The soul keeper

Daft question, has anyone ever heard of such angelic souls?

I never have, yet strange unexplainable experiences are leading me to believe soul keepers exist angel

JMO of course very happy
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What are the strange experiences in question if I may?
I think Michael Schumachers grandfather was a sole keeper. purple heart

ehm.. can you tell us what these experiences was all about...
wait was that just asked by another blogger.. aha... angel
laugh laugh Oz, I get you.....
and I think we both get Ted also ... I think confused lol

I won't bore either of you with the details of my experiences however only one other person ever mentioned a soul keeper to me and I'm just putting the question out there if anyone else heard of the keeper as well.
I remember a song called "you keep me hanging on" that got anything to do with rolling on the floor laughing

do you mean spirits of angelsconfused I like it when women talk about the weird and wonderful thingsgrin
seeing you answered yourself Oz, there's no need for me to reply laugh
There is a story I know about a Fisher-man who sold his soul and there is

The Damnation of Faust who sold his soul to the Devil

One might say the Devil is also a Keeper of souls

But then we could ask What is a soul can we see it can we feel it and where does the soul comes from ?
Aww.. was that asked by another blogger? Ohh. I'm so witty. And I thought peer pressure was a teenage thing. Talk about a born follower.

Smh. What a fagly idiot.
Why thank you Mr Charming for noticing I am a woman wink

hmmm interesting to know you're into weird and wonderful things hmmm
but yes, I am referring to spirits/angels.

I was told by that one and only one that every soul born has a keeper (such is blood related) but its the keeper that guides them (fearless) to the other side, once there ... the keeper collects the soul and delivers him/her to their loved ones gone before them.... that's it as I've been told it conversing
Somebody peed in your serial tonight my friend?
A bit out of character for you Paul to be seemingly annoyd like that.
Can't take that serious. I was asking her the same as you it came to me while writing I did what I do when I feel among friends and just added what i thought might be friday-light convo.

Be part of the solution now (if you want cs to improve),
not the problem of hostility around the site.
Long time no see James wave
for starters, I don't believe in the devil.
If we see goodness in people is that not the same as seeing the soul confused
or perhaps results aren't quiet the same thing.
I think the soul can be felt and the soul (is) mind ..JMO.
should i have said cis womanlaugh

who is the one and only...i thought that was mebouquet wink

are you talking about the afterlifeconfused have you been contacted by any spiritsconfused
Fair enough. I'll take all I said back immediately.

(walks out)
since you don't have an answer for me, then thank you kindly for the song wine
but since its close to bedtime for me, tone it down a little with a little more softness pls
G'night Oz wink

I think you may of misunderstood about my one and only giggle
such person was a woman, a very good friend of mine and the best medium I've ever known and trusted to be genuine... she was the first to ever mention and explain to me about the soul keeper.

Since you asked roll eyes
The 3rd of December gone, I was contacted by a spirit.
i also like it when women freely tell me thingswink was you contactedconfused by voice...written...or another wayconfused
Not that I expect you or anyone to believe me but by a vision of a familiar face... angel

Anyways dare I ask, what kind of things do you like women telling you uh oh
i like women sharing secrets with megrin
Most women don't like being attacked by a drooling camel Lee. Esp. If it wants to share uh oh
Perhaps your talking about


The angel of death who separates souls from their bodies

sad flower
Maybe you're referring to spirit guides, or guardian angel?

Hiya Itchy girl wave
Maybe Godparents or Gaurdian Angel. Both are faith related.
Nah. She's talking about egon spengler I guess.

Bring back the inquisition. It's what them witches need to get back in line.
Had to google Azrael hole
very interesting what I read about him plus some of such sounds very familiar, so tah for that Blue wine

wave Swamie
I've absolutely no idea who I'm talking about Dani, so I can't rightly answer you confused
having said that, maybe the soul keeper has many shapes and forms as he does names.

Hope you're well Dani wave
No idea Merlot but whom or whatever I do believe, is an Angel angel

Eh Ted, less of the "she" doh
Based on experience as a paranormal investigator & intuitive reiki master.
There are lost souls or earth bound spirits of the dead. No soul keeper.
I encountered the grim reaper last March 30, 2020 he ushers soul to the after life.
It do not keep souls.
No such things as angelic souls.
Souls are human. But I know every human have a higher self.
Who is an exact replica of the physical self. Only much more attractive form.
Angels are from a higher spiritual source. I can only see their wings, chest & sword but not their face. heart wings
There are over 100 verses about Soul keepers in the Bible. They are referred to as Shepherd Keepers.
Hebrews 13 verse 17 1 Peter verse 25 1 Peter 5: 4
That is your opinion Sats, not mine .....
nevertheless you are entitled to express it, right or wrong wine
I thank you to never come onto my blogs again.

If you do, I'll delete you... simple as end of.
Hello CW,
You say,
I was thinking about this and now think that it would have to be the persons mother. This connection might be good, bad or not perceptible at all. If you think of the situation with twins where it can be very strong even at a conscious level. But there is also a higher level. When you are awake or asleep sometimes you learn something which can't be explained. Maybe you get a message that somebody will make a full recovery, but the person is not ill. Then in the near future the person has a seizure and is resuscitated, after spending time in a coma the person wakes up and recovers. How can this be explained? Is this the type of thing you are referring to?
How do Merlot wave
no that's not I'm talking about but since you mentioned it, but yes I do believe we get messages in mysterious ways.. I myself call them whispering Angels in the ear.

They even get birds to shit on your car....
if you want to know what that means? you need only ask wink

When I first brought this blog out I was thinking about my sister and the strange man that only she could see and how he stayed with her right up to her end, my mother had the same ... such similarities between both but one thing they had both in common, the comfort & peace they had with this invisible figure man of theirs.

My friend who was a genuine medium sad flower
told me they are referred to as keepers of the soul... I googled the chap Blue mentioned, very close but not quiet what my friend told me.... nevertheless, I can't ignore the similarities between both so there must be some truth in the soul keeper after all, and I guess like many other things we don't rightly know or understand, truth will only take dying to know.
Witches and Angels, an interesting mix.

Go on then, tell me about the car, the birds and the whispering angels. Just don't wait 'till after midnight, or even worse, the witching hour. uh oh
Celticwitch ~ The woman who phoned me when it suited, who accused me of lying about my dead mother and said so publically, [sadly I can still remember, how you told the world I had told You I had a loneliness inside. In times of wars and hatred, it is sad to see you perpetuate it.
I tried being human as I do know a lot about above and you had asked the question.
How sad you keep hatred in your heart. Your blogs ? mostly drawing attention to yourself and writing about subjects you know nothing about, you over esteimate yourself and I found you on phone to be uncouth and rough, Sorry that is the truth.
For being loyal I got kicked in teeth publically, Alas I admire your over inflated sense of who you are, your a tough Galway one that is for sure, and I don't wish to have anything to do with you at all, you are not particularly good company and you suck up to people you hate, what a hypocrite.
You should try and age with some modicum of manners, Just delete and do me a favour.
I over estimate you but alas leopards don'e change their spots. You have fallen out with so many on here over the years [women ]
Well I'll tell you about the bird shitting on the car conversing
my way of thinking why he could of been Angelsent.

Reversing one afternoon out of my driveway and forgetting to check the mirrors, just about to put the boot down along came a bird and shat on my front window, startled I stopped and it was only after I had, did I notice my neighbor walk by ... Phew" close call I thought, if not for the bird I may of hit her, but I then noticed she had been pushing her mother in a wheelchair... without a doubt, if not for the bird.... I most certainly would of crashed into her, causing her whatever sort of hurt and damage.

Like I've said, Angels work in mysterious ways angel
or so me thinks.
Now, with your opinion of me out of the way....
I hope this now means, you'll stay off my blogs.
Holy crap, that was a lucky distraction.
If you have to reverse out thats tricky. I hate driving out because small kids whizz past on their little bikes. I'm going to have to think of something, mirrors on the piers maybe. You need a reversing beeper.
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