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RE: Can YOU solve the mystery of None*?

It`s other name is "Idiot Game for Idiots" - you just can`t lose, and you yet you just may wine! It`s all in the mind (of idiots)

RE: Where is everyone?

Aahh.... good day to you Sir Phoenix!

Yup, you got that right ... LAGOONA and Jan!!!! Amazing memory you have!

You spoke to Rusty? Such a nice person he is. When we were there in May he drove us all over Gozo showing us places many tourists never get to see. He could be a real Official Guide to Gozo!

RE: Where is everyone?

Tony? South African Swiss guy, artist? Lived in Malta. He and Rusty were always having a go at each other - was fun in an evil way.uncertain very happy ( He was bald, so don`t know about that thread ... hahahaa)

There used to be so many folk from Malta on the site - sometimes an odd one will post something here, and then vanish again.

Teacher lady was ....... Anne? Blonde, very sensible, went to Russia periodically to teach Business English to Russians...?

Oh well ..... let me go have another go at those Pumpkins.
Ice cold, Siberian wind blowing, snow ..... so nothing better to do at the moment but waste my time here.


RE: Where is everyone?

Oh no, reading my post it doesnt make any sense!

But anyways..... you keep going back and forth like an idiot never leaving more cannibals than priests on one side. Keep taking them over and over ... and somehow it works out. Hahhaaaa..... Like one of the posters said ... its like the old game of A Cabbage, A goat, and a dog.

The goat will eat the cabbage if left alone,
The dog will eat the goat if left alone.

Take goat over.
Take cabbage over.
Bring goat back.
Take dog over.
Bring cabbage back.
Take goat over.
Bring dog back.
Take cabbage over.
Bring goat back.
Take dog over.
Take goat over.

And similar with them priests and cannibals..... hahahaaaaa

RE: Where is everyone?

Ok, I tried it. Got them all over to the other side without anyone being eaten! Took something like 86,000 points or seconds of something or other...?

You first take off 2 cannibals, put them on the other side.
Load one cannibal back on raft and take him over (so each priest has a cannibal with him - two on each side and two on raft).
Unload the priest and put the right side cannibal on raft and ship over the 2 cannibals.
So you have 3 cannibals on one side and 3 priests on the other side.
Now take back a cannibal and leave him on the other side with one priest, and take two priests back to left side (more priests than cannibals)
Take a cannibal back to R side, load another one on, and take them back.
Reload a cannibal, go back load up the last cannibal and take them both over. Hey presto!

RE: Where is everyone?

You thinking of Rusty Knight in Malta? (Gozo actually) and his lady in Malta? (I forget her name now) but I heard she died - very tragic as she was such a vibrant and happy person, and not old!

I saw Rusty when I was in Gozo in May - he`s still the same - and got a very lovely partner.

The teacher of English ....... Yes, I remember her, have actually seen that sometimes she pops in to CS now and again. Her name also evades me for now. I seem to remember she re-married her ex husband?

Anyway .... CS does seem awfully dull - for single people anyway! Not much action going on for a long time.
Like an old coffee shop where locals sometimes pop in!

RE: Where is everyone?

wave Hello Kid at heart! You still alive?! (obviously) hahahaa

Hows the snow up your way? Lots of snow here this winter - keeps me house-bound.

I will have to have a try at your "missionaries and cannibals". I think I should just give up that stupid Pumpkins game .. it never lets me get over about 60,000 - just wipes me out all the time!

You married yet? Or am I the only old-timer here who`s married?!

RE: Where is everyone?

Howzit Conradwave

Very well, thank you.

Nice to see you "hovering" here as well.

Not much of interest to comment on here, but dear old Phoenix does seem to keep the pot boiling - in his strange Irish way grin

Like a typical Granny, I`m waiting to see if any of these youngsters here get hitched to each other, or even just get to meet up. Seems Europe is just too large for much travelling?

RE: Where is everyone?

I`m still alive.grin

I hover in the background (happily married and all that jazz stuff)

Haven`t exited CS simply because I can be found STILL trying to get a high score in this stupid Pumpkins game!

But I do keep an eye on you all from time to time.hug

RE: Daft pictures and funny stuff only....

Dear Phoenix.

I knew you`d find religion interesting!

Who says motor cars were only invented recently?

More than 2,000 years ago Moses was racing around in his sports car.......... "Moses came 4th in his Triumph" - it says so in the Bible!

RE: Bomb the bastards....

Wash the cupboards out with soap. Then stick cellotape over those holes that are bored in the cupboards for moving the shelves to different heights ..... insects breed in those holes.

She can also vacuum behind/underneath/sides of drawers, and those holes before sealing them off.

Well done, Phoenix young man for rescuing a female in distress.

Now you can go help her wash out the cupboards.grin

RE: Why does Matla....

Hi Twinny,

Yes, Malta and Gozo are fabulous places. That`s why we chose it for our honeymoon.

And my Swiss-man enjoyed it tremendously.

Love the people there, so friendly and nice.

Loved the bus rides ....... Gozo island`s bus routes are like a giant spider web with their routes all centering in the middle .. so one can travel all over but end up in Victoria each time, and start again on the spider web routes.grin

Is Malta the same?

RE: Make your own mind up...

Because, Darl, that is the impression I have of myself! Hahahaaa.

Except, hey! I can still buy my clothes at teenager boutiques .... AND fit into them!!

RE: Why does Matla....

Dear Phoenix.

You really SHOULD go for a holiday in Malta, and Gozo!

In Gozo (I don`t know about Malta) you buy a 7 day bus ticket for 7 Euro and you can hop-on hop-off buses all over Gozo, to anywhere, anytime you like - and while riding the name of the next town comes up on a sign over the driver, AND a voice SAYS it grin ... so you get to learn how to pronounce the names.

And the people there (on Malta and Gozo) are SO friendly and nice.cheers

RE: brainwash

Maybe it`s not "brainwashing" ... just "old wives tales" derived from the ancients?

Eating a chicken head a day? Rather an expensive diet if to-be-mothers had to chop off a chickens head everyday! Maybe there`s something in a chicken head that assures particular nutrients? Nowadays you get it all packed into polystyrene or pills.

About having hay but no food ...... Well, I saw all those lovely stonewalled terraces on the islands there ..... without anyone tending them. And NO trees anywhere, except a few stragglers clumped together.

Does no-one in Malta/Gozo know that to have trees brings birds, and when you have birds, they shit and fertilize the soil? And that brings more plants, and more birds?

But the people there shoot or capture the birds ... so the birds are learning to stay away.

Catch a wake-up you Maltese and Gozitans! Learn to nurture the nature that you have. Before you`re left with a piece of naked rock in the sea.

MALTA .... What`s the weather like there in May (generally)?

Now THAT`s a good name for your business!!!!!

May it prosper and bring you lots of happiness and wealth!hug

I only had 10 days in Gozo. Now I`m back in the land of Switzerland, where the sun shines on hardworking

I like Gozo - it`s small and one can mostly walk everywhere.

I just wish that folk there would come to realise that wild birds need to be free - not live in cages.

"A bird in a cage .....
puts God in a rage"

An old Wise Man of the North American Indians is quoted as saying:
"A people who don`t respect the animals of this earth,
can have no respect for one another".

Smoky says: "When people learn to respect the souls of wildlife, as being connected to their own souls, as everything in life is connected ......then they will prosper. Until they do this they will have nothing but trouble and a hard and difficult life".bouquet

RE: do you want to make love ?

Hi Phoenix .... yeah ... lovely old song hey?

I wish someone with a voice would remake it?

Maybe I suggest that to the Singing Chef, Garry Jones!cool

MALTA .... What`s the weather like there in May (generally)?

wave Grüetzi Conrad!

Yes, old Rusty Crusty! He took us on a ride to places seldom seen by lazy tourists ..... in his big fancy new car. Still the same nice person.

RE: do you want to make love ?

First time I heard the expression was this song ..... from 1957


MALTA .... What`s the weather like there in May (generally)?

Howzit everyone here.

Well, I went to Gozo, and am back again in Switzerland.

Weather was up to s**t when we arrived there, but then the Master of the Universe changed it into beatiful sunny days ....... until the day we left, when the weather changed back again to up to s**t.

Marvelous place. Just a pitty there seems to be no Seagulls left - I heard the locals shoot, or capture them.
Same with all the wild birds.

Then their souvenair shops sell stuff with "Born to be wild" and a stick picture of a child ..... should`nt it be a bird motif?

I used to think the roads in Switzerland were too narrow. Now I realise they are not... hahahaaa

Such a shame about the wild birds in Gozo, they all end up dead or in cages!

RE: Smoky wedding song list....

Here`s the actual real musicians who will be playing for us ....

Both "Swiss boys" - from Schaffhausen.

(Darn .... my linking doesn`t seem to work?)

RE: Smoky wedding song list....

Here`s MY favourite song - quite fitting actually, since my German is still not too fluent, his English is virtually non-existent, and we still manage to communicate .... better than if we both spoke the exact same language!

(How does one post the utube link direct like you did Phoenix?)

RE: Smoky wedding song list....

Thanks for your wishes Immanuelle!rose

I`ll be thinking of all you guys here, on Friday, and request the Universe to send you all perfect partners to share your lives.bouquet

RE: Smoky wedding song list....

Yeah ... right on Conrad!

I just got to get my Swissgerman fluent now! Hahahaaaa

Just shows hey? ...... Where there`s Life, there`s Hope, even for old granny me!hug

RE: Smoky wedding song list....

Hi darling Phoenix irish Thank you for those lovely songs!

Oh .... and the Thread of songs! I like your taste in music. shimmy flirty dance

RE: Smoky wedding song list....

Hi darling Phoenix irish Thank you for those lovely songs!

Oh .... and the Thread of songs! I like your taste in music. shimmy flirty dance

RE: What you feel about being single again?

howzit guys ...... My being single was good, while it lasted.

But you know how life is when one is so incredibly attractive, intelligent, etc etc blah blah blah ....... my single days end on 2nd May this year - like on Friday!!!

Being my very last wedding I intend to have, it`s going to be a nice big Country & Western bash in a barn on a farm, live band, make as much noise as we like ....... and then next day fly to Malta for the first Honeymoon I`ve ever had. Lekker hey?

So Granny will be married. For the last time in this life.
But now I knew what sort of guy I do NOT need in my life, so have found the perfect one to settle for. Finally.

Keep the faith. Know what you want. And it will arrive.

Love you all lips danceline buddies

And thanks for your cyber friendship here rose rollers

RE: which one looks like you dancing?

Check out this 80 year old lady dancing!grin

RE: which one looks like you dancing?

Ja, to have rythm and energy to dance when one is old must be fantastic!cheers

MALTA .... What`s the weather like there in May (generally)?

Thank you Primrose.

Is the wind cold there?

Just a jacket for the wind ok to bring? Or should one pack jerseys too?

Light cotton clothing ok to wear?

Are the evenings cool?

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