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soul is a soul is a soul

If you are one of those who believes us living humans beings have souls, would that then mean living animals in general have souls?

We are given souls or it is said that our souls choose their host. Meaning, that our human form flesh and soul are two different entities.

It is said that when a loved one who has dyed visits you in a dream, that is them actually visiting you.

I have just heard where a pet owners pet who died had visited her.

Are we being ignorant or selfish to believe that us human animals are the only living forms that possess a soul?


Happy Friday all.


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I may not believe in gods, nor an afterlife, but I've heard soul. grin dancing


everything is energy, even the air around us. If you wave your arms fast enough, run fast enough, you can feel the air's force. It's all connected, we're all connected. The animals have eyes, ears, mouths, legs and so on, just as people and many living things do. We cannot dismiss a bird or an animal from having a soul. They feel pain, they communicate with each other, just as we do.

Everything is energy, whether built one way or manipulated another naturally. Scientists can give facts or proof of many things, but they cannot give facts and proof of everything. Why does a heart beat? A doctor may tell you because of it's parts. But when you get down to asking why each part exists, why does it have such properties? What is each part made of, that makes it do it's unique wonders? If you go deeper and deeper, what's any thing made of, and why does it do certain functions? Scientists can only go so far, then they leave it up "That's just the way things are. We can only work with things that are."

And so, if we're all good to each other, respect the earth, the skies, mother nature, the living things of this world, everything is better for everyone, for all earth."
Hi JS wave

My belief .... yes. Animals have souls.

Even plants have souls! grin
We are in an unfathomable Energy/Matter/Space-Time/Quantum Matrix....We are part of this - is a lifeforce a "soul"...?
I will respond on Pentecost Sunday, about visitations.
Maybe not directly on your blog.grin
Visitations? I wouldn't mind some "visitations" where are the call girls?....rolling on the floor laughing

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