here is a "trippy" thought

Just something that crossed my mind...what if the internet itself is like a form of AI and it is...well, I won't say controlling us, but maybe has some control over us.

Think about how much it influences us in our lives.
If you think about it, it is sort of bringing us into an alternative reality.
Perhaps even controlled by some sort of artificial intelligence....if you consider how many bots they claim are on Twitter.
Gradually, we are being taken away from the scent of a flower, a view of a river listen to podcasts, check our social media accounts....addicted to our phones.

We are becoming immersed. We own nothing...and are happy.

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I saw an episode of the X files, once where the Internet developed a consciousness, and became "self aware" after this it because malicious. It made me really think actually..
Well we are in a way controlled from birth, first by parents, then in schooling, then friends and culture around us.

We can then think for ourselves with info we have gathered so now its internet tech stuff glad i am the age i am before all that takes over laugh i will be gone applause applause
Mulder and Scully, were on the case, and managed to stop the thing. Will this be possible in the future. AI has gone ahead in leaps and bounds, but is a long way from being "self aware". If this were to happen, then it would probably be too late for Mankind... professor
Will this be possible in the future?(see above)..
Johnny, good morning wave

There's no question that AI had been in operation with us for a very long time. If you read my blog about AI as I have been reading about it for quite a while. We're all part Android now according to Elon Musk. Anyone who has a gadget and operates it , is part of this phenomenal change in our set up on this earth.

When the banks utilized self transactions in our accounts without any human help, that's a full AI in operation. Same thing with grocery checkers.

Anyways Musk said that in five years we're going to be in a full blown AI world.

The time line on the scientists that'd been working on this project says 20 years but Musk's credibility to me far outweighs them.

The self driving car is in function now and it's just a matter of time when we'll be completely under this direction.

Johnny, you've been doing a lot of thinking lately. thumbs up
What's going to happen when we can communicate with each other without even opening our mouth? That little chip implanted in the brain that will gives us the ability to converse with each other mentally from great distances. Just imagine!... Being at the bar and she'll be able to nag you to death about "When are you coming home!!!? " You must care about your buddies more than you care about me bla bla bla! I mean, how can you even sit there and enjoy your beer with that going on inside your head? Scary stuff huh?cheers
If you are aware of the pop chart, range series...and find it too trippy..( id est, the further musings of bob.

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LCBR, I cannot see where that is not actually a possible thing that could very well happen...or is happening.

Hello EX,

Good points. Technically, yes we have been "formed" since birth.

Hopefully, if the internet is just the next phase, hopefully it is a positive thing.

LCBR, I think it could become conscious of itself. If not, programmed to the point to achieve some hidden agendas.
Hello SR,

I have watched many interviews of Musk and he appears to me gets a little over ambition when it comes to time lines. However, I think he might be more right than the prediction of 20 years. They say technology advances exponentially...and given where we are today...I can see us advancing rather rapidly into a completely AI operated world.

laugh Loh....well, hopefully it we get to that stage....there literally is a "tune-out" knob. laugh

But...interesting concept though. I am one who thinks that telepathy is indeed a real thing. I don't think everyone has the ability to hone in on using it or communicating with it, but I do think there might be certain individuals that might.

AB....very interesting Youtube. Thanks to you, I have just discovered. I will be checking some out. thumbs up

Being careful of course....not to close my mind to perhaps other possibilies....dunno

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