Are you aware of this manipulation...I bet not.

I just heard on Tim Poole, with a musical guest on his show that music is tuned at 440 hertz, up from the standard 432 hertz it was for many years.

This minor change in these hertz cannot even be heard...but Poole's musical guest said, it is felt.

Vibration....affecting human behavior.

I know that 528 hertz is used in meditation for emotional healing. I wonder what 440 hertz does.
I also know that certain hertz played in one's ears back and forth facilitates with astral projecting.

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Astral projecting. I had to look that up. Apparently, it's when someone intentional has an out of body experience and his disembodied consciousness goes around observing the world. Turns out, no one has managed to astral project to North Korean and check what Kimmy is doing before he has a nuclear accident and fs us all, though.

440Hz is apparently a musical instrument tuning reference frequency corresponds to the note A4. Why that particular reference has been chosen, I do not know but I suspect that the reasons (if any) behind that choice are purely practical.
Thanks for that Joseph. You might be right about it being purely practical.

I wonder....if somebody has not already astral projected the location you inquire about.


Yes, Johnny people can be manipulated by sound.
Some restaurants play a certain kind of music if they wish to make a quick turnover.
Instead of being able to relax as was the plan the patron gets restless and moves out.....cheering
Factories used to put fast music to accelerate production. Now I think that is considered illegal in most countries. That however is unrelated to the tuning frequencies in question, I would think. Alas, this stuff is beyond me. Perhaps I should retire.
Yes, I'm aware of it
I wrote a comment about it on my "music for healing purposes" blog.

Someone decided that music frequency had to be standardised so that a piano, say in Australia, sounded the same as one in France, or wherever.
I also know that the mind can be manipulated with sound vibrations and frequencies.

Good example are the binaural beats.
Theta waves, for example, can put you in a deep trance.
As for Alpha waves, not quite so deep meditation, is used to communicate with animals.
I did it with horses.
Some say that A432 was the right frequency for humans, for health and overall wellbeing, but the Nazis changed that because everything had to be numerically equal (equal temperament).
I don't know about that, but I do know that if I tune the violin by ear A won't be 440, it will be slightly less, same with E. Having said that, when I correct it I'm quite happy, at this stage the ear is used to A440.
When tuning the uilleann pipes I am happy to use the 'weird' tuning (just intonation) where only 'D' complies to A440 and for example B is minus 16.
Most notes have an acceptable tolerance of about 5 cents and practically nobody will notice, except Hannibal Lecter of course.
Hello BC,

I was not aware of the restaurant scene...but that makes sense. I was aware of music at the work place.


I am not sure if you ever seen these experiments before....but it is where they put fine particles of sand on a surface and then vibrate it at certain frequencies and they form different concentric shapes. They said on that show that nature responds to certain frequencies....I would add, nature responds on a subliminal level.
Hello Daniel777, I am glad you responded. I have read some of your stuff before about vibrations. I too think that the universe is in constant movement (vibration)....and now after watching this Tim Poole show, I am starting to realize that it responds to vibration as well.

I agree with you about the tuning of the piano. That was brought up in the show. But the question to me is, why did they change that tuning from 432 to 440? The musical guest mentioned it was about the energy of the music.

Daniel...what comes to mind about the mind being manipulated...are the drums of war.

I don't know if this change in hertz from 432 to 440 was done deliberately or not....for some manipulative purpose....but if so, that would indicate to me the extensive knowledge our puppet masters have of us...and what else is being manipulated with us that we do not even realize.

Hello Merlot,

Thank you for sharing your musical wisdom. I suppose it would take somebody with a musical background to pick up on the subtle change with the ear. However, the subtle change was not done to be was done to be felt.

I like to play my music loud...probably why I am half deaf..laugh ....but, I like to feel the music vibrate through my body. I never knew why I liked it that way...but I did. However, after hearing about how vibration affects us humans and nature...maybe I have a better understanding why.

When I was a teenager, I had (4) 12" sub-woofers in my car being powered by 1000 watts. Reflecting back to that time....when I was immersed into the was energizing. topic a bit here...but lets not forget about the lyrics of songs, how they can be manipulating.

You know what gets me of a lot of music, is the very simplicity of the lyrics. Take for example, Jimmy Buffet's Cheeseburger in Paradise song. I happen to hear that the other day and had to laugh to myself about the simplicity of the lyrics of that song. It is like the music industry is catering to people with very low IQ's.

another thing with is repetitive, backed by these addictive vibrations....therefore cementing/implanting beliefs...then thoughts...and then behaviors within people. dunno

I have not read anything about this...not that I can recall anyway...but, I would think a person could get an idea of who somebody is by knowing what kind of music they listen to.

The reason why they changed it was to standardize it worldwide , so we were told....but...
There's of course something more sinister about it....

Talking about manipulation...
Maybe you could read my blog about the Matrix, if you haven't yet read it?

Daniela wave
Johnny, YES, music is very manipulative...
Through the beat, the vibration, the frequency...
And the lyrics

A lot contains subliminal messages too.

Remember, sound can be healing or....destructive!
Lots of recorded songs all the 60's and 70's were speed/pitch manipulated.
60 years ago recordings were made on magnetic tape and you could alter the playback speed. Doing this changed the pitch. Faster was a higher pitch. Faster made some songs 'come to life'. If the key to a song was out of the singers range and too difficult to transpose (especially if played on a piano) the recording engineer could slow down the pitch, have the singer record it slower but in a lower key. After, they raised the speed (and pitch) to get the sound they wanted.
I've heard a few Beatles songs in the original key and the final mix. Record producer George Martin had lots of influence to recording manipulation. Speeding up songs usually made them livelier.

Sometimes radio stations sped up songs so they can play more per hour.

Digital signal processing (DSP) came along and they were able to control the speed without having the pitch affected.
Well it's not catering to people with high IQ. Probably because there are fewer of them in a fast-food culture of instant gratification. The best and brightest alienated by progress which is rather ironic when you consider who invented education, whose bright idea it was to found a civilisation. The intelligent consumed by their own Flynn effect.
Speaking of manipulation & music.
Consider the year that was 1966 -67..
One helluva list of neighbors
Jim Morrison
Cass Elliot
John Phillips
Abigail Folger. ) Mtn. Grown Folgers coffee
Stephen Stills
David Crosby
Pete Torkelson
Frank Zappa
Jay Sebring
Col. Paul Tate. ( Father of Sharon.
Various Manson fam. Personnel.

All & more I did not mention [ Neil Young would arrive later ..along w/ Joni Mitchell & Grahm Nash ] ..
Living within walking distance of each other in
Laurel Canyon. ..[ ..see, Dave McGowan [ author.
Should mention. ) .every male Name on that list
Except Pete Tork, perhaps-- grew up on military bases in which their Fathers were attached as Officers
In the so-called Military intelligence field.
This i can certainly believe. The concentric shapes you mention are the so called wavefronts of the mechanical vibrations. This will depend not only on the frequency of the source of the vibration and it's position but also on the density of the solid and it's shape, which in turn determines the resonant frequency of the structure. If you google resonance+tacoma bridge, you'll see what resonance (in conjunction with other factors) can do!
This I can certainly believe. The concentric shapes you mention are the so called wavefronts of the mechanical vibrations. This will depend not only on the frequency of the source of the vibration and it's position but also on the density of the solid and it's shape, which in turn determines the resonant frequency of the structure. If you google resonance+tacoma bridge, you'll see what resonance (in conjunction with other factors in the tacoma bridge case) can do!

THAT explains it!!!

The other day I went to a "Mini-Mart Liquor Store Gas Station Movie Rental & Fix Flat Tires" place just for a quick soda with ice. But when I walked in, there was music playing at 444 hertz - or something like that.

Suddenly, for some darn reason, I found myself attracted to and buying an Artificially Flavored Imitation Cheeseburger and a big gulper 120 ounce soda with ice.

Once I left the place and the music was gone, I woke up from the sound trance and wondered why I had ordered this sh*t.

I went home and gave the cheeseburger to my dog. He didn't like it, so he made a hole and buried it.
Sheesh! doh
Hello 777,

Good information. Thank you for sharing it. It just expands our minds to the possibilities out there.

Hello Chat,

That is interesting. Of course they are trying to achieve the best possible sound...however, is there something more behind it? dunno I think we are just scratching the surface of the possibilities, but we are getting some ideas anyway.

Hello CC,

It is funny you mention who invented education. If you think about how the school day is set up and what is being taught...and ultimately when you go through the whole schooling process, what is achieved.


That is some very interesting information. I am sure there were reasons why it was like that. I am also sure that played a role in how those times were back then.

Thanks for sharing.

Joseph...thank you for that. They say that the whole universe interacts the same way with these vibrations. It makes me wonder just exactly how us humans, who are part of the universe, react to these vibrations.

As a side note: I wonder about Gregorian Chant. If a person puts themselves in a complete relaxed state and listen to that. It is very peaceful....vs. lets say one listens to some heavy rock music. I would say it reflects the person's internal feel....thus thoughts....thus behaviors.


rolling on the floor laughing Robert....even your dog will not eat that stuff. Those damn service stations...and their burgers....and their music. laugh

Johnny I may have missed this somewhere above but here it is.
Close your mouth and humm.
Try different pressures from easy to hard.
Try also cupping your hands over your ears while you humm.
See if you feel those vibrations you're after.
Let us know the results.
Beatles songs were often manipulated for both pitch and tempo.
Here is an example:

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