Weird pop-up message on computer

I was recently on Skype....the first time in many years. I had to download the program and make a new account. Anyway, after a few days of using it, it froze up on me. I had to restart my computer and when it was restarted, a pop-up box came up saying that another computer with the same ISP was connected.

I wrote down the exact message....but I cannot find it right now. I decided to uninstall Skype and the box has not popped up since. Is this anything to be concerned about? I am technology stupid. :(

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"Do It Again Johnny"

"And Use Another Name"......................detective
Nam, I think I am done with Skype for now.
"Then I Guess That"

This is The End Of This Blog"..rolling on the floor laughing .............detective
laugh Nam.
"It Possibly.............. Couldve Been"

"Those Skype Zombies"

"Theyre Been Known.... To Wreak Havoc"

"On Guys Named Johnny"..rolling on the floor laughing ............detective

I did do some research on the dangers of Skype, and there are many ways of your computer getting hacked. I am curious if somebody else had something similar happen to them...and is there any cause for concern with seeing such a message?

But, I do like the zombie explanation. That makes me rest a bit easier. lol
"This Johnny?".............................."Is An Actual Picture".............................Of A Skype Zombie"

rolling on the floor laughing Nam. Now that you show that guy, he looks familiar. confused rolling on the floor laughing
"How Can Somebody Forget"

"A Weird Pop Up Message So Fast?"

"Are You Sure You"

"Havnt Been At That Bottle Again?"......laugh ............detective
Skype used to be wonderful. Since it was bought by Microsoft and they have changed it, it is not.
Nam, anything is possible. Maybe I have old-timers. wave
Thanks for the information Sabre.

"Okay Johnny Boy"

"Got To Get Back"

"To My.... "Ramblin" .....Now"

"Dont Try To Swim Up The Stairs Anymore"

"After Your Night Out..... On The Town"..rolling on the floor laughing ..............detective
Good advice Nam. laugh Take care Nam and nice to see ya.
Hey Johnny,

Lots of things can happen with apps. The good thing is, there are many options, alternatives available. I know the I-phone has that FaceTime, and there are many other alternatives to Skype and other such apps. Hope you find one that works for you, and if you stayed with Skype, hope you got the problem resolved.

Have a cool fun day. cheers
I am computer high idiot. But skype very easy is. Register only wave
@ Sparton,

I guess the real question here is whether another person and not device had access to your computer or hacked your wireless network (if you have one) or was using your IP ADDRESS through another device.

There were several people experiencing the exact and same problem with you (not when using Skype or any other app-no mention of that-, they just mentioned of them receiving the exact message as you) found in online tech and microsoft forums and all of them freaking out because, they never, as mentioned by them, experienced this kind of problem before.

It sounds that the message you have received was the above.

It's a good idea to turn to technology experts online and seek their advice in regards to the specific problem.

Others have already done this and pose the exact and same question as you did after reporting both to tech experts and microsoft the exact and same problem as you are reporting on this dating site.

It would be a good idea also to turn to the Microsoft and other online forums where the exact and same problem is reported as well as solution to the problem is given.

I copy and paste the link of answers/tips given by technology experts for you in this comment.

I've both whats app and Skype installed on my phone and had to uninstall Skype a couple of months ago after using this for the first time because, 100% battery was running out in just 32 minutes of voice call.

In the case of a video call now there was not much possibility for communication or conversation because 100% battery lasted less than 10 minutes.

The same problem was not taking place and never took place with whats app. Skype is 0% trusted by me and uninstalled in the past in order to be on the safe side. After unistalling Skype , due to the person I was in communication with , not having whats app, I reinstalled Skype.

When I did,couldn't access my own account with the username and password because,"someone else was using or seems to have been using my skype account sending spam messages and had to provide my phone number to confirm my ID".

I did not provide my private and personal phone number to Skype as it was requested in order to access my account.Instead of doing this, I created another account. When I did, the same problems with the battery wasn't experienced to the same extent as with the previous account.

So, I really do wonder why. In any case, Skype is 0% to be trusted by me or, I really don't trust Skype at all.
In general, I trust no apps or communication over the internet as far as internet safety and privacy is concerned.

If you do not trust an app on your computer , it is best to uninstall this as you did.

I agree with Nam's advice of creating another account and not using the same one and, if you don't trust Skype at all then, I agree with Robert's advice of finding and using another app or service that you can trust other than Skype.

The tech experts advice that can be found online say that, indeed another device was connected to your computer using the same IP address.

A smart phone or smart TV if you have one. If this uses the internet , it takes the IP address you use on your computer that results in conflict about the IP address and the receipt of the message you received.

In the link for the technology experts tips and advice the solution to this problem is provided.

That is to renew the IP address using the cmd that can be found at the start button of your computer.However, it is best in my opinion to do what both Nam and Robert advice and suggest, if and in the case you do not wish or want to have any other devices you may have connected on your computer.

This is the link for technology experts tips and advice
You can use this, as far as I know, to pose any present or future technol questions you may have.
Why don't you try Facebook Messenger? You can use it both on a computer and a phone - for video calls, too. It's much more user-friendly than SKYPE. smile And everyone has it. smile I think WhatsApp can be used on a computer, too, but I haven't tried it yet...
I have never used Skype on a computer I own. However I am comfortable with both Facebook Messenger and also Both allow free video conversation around the planet. Weirdly I also note that on my cell phone and Messenger often work even when I am in a location where my regular phone service doesn't work.
Thank you Robert. That is some good advice.

You too....hope your day is going wonderful for you.

wave cheers

You came to the right blog....the techy idiot's corner.

Pay attention here, you might learn something new about I am.


That is the exact pop up box that came up.

I find it concerning because of what I know about a person's ISP address, it is in essence their fingerprint to the internet. About what I have heard about the dark web, using other people's computers and or ISP addresses is the name of the game for them.

I sincerely appreciate your advice and post.


This is the first time I hear about Facebook messenger at least using it for verbal and video communications. I have heard of WhatsApp, but I did not know it could be used on a computer....thought it might be only used on a smart phone only.

Like I said, I am a technology idiot...and most likely an idiot in many other ways...but that is for another blog. laugh

Thank you for the information.

Hello Ken,

Thank you for the information. That is strange, you getting those programs to work where you normally don't get service.

Okay, it looks like I learned a little more, not quite as dumb anymore.....not ISP but IP as it looks. grin
Hi Johnny, Because you had skype in the past your previous IP was logged and part of that account, so a new account would show the error message, If you could remember your old log in details it will work.
So it's nothing to be concerned about.

I use whatsapp and whatsapp web, Its very simple to set up and way better than skype or messenger.
Hello Map,

That does make sense. The timing of when this pop up showed up was strange...seemingly directly associated with my recent usage of Skype. Thanks. I will need to look into whatsapp in the future, I think.

Oh! laugh

You can not live in the virtual world paranoid like this Johnny. doh tongue
I am working on that Usha. laugh Thanks for the added push to help me along. :)
Woah,back it up!
SKYPING, with who?wink
Ash it was with somebody I am no longer Skyping with.


Does that help? laugh
rolling on the floor laughing yes,but did it HELP you? wink
Ash, it was actually a wonderful experience, and it did indeed help me.

thumbs up
What you uninstalled Skype and nothing is popping up now.

I've never Skyped and if have other was it the devices or the fact you have a previous account.doh
Or just the obvious uninstall Skype.

Did you try anything that works better.?
(but I won't Facebook)
Ash, I have never seen that pop up box before in my life.

Then, I use Skype for a bit....and it pops up.

I uninstalled Skype and have yet to see it.

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