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Evidence that Covid 19 was around in November?

A good friend of mine works at a hospital lab in a big city. Well, she does not play any direct role in the scenario, but she might have prompted indirectly some of the action to be taken.

Anyway, she has just informed....

Her mom's boyfriend was very sick in November. His doctor thought he might have lung cancer, but it was later diagnosed as pneumonia.

Just recently, in fact the results were gotten today. He and his doctor decided to test him for the anti-bodies of Covid 19, and his test came back positive.....meaning he has had Covid 19.

Well...either he had the disease in November, or he caught the virus later on and never even knew he had it because there were no signs he had it.


I am not doctor, but if I was a betting man (and I am) I would put my money on the fact he had the virus back in November.

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The question is did he travel around that time or who was he in contact with?

Half of my office staff was out sick in December and it started after a coworker returned from travel outside the country.

Along the same lines. France's first official case of Covid 19 is January but just recently a french Doctor remembered an Algerian man who presented him self at hospital early December with flu like symptoms, which the Doctor at the time could not diagnose. The article said the Doctor checked hospital records between Dec 2 and Dec 14. The man, a butcher by occupation, stated his whole family was suffering the same symptoms.

Remembering it he checked the patient's blood, which had been frozen, for Covid 19 and the test came back positive.

When the Doctor followed up on his discovery he learned the man had not traveled to China anytime prior or any other Asian country and neither had any of his family.
Could be Johnny.

But then, you have to be very careful Johnny claiming so, with the blame game world leaders are playing now.

If USA and China simultaneously recorded the virus in November then there has to be more than Wuhan lab and wet market theory to the virus origin. uh oh
usha, if I remember correctly, reports of the coronavirus coming into New York were traced back to Europe. They had a different strain of the virus than the passengers from China.
usha makes a valid point Johnny. The last thing those entrenched in the so called war of words want, desire, or need is any type of fact contradicting their unsubstantiated beliefs.

Like duh! It's how the world really works.
I believe you Johnny..I know of one definite case that was traced back to December..This is why all countries are putting so much effort in to tracing except for Trump!~
Now remember, I am not doctor....just putting my opinion to use as to whether or not he had it in November.

It could easily be argued that he got covid in February (or some other month that aligns with what we are being told)....and he just didn't have any major symptoms.


I think as time goes on, we will most likely be finding out more and more about things.
Also...who knows.....maybe a false positive with that anti-body test? dunno
Now, I am just a sheep in his pen....

But I would think with such accusations that have major implications and retributions...such as the origins of the virus, there should be some rock solid evidence, rather than just somebody saying it is so.

sheep laugh
Experts in the medical field don't lie..Bloody conspiracy is a load of shit..If ya think it started when we all first heard about it then all I can say is get a bloody grip!~
Merc.....sheep laugh

...sorry, couldn't resist. grin
Johnny, I am not a doctor too. I don't believe anything these days because I can't even get my head around what this is all about. Unless the bloody virus mutate and grow a mouth of it's own and tell us where it came from, I am going to take care not to get infected.

But I believe what you say, and with what wrinkly said, may be, just may be, there was a less severe strain of the virus among us, undetected. dunno


I am not a doctor, but I sometimes portray one on the blogs.
Of course, not many other people do that. grin

Anyways, in Febuarie, or February, I had snot running from my nose. Tired of sucking it up and then letting it roll down again. An ex-GF I saw me at the store one day said, "Hey, suck it up or blow it out. Don't leave it hanging there. And by the way, wear a mask."

I replied, "Oh, you want me to wear a mask? You still care about me?"

She answered, "No, I just want you to wear a mask, so I don't have to see your Face!!"

Nah, me neither. I'm not a betting man, ya see. smoking

Yes....Ms. Usha, be careful.

I heard last week our local casino was supposed to partially open tomorrow, but from what I just heard today, it sounds like they are not going to go ahead with that plan. Has to make one think about how serious this is (not that we didn't already have a clue)...and it seems like more and more people are anxious to get on with life the way it was, with some states here now allowing some businesses to reopen. :(

I will be posting if any information I have posted in this blog was inaccurate, or if something was diagnosed/tested in error.

laugh Robert. You meet some of the most lovely ladies I must say. comfort laugh
And Johnny,

I told you about the lady I usually get haircuts from. She rubs herself all over me, gets on top of me on the chair and everything!!! wow

I just wonder, what is she going to do when she cuts my hair next time? Will she wear a mask, gloves.. and still wear the low neck v-top and rub that part all over me again? confused
If everything works out, you may not see her ever again, and you may just have to let your hair grow a bit. Perhaps a pretty ponytail would look good on you? You would be a lady's man with that.

We might have to social distance the rest of our lives. sigh
Oh no, I wont social distance for the rest of my life. I can't.

The other day, I saw my ex-GF Benna Ohver. She said, "Give me a hug!"

I replied, "Well, uh, I don't know. You know, cause of the social distancing thing, and you kind of smell like pee."

For some reason, oh I don't know why, but she got upset and shouted, "You know what? F*** you then!" After that, she gave me the one finger salute and walked away angry.

I don't know what I said or did wrong. dunno
rolling on the floor laughing Robert...

You and that bawdy talk will get you in big trouble one day. tongue rolling on the floor laughing

Alright Johnny. Have a good night and cool fun walnut wood sawdust day tomorrow. beer
Sorry Chat, I didn't see your comment. Hope all is good.
Chat, that was my first question as well. He does not travel and he is located in southern half of Wisconsin.

There are a ton of other stories I have heard too that make things sound very fishy as well. But I think the one in the blog sums up all of them very well.
Until each country does full testing and contact tracing, we won't have a clue where it started.
It could have started anywhere.
I can't imagine some countries, not mentioning any in particular innocent wanting it to have started there. Politically and economically, China suits them to be the source. And it may still be.
Johnny it's just been confirmed..A medical examiner did trace back to November in Europe..People who died way back from flu like symptoms had what ever taken from them and frozen..Now these medical examiners are going through those frozen which goes way back..The person who tested positive in Europe didn't travel to China or overseas..So yes maybe someone from China or that way traveled to Europe or maybe not.
Over fifty years since I've had anything like pneumonia. Last summer I got a dry hacking cough that was brutal and constant for ten days. Just hit me like a cold for a day or two and then it hit. When I got over it I got this weird pain around my chest front and back like a belt. Went to doctors, pulmonologist, cardiologists, they were baffled.
Last year for the first time ever I had a chronic cough and my back felt like I had been standing in front of the fire, but I didn't have a temperature, was sent for an x-ray and put on a steroid nasal spray. Took about two months to go away. A Medic with the Ambulance put her hand on my back as I stood up and remarked about the heat of my back. I wondered what it was because I felt fine.
Ralph & Reboot why don't you both attend a Covid-19 test centre?

Yesterday I went for a power walk past my local hospital.. I walked past a Codid-19 test centre where people can turn up and be tested..It's done for free.
Merc. Here you have to have one symptom, even as of today. They aren't checking for antibodies or whatever is there after you had it.

I feel sorry for kids, imagine facing this at a young age, we had no real worries as kids, not like this.
How do Johny wave
I don't bother follow/read Covid blogs anymore, nevertheless some of what your saying interests me....

Even after you've had the virus and it's since passed... you can have tests done confirming if you once had it?
The evidence has shown that Trump and others knew of the pandemic.
China sent information to America as early as January of 2020.

Trump ignored all those information and delayed action to protect America.

My government of this third world country did a GOOD job to protect us.

To date we have NO case of Covid19.

We had 10 cases with 2 deaths.

Today we are working hard to keep people out of our country by closing our boarders. banana
Rebbot it's different here..We aren't stuff arsing around as we're right into tracing..One symptom is enough to be tested here.
Molly thumbs up and wave
3 cheers for your Country Smiles applause applause applause

Maybe a daft question, but could that mean your country is now one of the most vulnerable ones in the world confused dunno
Merc...thanks for sharing. I think as time goes on, we are going to learn some new thing..

How about for example, Today, according to the New York's governor, 66% of current cases of the virus are from people who have self quarantined. uh oh dunno
Raph, wow...thanks for sharing.

What you mention, aligns with some other stories I have heard. However, what you say is the earliest I have heard.

Food for thought.

Reboot....interesting as well. hmmm

What can explain this?

I just heard now, on CNN..people are dying in weird ways. dunno
Celtic, I am not doctor....but that is what I understand the anti-body to be. From my ignorant understanding, if you have the anti-body, it means that your body has naturally fought off the virus. But, you did have the virus.


Thanks for sharing.

I think that is weird how some countries have been very fortunate to either dodge this virus or to have come up with effective ways on preventing the spread of it.

I mean....

Governor Cuomo just said as of today, 66% of current cases are reported to be from people who have quarantined themselves.

Something don't add up here if you ask me.

But...I am a dummy so don't listen to me.

Johnny in regard to Governor Cuomo speaking about those quarantined testing positive..It's because some may of flaunted the rules when quarantine was put in place to begin with..Or probable cause is before quarantine was put in place those people obviously came into contact with those affected by the virus..Don't forget there are so many many cases who have the virus but for some unknown reason at this time they have no symptoms at all.

One example..You can be walking in front of me talking on your phone..I'm walking behind you at the right social distancing distance..It's a well known fact that it's more than just washing your hands with soap..It's been proven that when we speak droplets naked to the human eye escape..So I'm at the appropriate distance behind you but your conversation on the phone is causing droplets from your mouth to be airborne..Stays airborne for quite awhile..I walk right into it.

Some at a restaurant or eatery where air conditioning or fans are present before we knew about this virus but the virus was spreading..People eating in conversation..These air conditioners & fans swirling some affected by the virus but not knowing they were infected with this deadly virus.

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