When you find a life partner...you inherit..

You inherit more than just their body.

Here are some of the things that I have thought of that you inherit when you find a life partner....maybe not inherit directly, but maybe also indirectly.

You inherit their:

their debt
their criminal history
their health
their family
their wealth
their hate
their love
their personality
their enemies
their friends
their philosophy on life
their disease
their headaches
their positive glow of energy
their caring
their dislikes
their hygiene
their filth
their education
their ignorance
their burdens
their resources
their touch
their coldness
....everything about them

Of course....you give equally.

It makes me wonder, is that why hook up culture is so prevalent today? Have people become too ugly for a lifetime partnership? Or, have they become too selfish to take on another's "everything"....or too greedy to share their "everything." Or is it...they are too busy to take on or share their "everything." No matter what it is...it should tell you something about them.

Just a little something....

Happy Friday all.

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wow What an eye-opener! Your perspective is quite enlightening; you've actually itemized the "baggage" that we refer to, and it may not even be a complete list.

You may be right about the 'hook-up culture', but even with all the ugliness many of us are able to ignore/look past and even forgive, because of LOVE. It is written that "love can cover a multitude of sins".

Good blog!thumbs up wine
Hello Didi,

Thank you for your comment.

You are right, the list I have provided just scratches the surface.

Yes about love....however, some make love very difficult. Just be aware of the full package you are signing for when it comes to long term commitment.

Hi, I'm mostly off blogs nowdays but for a good blog like this I'd add:
don't forget you both might bring something wonderful into the mix too,
that may dampen or eredicate alltogether some of the earlier lifes trauma.
thumbs up
Their pets...
Hello Grand,

I totally agree...there is a potential for beauty to be added as well. thumbs up

People often focus on solely the physical characteristics of a potential partner and I think, fail to realize the depth of a person's being they are signing up for when it comes to long term commitments.
awww shit, I should stay single all along laugh laugh
Hello Chat...

Yes indeed. thumbs up

laugh you've barely scratched the surface.

It might have been useful to have two columns, for the Pros and Cons, but I can only make about five Pros.

The Pets did it for me, if they don't pass that one, no need to continue.
One woman has on her profile "hopefully my dog will like you". rolling on the floor laughing
Me I'm often liked more by the dog.. laugh
laugh Wise dog. He's probably hoping you'll rescue him.
That's different, something to think of!
Wow! shock
I didn't know you are that "complicated", Johnny .. grin

Lets just forget about the "complete" list for a minute. From the list you have provided, which ones your partner will inherit from you, Johnny? Or you will stay single for the rest of your life because you are too scared to inherit things on that list to have a partner? wink

To me, life is what we make it. You can make it complicated or simple. Regarding that list, I would make it simple.. we will inherit good and bad from our partner and we will get only what we deserve. That's it.

I understand the word "inherit" as "live with"
Awww, what the #@%# , that's messed up, Johnny.

I never thought of it like that.

Oh well.
. cheers
Hello Rin,

....and welcome to the blogs.

I would say in some cases staying single is better than being with the wrong person.

I thought a little earlier, maybe that is why relationships are easier to start with younger folks...their "slates" are mostly equally clean with each other.....and with older people, that "slate" can be way different...with various differences.


Mer...more of a cat person myself...if I were to have a pet. laugh
Hello Diamond....welcome to the blogs. I am happy to hear you found this thought provoking.

head banger
Oops Diamond...supposed to be this------> wave laugh , not head banger
Hello Kal,

Now you are making it complicated. laugh

What from that list could I give my partner....hmmm Of course being inherently biased...I would like to think all of the good things. laugh However, in reality, I don't think I have much good to offer anybody. I do not tolerate bullsh*t and disrespect I guess...maybe even to a fault. I find myself to be a very disciplined person....I guess. I blame that on being a Virgo. lol

However, I do totally agree with you as far as we deserve what we get out of life. thumbs up thumbs up

What about you? What are your offerings?

Hello Robert....nice to see you my good friend.


As soon as those little emotions within you start becoming attached to your partner....the longer those emotions become attached, the deeper they grow within you. The longer you are with your loved/loving partner....their beauties become more and more yours....and also their problems too.

Their religion...

Ivanka Trump who was raised as a Presbyterian Christian, converted to Orthodox Judaism after marrying Jared Kushner.
Hello Chat,

Good point...I have heard of that.

Find the balance between 2 people who are in love!
Hello Hover,

I agree...it would be nice to find somebody who compliments your weaknesses and you compliment theirs.

But Johnny, what about all the positives of being with someone?

Well said. Both partners inherit each other's baggage.
Hover...yes, there are many beautiful sides of people. thumbs up
Hello Nerdy,

Welcome to the blogs. Yes....good and bad baggage.

Hi Johnny wave

I told my Giant about the topic of this blog of yours, including your question to me. I asked him what he thought he will inherit from me.. what he thought my offerings would be.

Guess what he said?

Nope.. try again, Johnny!
What? Nope.. you're wrong!


He said: "Your songs, Kal..! I will inherit them from you!"
And then I told him that I would love to inherit his songs too.

I said: "Our songs are the only extraordinary things we both have!"
Then we both laughed. laugh

You see Johnny, even though I have always been a bad singer, my Giant likes it when I am singing. And although my Giant is a terrible singer (far worse than I am giggle ), I really love it when he is singing for me.

Sounds BS to you, eh Johnny_Spartan? grin

Neither does any body. But many do tolerate their own bullshits, am I right? wink

Anyway, for fun, my Giant and I went through all the "inheritance" you provided. Surprising enough, we both have the same (V)s and (X)s banana

He said: "Everyone has good and bad sides in one package, Kal..!"

I couldn't agree with him more. And I told him that as long as we are open and transparent to each other, and as long as he and I are not too durn proud of ourselves to admit our faults, we will be ok. heart wings yay

He said: "I will take your package completely, Kal..!"

Hmm.. I guess I will be terribly selfish if I don't do the same, won't I Johnny_Spartan?
You certainly do in North Korea. If you commit a crime your whole family goes missing
Hello Kal,

All very good points Kal. I agree with the founded conclusions your Giant and yourself came to...as far as there is good and bad within everyone. It is a matter of knowing of these goods and bads in order to determine whether or not a life long partnership is the right path for the relationship. Of course, knowing about those traits take time. They say love does conquer all...perhaps it does. dunno

As far as respect in a relationship...nobody should be treated as a doormat and nobody should accept being treated that way. This leads to what you mention about one accepting their own bullsh*t. That is true what you say. However, what is bullsh*t to one, may not be to another. However, if the partner perceives things as bullsh*t in their loved one, it should be called out, discussed...and hopefully a common ground reached.

I think...I do not know...but, it just makes common sense to me. But, I think that two older people who are trying to develop a relationship will have a lot of past "baggage"...as one called it...accumulated through the years. As those two are in the beginning phases of a relationship building, these so called baggage traits will need to be addressed so a common understanding of each person's perspectives/situations can be dealt with and either be accepted or denied by the people in the relationship. I suppose at that time, it then boils down to boundaries people have set for themselves. dunno

In my opinion, the bottom line is that, the older the people trying to begin a fresh relationship, the more they stand to inherit from their partner....the good and the bad...as my very partial list indicates. One should be careful to fall in love with the superficial aspects of a person.


Wow...that is pretty extreme. In that case, yes...you want to be very careful with who you choose as a partner.

Yup, not easy to be in a partnership….really not easy at all…sigh blues moping crying help

I feel so bad for my Arty…..

rolling on the floor laughing
Hello Mimi,

I am guessing that life is going well for you and for your Art...if so, much congratulations to you two.

Inheriting stuff from your life partner is not all bad....in fact if somebody gets lucky, it could be indeed...all good.

Having a loving and fun, and happy personality....such as yours...is a beautiful trait that Art is blessed to have inherited from you. thumbs up

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