat, wave

Hope you are doing well cheers
I just googled your garoupa and quite frankly, if I should catch one over her I'd throw it back. I'd be too scared to eat it as it looks very much like the poisonous puffers we get here,hole
wine hug
Howzit Boggie.
You must give me the name of your plastic quack. every time I see you you look younger.devil
cheers wave
Thanks Cat, i might start a company selling anti aging products.laugh

how is life treating you?
Hi boggie
Life is treating me just fine. It is death that sneak around that worries me. Not my own but those of other people around me who are my age. At this rate I will run out of company soon.uh oh
cheers wave
Catfoot, garoupas are highly prized here! Very expensive fish but one of the finest.
Bogart applause

I want some of the anti-aging products too coz my Arty might trade me in for a newer model help
I saw some cooked specimens and it looks delicious but I wont prepare it. I'd be too scared that it be its poisonous cousin.doh
wine hug
Oh c’mon Catfoot!!! I’ve been eating garoupa my whole life!!! roll eyes
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