Human/Technology interface....pending danger?

Here are two recently true stories involving human and technology and it not ending well for a human.

First story has to do with 2 people...a son and a father with two different first names and both of them have cable tv from the same provider. The employees plug in the payment received data in the wrong account where the son for a period of time is being credited with his father's payments until the father begins getting bills in amounts that are double the usual.

The father calls the cable company and they spot the error and it is quickly fixed for the father. However, the cable company's computer system that generates the billing statements does not provide the son who has been incorrectly being credited with his monthly bill for two months. The son being a busy guy only recognizes he never got a bill for one month and figures he will pay next month when the current bill comes in. It does not work that way. By the time the next month rolls around, the son's cable has been turned off by the the cable company's computer system. In addition, his account has been hammered with late fees and rehook-up fees. A bill that was suppose to be a little over $200 is now nearly $600 and if he wants his tv back on, he is to pay that amount. The son paid that and now his tv only works half of the time. Now that the son understands what is going on...he is in the process of getting things straightened out. He has been on the phone for hours and all of the cable company's employees are not sure how to fix the problem yet. Who knows how it will all end...but nearly a week without tv and possibly out about $350.

Second story. A huge online company allows people to sell on their venue. Everything that happens on their site is part of a computer system. In this case, a recent seller was penalized an increase in seller fees of 40% that could lead to expenses for the seller raising over $10,000 per year. This selling venue allows returns to be freely done and unquestioned. In many cases, the seller that would get a refund would relist the item exactly as previously described and as pictured...nothing changed. The new buyer would leave a positive feedback and very pleased with the purchase. However, the selling venue's computer system only weighs in on the fact the item was returned for a refund. When the seller contacts the venue and asks the question...who is right here...the first buyer returning it for a refund and blaming it on the seller for them returning it....or the second buyer who buys it exactly as it was sold the first time around and is very satisfied with their purchase. No real answer becomes of that question. Because...there is nothing they can do, the computer system recognizes what is was designed to do. The seller is left with an increased expense of $10,000.

A friend once said....sometimes you can be the dolphin that gets caught in the tuna net.

...lets hope as we become more and more technology dependent and driven...not too many dolphins get caught in the net.

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Hey Johnny,

In both cases, if the companies get an employee or tech to go in the records or system to look into what’s going on, the can resolve each problem.

It’s when the company representative keeps telling you over the phone or by net that they’re doing what they can.

Ask for a supervisor, and move up their ladder of management until you get things corrected.

In my telecommunications work in the past, a tel line service would tell the customers immediately, without sending out a repair tech, that the the problem is not in their lines, it’s in your end equipment. When a technician finally goes out and checks it, it’s their line, equipment, wires, etc.

Also Human Error happens too. Before computers, I’ve seen through human error, peoples bank accounts could be shorted thousands of dollars one week, corrected later, only after being informed by the customer, that they suspected errors.

Errors happen, but even more so, when a company sits and doesn’t look into it, and also when a customer doesn’t press them, when needed.

Just my ten cents opinion. cheers
True in most cases Robert. But, in the cable story, the son will be out hours of his time and not to mention without tv for at least a week and the saga is not over yet.

The second case, the seller just has to put up with the 40% increase...there is no way around it.

In the first case, the son or customer Does Not have to put up with it. He needs to make a big deal about it, talk to management, if not, call the P.U.C. Public Utilities Commission.. then see how fast they fix the problem.. OR get service with another company.

The second company, again, talk to management, or learn if other sellers are having the same problems, group up and get to management, or move to another company or create your own selling site.

Keep on looking for answers, higher ground.

In all cases, if you’re willing to just accept what their systems do to you, then people get what they get. dunno
Okay, time for me to get some.. some sleep.

I just gotta new body pillow a year ago.

Have a good night, and fun tomorrow. head banger
@ Johnny~ - wave .... Yes technology can be very disruptive to every day life for some unfortunate souls.... conversing

This is Bill:

Bill is just one of these unfortunate souls. It was his Samsung phone,.... no! the battery did not catch on fire, nor did the phone explode in his face.....





Bill's wife found the password to his phone...... blues moping

..... grin cheers
It is the stuff of nightmares, when we consider these technology related "glitches" in the context of patient medical records in (lets say) a hospital. Is the world becoming too automated?....professor
Don't even get me started on cable is great until it f*ck up or goes down....then nobody knows anything about manually doing the job.....wave
laugh Hans. ...another example of technology kicking you in the rear.
LCBR....I never thought of that...but yes...can even be life threatening as well.

...Hans too....wave wave
laugh M4....the son is still without cable to this day.

it doesn't surprise me in the took me months just to get my cable cancelled and I had to write the better business bureau in order to get a credit back they owed me cause I payed for the month then cancelled when it was taking forever to get a downgrade I asked for....I too was on the phone for hours always with the same lines...I cant cancel has to escalated...then its cancelled and when I called back it wasn't....then your money will be there in 4-6 weeks...then next week and I still never got it....f*ck you cant even cancel without a hassle these days....roll eyes
Isn't that something M4. I know if I had to cancel and they were dragging their feet, they would just not get my money. Thanks for sharing. thumbs up

I once tried to cancel the f***en internet, and d*mn cable, but I had a big f***ing argument with the mutherf***ers from the sh*t company about the cancellation of my f***ing service.

You know me, I rarely cuss, but they got a bit upset back then.
But after offering a friend a case of beer, I got free cable.. frustrated till I got caught, but claimed to know nothing about it. grin admit to nothing.


I rarely cuss, but they got me a bit upset back then. professor
Just kidding about all that. laugh

Or was I? uh oh

I believe the cussing part about you. laugh ....and, I believe you piss*d them off too. But, the beer for cable bit...I don't know. That don't seem like you. Are you sure it was not empty beer cans for cable? rolling on the floor laughing tongue

Hans, why did Bill's wife react so strongly to Bill telling others he was faithful and never played around? confused

Oh, right. doh

Silly Billy.
Johnny, yeah, as the old saying goes, to err is human, to really fcuk it up you need a computer.

The other night I tried to buy something on eBay using my business paypal account, not my personal one. That was a mission in itself, changing the default account, but then eBay said no, problem with the account, speak to Paypal. Eh? So instead I transferred funds between the two accounts, and tried again on the original default. (Chrome AND Firefox, because Chrome has some issues as well lately.) No, problem with the account. Speak to Paypal.

very mad

Tried to pay by card. No can do. frustrated

Turns out not just me, people who run their businesses fulltime on eBay are going spare, customers can't pay, eBay insists it is a Paypal problem, Paypal sends them straight back to eBay, and getting hold of an actual human being on either of those, have you ever tried it? roll eyes

Skynet's time is coming.
Legs.....beautiful with Ebay and Paypal. I have had similar situations. sigh

oh johnny they didn't get another cent of my money after I cancelled but the problem was they had my money and wouldn't give it back since I had already prepaid my bill not long before I cancelled.....wave

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