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The Party is over....

I warned you.
Did you listen ? No.
You were too busy Trumpeting.
Although the country lost, you somehow thought you won something.
Wrong. But, you celebrated anyway.
It apparently didn't bother you, that illegal things took place.
I warned you, that eventually the 'piper would have to be paid'.
The time is now very soon.

The American people have spoken quite loudly with their votes.
In the House of Representatives, it's almost a clean sweep,
a lot of governors too.
We the people, no longer want to put up with Trump and his cronies.
They don't want the rich to get all the benefits.
The house has been renovated. A lot of the trash was taken out
and more will likely be taken out in 2 years.

Get ready for justice !
There's been a whole lot of investigations that have been snuffed by the prior Republican house majority.
Not any longer. applause
Nancy Pelosi will return to being the Speaker of the House.
All the committees will have Democrat heads.

Mr. T. is FINALLY going to have to hand over his tax returns and they will be closely scrutinized. thumbs up
He will no longer be able to abuse the power of the presidency. thumbs up
Mueller is going to have full backing and encouraged to get to the bottom of his crimes. thumbs up
Kavanaugh is going to be fully investigated thumbs up
so will Scott Pruitt thumbs up
and Jared thumbs up and Don Jr. thumbs up
Trump will be impeached. dancing

But, will you finally listen ? No.
Well, it doesn't matter. You will witness it anyway. tongue

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Comments (81)

Do the math as there was definitely a blue wave.

Majority of woman in the house who can stop Trump continuing with shit.
The election is over

Let bitterness pass

I'll hug your elephant

You kiss my a**
Dems did way better than the fruit loops
It's not over until the final vote is counted. but it does seem like the Trump worshippers are getting less and less, as they finally open their eyes.
But, will they EVER open their minds
or continue to live in the distant past ? dunno
Going by some on CS, I doubt they actually have minds, let alone open onesgrin
The Dems have smashed the Republicans in the house.

Come on bring on that impeachment and make Trump hand over he's tax returns.

I can't stop laughing giggle
Well, even a cockroach has a mind. But, I understand your point.
Oh, it's just a matter of time now. Both WILL happen. head banger
My country is now safe because the Dems will see to that.

Gillum and O'rourke were just pipped at the post..Dems flipped some states..Two more years and America can piss Trump off for good that is if he isn't already in jail rolling on the floor laughing
Oh, he's committed both federal and state crimes. Pence can't pardon him for the state crimes. thumbs up
I believe Donald Junior and Jared will fall before the taxes get revealed.
thumbs up thumbs up

I didn't care about the senate I wanted the house even though I don't live there
Honestly....I think one is just as bad as the other...just in different ways but hey the dems are the best of the worst I guess.....laugh
M4 - Neither party is perfect. However, since the emergence of the Tea Party within the Republican Party,
the Republican party has been FAR worse. thumbs down
I agree.....the Donald is all time low......wave conversing laugh
C - Time will tell. However, I am guessing the reverse will happen a lot faster. The House has a right to demand the taxes. It will likely take some trials to bring down Jared and Don Jr.
Lindsay must be having a meltdown as a female Muslim has been elected into the house as well as a female Native American laugh

The woman smashed it because of trumps perverted disgusting words conversing

Those who supported Republicans are racists it's a simple as that.

The numbers choosing to travel to America has fallen badly.

Tax breaks for the rich..Doesn't mention health care ever.

Infrastructure another failure and the swamp keeps clogging up to the point of a tsunami..Trump is wasting billions of dollars the American deficit is atrocious as well as very embarrassing
I am crying. not because of the result of the electiion but because of the uglyness of some of the gloating on here crying
Ask Trump to grab ya pu**y
Oh, he's committed both federal and state crimes.

It's the crimes against humanity which revolt me.

Not that others haven't done it, including Obama, but his gloating over killing children makes me want to cry.

a female Muslim has been elected into the house as well as a female Native American

It's been a long, long time comin', but I know oh-oo-oh a change gon' come...oh yes it will.
jac the woman saved the Dems..Don't ever piss a woman off thumbs up laugh
There are some women I like pissing off, Merc. grin
Anything the house passes has to be approved by the senate and any supreme court nominees are approved only by the senate. Since the republicans expanded their control of the senate and lefties are not going to win a veto-proof majority in the house, nothing they try to do will go anywhere. Thank the maker.
Ridiculous statement, as you and your friends gloated 10 times as much when Trump won, and you never once complained at the abuse dished out by the same 4 members of your little gang.

Crocodile tears fool no one, better to wipe them away, open your eyes and look at WHY so many voted against the moronic leader. Could it be that the lies and misinformation attributed to the Democrats were actually true. And the lies were actually from Republicans?
That is if you assume the house will vote against any Democrat proposals, and I think we all know that many Rep Senates are no longer viewing Trump as a great leader, they can also see he needs to be held accountable.
That is irrelevant. You can hate the man all you want which is fine with me, but it is historically common for the winning party to lose the house midterms, at least it wasnt as big of a loss as when Bathouse Barry lost at his midterms.
Loss ? It was a huge WIN ! cheering
Now it's time to clean up the White House. It's been infested with an old orange dirty rat. scold

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Love trumps Hate
String - That article is accurate. There is no law which REQUIRES Trump to PUBLICLY release his tax returns (as the previous presidential candidates have).
However, if the House of Representatives issues a subpoena to obtain his tax records, he IS required to give them to the House.

Well, if that isn't hypocritical. Crying because of the gloating, yet had no problem gloating over the R win and have been gloating the last 2 years. Just read any one of their blogs.

If the current White House occupant hadn't created such division in the US, and such disgust at his behaviour and how he treats other people and HIS constant gloating over his 'wins' - there might be more civility. But the WH occupant created this, so now he, and his cult followers need to suck it up.

Thank goodness some common sense prevailed and the cheating, lying R's were defeated in the House.
All across the country, female candidates ran for office and won in record numbers. They were powered mostly by a female-led resistance movement forged in opposition to the election of Donald Trump two years ago, though there were also notable victories among Republican women.

By early Wednesday morning, 92 women had been elected to the 435 member House, surpassing the previous record of 84. In the Senate, 10 women had been elected bringing the total number of women who will serve in the 100-person chamber to 23 – and more victories were expected.

Anything less than a full sweep proves you've got a lot to learn. This 84 different genders, open borders and seeming paralysis in the face of rising China are all thing which earn Trump an incredible amount of leeway.
All, anyone who unthinkingly wants to call this a blue wave, probably also spurts out, reflexively, the R word, and all those that end in -phobia.We all wear our educations, or lacks thereof, in what we think, say, write or do. But it' provides the chuckles. See the blog "Ouch".
Denial may not be a river, but apparently it runs deep here on CS. laugh
Read it & weep some more, if you like;

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Meanwhile, Republicans in Nevada may have sunk to a new low, as they elected a dead brothel owner over the Democrat running essentially unopposed, at least by the living.
I suppose that's as close to refusing to vote for a Democrat over someone's dead body, as onc can get,
and also gives new meaning to the western phrase, "wanted, dead or alive".

Fact is, despite pre-election hoopla & rhetoric from both sides, the results of the '18 mid-terms are remarkably...TYPICAL -

"The party of the incumbent president tends to lose ground during midterm elections: over the past 21 midterm elections, the President's party has lost an average 30 seats in the House, and an average four seats in the Senate; moreover, in only two of those has the President's party gained seats in both houses."
- United States midterm election - Wikipedia

One might say it's anti-climactic... kinda boring even yawn

If anything, Repubs performed slightly better than usual by gaining seats in the Senate.

This isn't surprising.
Twice as many Senate seats up for election were held by Dems.
So Repubs had twice as many opportunities to go on the offensive, and had half as many seats to defend.

The really big surprise?
There was NO big surprise.

And in what was a crazy election season that's, well... SURPRISING!

Which is OK.
It gives folks assurance that everything is functioning normally.
More or less.

In response to the revelation of the tax returns, it is true that there is as yet no law or executive order for him to reveal them. He did, however, state that he would do so as soon as they came from the audit. The IRS, however, stated that there is no reason to not show the returns if they are under audit or not. Being under audit is not a reason for hiding them, and can at any time be publicly shown. I do think that the IRS should be more informed in these matters than most could claim.
I never said, that the results were "surprising". Indeed, I've been predicting them for quite a while,
just like I have been predicting the Trump impeachment. Indeed, it was part of the path to it. head banger

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