To better understand each other...

This should be a fun exercise. It is only intended to make each gender better understand each other. better understand each other, name something(s) that men do bad to women...and now vice something bad that women do to men.

Maybe we can better understand each other's arguments about each other.

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Ok, today was a classic situation.
I deliver for a living, and had 3 large boxes up 4 floors without elevator today.
I hinted to the girls (all girl workplace) that I could do with some lifting help.
Not only was each box over 50 punds but they were 4 feet long.
If this was a male dominated place 8 guys
would jog down to see if they could help.

I'm certan some of these ladies is to be found
at a gym a few hours later lifting weights flex
Maybe they were just admiring your mahusive biceps dunno giggle
Why open a can of worms? dunno
--- I think that's it Red!
One wanted my autograph across her forearm.. heart wings
See now, there's the silver lining, Luv heart beating exchange for her digits across yours? hmmm
Men leave the toilet seat up and I can’t think of anything bad women do angel
lol, I let her go this time... but next time she drinks tea while I'm sweating my a** off I might go down on my knees to.... have a breather rolling on the floor laughing
Women leave the toilet seat down, and when men get home after the pub they leave the light off so not to disturb the sleeping woman and they splash the seat.
Then in the middle of the night the woman...well you know the rest.

You decide where the blame lies. I think it sort of balances out.
Oh go down on your knees, you're going to need to COME UP for a breather hole rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Male friends not accepting it is, but a friendship only ....
very annoying doh

As for what bad things women do to men confused

Can't answer that as I wasn't aware we did innocent

wave Johny
Point taken... stuck

laugh nice answer Ray.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I'll jump into the deep end.

Men do to women...abuse

Women do to men....lie
Hello Everyone so far.

I do not have a lot of time at the moment but I did want to address one comment here quickly.

Friendship...very smart of you to ask why?

There is a great answer for that question...but that answer will come much later after some additional responses. Until then, I would not be concerned if I were you on how to structure your response. I would just recommend you give one that you truly think or feel is correct.

Hallelujah, a man that prefers to be happy instead of being right. laugh thumbs up
men abuse women, emotionally, physically, mentally.

woman cursing a man for his micropenis
I personally don’t see that as something bad men do. I told my last boyfriend that I would never complain if he did that and here’s why…from a man’s point of view we leave the seat down. So it’s even. You guys have to lift the toilet seat up and we have to put it down again. I have yet to see someone disagree with me on that point.
Okay. There have been a couple of responses that say that men abuse women. That is a true statement. Yes, there are men out there that abuse women. However, it is said that women are more likely to abuse their partner and that abuse is not reciprocated. But, most of the time the couples are abusing each other.

Hello Grand, a female not willing to help out a fellow human being. By the sounds of it, what you were carrying was quite heavy. Perhaps they felt they were not capable. But, I think we can probably dig up examples as well of men not helping women out in similar situations. So, I would conclude that this is a two way street....and not just a bad quality of a woman to a man.

Hello Ray,

As to the toilet it has been mentioned, this is also a two way street. Men leave it up and women leave it down.

Hello Merlot,

If a woman is deliberately sabotaging the toilet seat, well...deliberately is a pretty nasty trait...however, they may perceive it as the man deliberately sabotaging the seat if they "accidentally" piss on it. dunno I will still rule this as a two-way street...but the deliberate act of exacting vengeance on another should be looked at and assessed to determine one's character.

Hello Itchy,

That goes the same way for women too...where a man only perceives them as a friend...but yet they are persisting the relationship goes a bit further than that.

Hello Mbk,

I think we can both agree that both men and women lie...most likely equally as well, but I will say women are geniuses at twisting the truth.

Hello CH,

Hmmm....about abuse, I have provided a link that the lady hosting her podcast "show", indicates that abuse is equal among the point where she states "factually" that women are more likely to abuse their men.

Now the real point about women mistreating their man for p*nis size.

I don't know if you remember, but I brought up back in the day about women having many previous partners....and something about them having a shark mentality with blood in the water...type of example.

This link that I shared, the same women also addresses women who have a "high body count" and the chances of a successful marriage because of that high body count. If I recall, a women who has slept with over 5 men will have a very low percent chance of being happy in a marriage after 10 years; whereas, a woman with a much fewer body count will have and 80% chance of a happy marriage after 10 years.

The reason for a woman will compare her man...through the the previous men she has been with and will eventually hold it against her husband for these shortcomings. And....guess what? If a woman values a long p*nis...and her husband is lacking a bit in that department...compared to other men she has been with...well.

That is why when her "body count" is even higher...lets say she has been with over 40 men...the chance of a long lasting marriage with her will most likely go down.

Not to mention,

Women will most likely be obsessed with a past partner...and "ex" they feel they made a mistake about leaving and that might come back to haunt a marriage down the road. So, the more men women have slept with, the more chances and ex...or exes...might come into play in a future relationship.
...oops....for some reason I am using "and" instead of "an"
Where that may be true handshake
I can only tell it from a woman's side.

I think what women might do to make men mad...
give them the impression everything is about them... as in, her side only laugh


some women have ESPN, they assume a guy knows what they're thinking. Like when they got all hot and bothered and ready for romantic action. They think the guy should know this and deliver - immediately. They just can't wait!!! wow But sometimes the guy wants to watch a sports game or maybe he's tired from work, or drunk from drinking too much, and can't deliver the romantic action on that moments notice.

Butt, but then, most guys are usually always ready for romantic action at a moments notice. They can't help it. It's their nature to be ready to get into action like rabbits do.

Sheesh! The things people do for lust, err I mean love.

An, I mean And, An another thing.

I knew a lady who was a witch, pretty witch I might add. She wanted me to come over on Halloween night and be her broom-STICK. Whatever that meant. confused
That never happens no.'s so good to see ya....been almost a decade lol

Don't underestimate that witch, she might put a spell on ya laugh

~Red aka Enigma bouquet
Just as well I'm not the witch you're referring to....
otherwise you'd be over my knee by now mumbling

Embedded image from another site
Some women can be manipulative, controlling, conniving, and nag.

The things men do bad to women? The list is long, and they'll tell you Johnny! Everyday they'll tell you!laugh laugh drinking
Hello Itchy,

That is a great point...about women making it only about them.

You know, in the days of traditional relationships, it was only about the women. Honestly, as it should should be about the woman and the child if there is a child involved.

Now days, with feminism, traditional relationships are far and few between. Men are still stuck in the traditional role they play in relationships, where many women these days are no longer traditional.

So, if a woman is still expecting to be treated as a traditional woman and she is not contributing to the relationship in a traditional can see where she having her cake and eating it too comes into play.

Men need to understand this aspect of modern women.

Hello Robert....nice seeing/hearing from you buddy by the way.

Women do self-project. They see the world only from their perspective and they project that perspective on to men. I would agree, that women are more intuitive than men...and can pick up on social cues much better than men. Men need to be told most of the time.

Grand...laugh my world, sometimes it happens.

Hello Loh,

It is said that 20% of men are sleeping with 80% of the women. With that being said, there has to be at least some manipulation on the man's part in order to bed that many different women. So, I think that and some of the other traits you mention are also shared by men.

When it comes to nagging...hmmm laugh

I was actually with a woman for 13 years and she did no nagging at all. thumbs up
I get where you're coming from handshake
but when you say traditional men & women, it can go off in all sorts of directions.

Men/women which ever, when respecting one another, understanding shouldn't be too far behind.

If that is true that would mean 4 times as many women as men sleep around.
Sleep on that Johnny.

I think that is another American myth that some out of touch men are spreading.
Mostly computer nerds who don't go out much.
I slept with two different wimmen from datingsites in the last 10 months.
Does that make me part of the lucky 20%? What crap my man.

Now, I had my say and thanks 4 letting me wine

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