Traits of a high value man...

According to the podcaster I listen to...

What are some traits that make a high value man?

...of course, everything is dependent on one's age and living location. (some living locations have different cost of living)

1. high economic wealth...making 6 figures for about 5 years in a row.

2. your image...which leads into a man's attitude

3. your material possessions.

4. you have to be accepted among other high value men.

5. you have little time available.

Now, only a very small percent of men qualify as high give you an idea, it is only the top 1 to 2%. So a man can be of higher value (which would mean there are some variations in the list)...but only very few men will achieve a top high value status.

In my opinion, this is valuable for both men and women to know and understand.

For men....these are traits that others value...and yourself may value.
For women...high value men are rare...and if you are holding out for one, you may remain single for life.

What do you think?

Happy almost Friday all.

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If anyone wants to know the traits of a high value man you needn't look any further than meteddybear
congratulations Snook. thumbs up

so your other blog about the traits of a low value woman, the acronym is


And for this blog, the traits of a high value man, the acronym is


As in getting Hyyyy? drinking smoking

Hello Ray,

That is an interesting list you provide...and by definition, they would fit that high-value standard.

Either there might need to be some refinement to what high-value entails, or people who value these traits might want to revaluate what they are attracted to.


Thanks for that Ray.
laugh Robert....

This high value list does not have any special meaning...these are just some of the traits that I recalled the podcaster talking about.

Maybe there should be an easy to remember acronym for the high value as in hy. smoking

RBRT! thumbs up cheers YYYYHHHYHYYYY Hydrogen car? LOL

Hi Johnny. So are those things listed good traits, what does thos bring you, ehmmm.. wimmen?
Hello Grand,

I am assuming that these are traits that women value in a man.

Hello Jac,

Women are hypergamous...meaning they are always looking for somebody of higher value.

Yes, a woman might go for somebody of lower value but if they can trade up for somebody of higher value, they are game.

That is why men need to become as high value as possible.

With feminism, men need to be more masculine and higher value than they ever have been.

The old saying to a man is...."she is not yours, it is just your turn."

Hello Friend...

Very true. I am assuming that if he is accepted by other men of high value, his mental stability is in place...but perhaps not. Thank you for that important inclusion.

The complication of that dynamic gets even more worse than I just mentioned....

To each their own and I appreciate you comment.

Thank you for sharing it.


I am going to tell you what I will do for you.

I am going to allow you to comment on any and all of my blogs all you want.

...which from what I much better than some other would even allow you to do.

I do respect some of the comments you makes...while the other ones, I will not even waste my time responding to them.

Thank you for your insightful non-biased comments. I look forward to more of them.

Here is the butter
I wish that were not the case...I wish I could have any super model I wish to have on any certain day. But, it don't work that way.
Thankfully though....many of these traits that people in general value....are things that cannot be improved upon by the individual.
oops.....*can be improved upon. laugh
Shawn thumbs up


No, traits of some men, not all!
I don't know what the hail my comment about shorts has to do with your blog subject matter.
Err, just thought I'd tell about the high cost of shorts - for some reason. dunno
lol Shawn,

I think it was the area this store was in. Yikes! wow
watch this educational video. It may help in assessing what some guys may go through at times.

First I read there's shrinkage of available high value men,1-2% and now Robert tells us it still shrinking....rolling on the floor laughing

"I don't make the rules. I don't necessarily agree with the rules, but I am just sharing the current trend rules as they are being shared with me."

What rules? I'm not a trend follower.
A little he said-she said from a rural married couple vs a non-married person

And then

I want to thank those who were as candid about their past and this couple is.

And what I'd like to say might about applies here,literally at CS...
Don't put the cart before the horse- date,maybe step back and regroup and date again.
Don't expect to change each other rather both will be changing over the years,so go with the change.
I do realize Johnny that these very different lifestyles should not be compared and your podcaster has valid points about dating mostly younger women and their expectations to get their needs met.
PattycakesXO: And what I'd like to say might about applies here,literally at CS...
Don't put the cart before the horse- date,maybe step back and regroup and date again.

Don't put the cart before the horse?
Yeah well, that's easier done that said. Sheesh! doh

Or something like that.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Thanks for telling us you are not a high value man. rolling on the floor laughing

I am a hi value man. I'll have you know that I invest in alumimum cans and plastic bottles.
And and and ladies that know me, say I'm a true gentleman.. not crazy or rude or off the wall.. err well, depends on which ladies you ask. grin
rolling on the floor laughing Robert....thumbs up
Dio....rules of high value

In fact Dio, believe it or not...women in general are responsible for these rules.

If you recall, before feminism, women were a mystery.

Now after feminism, women are no longer so mysterious.

Hello Patti,

I just watched the videos...and I must say they are amazing. Thank you for sharing them.

thumbs up

I think their advice would fit in any relationship, young or old.
"In fact Dio, believe it or not...women in general are responsible for these rules."

Johnny, I do believe that, I never shy away from the truth. Some women are responsible for this mess of bitter distrust, disrespect, dishonesty, 'dis' everything between men and women. Which is really sad.
But who's gonna fix it?
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