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13 days since my second covid vaccine shot. What's the status?

In short - great! I don't feel any different than before I was vaccinated. No 5G.. No Wifi.. I feel like I have always felt - great. Healthy.

Tomorrow will mark the two week threshold, which means the vaccine will be fully operational. I am now ready to travel again! Bring it on!
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Hello weekend! I have been expecting you!

After yet another week with a lot of learning, I am VERY happy it's the weekend. I will spend it doing as little as possible. Sleeping in, for sure! Clear my head from all the noise. Read up on certain things regarding ADR.

I also need to do the laundry and take a shower. That'll be tomorrow's plan. For now, I just want to relax and enjoy the evening
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First certificate in the books!

These past few weeks have been full of school stuff. I have learned a great deal, and I can feel my hunger to learn more grows.

One of the things I have to learn, is ADR. "But Philipsen. what is ADR specifically?", I hear someone ask.. Well.. ADR stands for Accord Dangereux Routier (European regulations concerning the international transport of dangerous goods by road), and basically what it means, is that any driver who has the ADR certificate, can move dangerous goods, up to a certain amount. I haven't been told the exact maximum you can haul with an ADR license, but it's up to 1000 points. How those points are distributed, I am not sure. I will know more later.

Yesterday was my first introduction to ADR, and I was told, that I would get a test today. If I passed it, I would have ADR 1.3. That means, I am allowed to ride along with someone who hauls dangerous goods, like fuel, dynamite, fireworks, paint and smoke detectors. Fun fact: Did you know that some smoke detectors are radioactive? It's due to americium-241, an isotope with a half-life of 432.2 years. The amount of radiation those smoke detectors emit is about 1/100 of a millirem per year. This is well below the background radiation level of about 360 millirems a year. If a smoke detector contains radioactive materials, a printed notice on the packaging will say so.

Anyway, the test was set to last for 45 minutes, but my group was done after about 30. We had a book to look in, so it made it much easier. Then the teacher went through each question, and everyone passed. That means, I am now ADR 1.3 certified, so if my work experience company hauls dangerous goods of any kind, I am allowed to join the person on the trip.

Very exciting times ahead!
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40th birthday plans settled.

I know that I went on and on in my last blog, that this was a "part 1", but after last night, I decided that it WILL be a garden party, USA style. Why did I come to that conclusion? I wrote the following to an American friend of mine: "Would you be interested in attending my 40th birthday in 2024? There's a theme and everything. It's USA theme, so I will probably need some help in order to nail the atmosphere completely. Food and drink will be plenty. Let me know if you're interested"

1:39 am this morning, there was a reply: "That would be awesome!" So I told her, that she had to mark her calendar, as she was invited.

That means that the USA garden party theme is ON! Oh BOY I AM SO EXCITED, I almost yelled... Anyway..

Now I just need a location. I also need to look up what usually goes to an American bbq. Everything needs to be home made, nothing store bought.. Well, apart from the meat, condiments and the snacks. But the sides will be.home made. I need to research how to make the best potato salad.. That means lots and LOTS of trial and quite possibly error. Or - I could borrow my American friend's recipe. I bet she has a pretty good one from her grandmother. The mac & cheese as well.. Oh yes, there will be mac & cheese in the tonnes. Well, maybe not, but there has to be a lot of it!

So now I need to plan. I have just under three years to plan the perfect party!
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My school week ended with a lashing session lasting 1.5 hours..

I am beginning to really love what I am studying, now that the practical side of the education is showing. Yesterday we had lashing exercises, and today we had our most realistic lashing exercise. We were divided into groups, and each group received a MY number and the weight of an imaginary cargo. It was up to us to lash it in correctly. In my groups case, the MY number was 0.45, and the weight was 1000 kilograms. We then had to consult our little green book, and work out how many straps we needed to secure the load as securely as possible.

We worked out, that we needed two to safely secure the load, so we put a pallet on top of the cargo, and began strapping. One person in my group went "Hang on, we need to measure the angle as well. By my calculations, we need two more straps, so four in total. Let's get two more and strap them to the load as well".

By the time we were done, the teacher came around to inspect our lashings. On the first try, my group and I passed, but not without remarks. "Make sure you get the straps as close to the load as possible. What you have done here is good, but if the wood on the pallet is rotten, if the board snaps, the cargo will not be secure. Other than that, nice work!".

By then, break time was upon us. When we came back, we had to untie our straps, move to the left and start over with a new MY number and a new weight. We got the exact same numbers, so we corrected our previous mistake. The teacher was impressed with us, and just how quickly we strapped the load down. We then had to unstrap the load, put the lashing strap and the hook back where we took it from, and then we were finished for the day.

Tomorrow is a day off, which I am looking forward to. I can sleep in! Saturday is the exhibition, so we need to get there for 10 am, which is fine. New trucks, lots of new things to see.. It's gonna be so much fun!
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I almost panicked - until I received the best news ever!

Monday morning, K informed me that she was home sick with sore throat, headache, pressure around her ears and a runny and clogged nose, and that she hadn't slept well. She took a PCR test and waited for the result, so she could get an appointment for her doctor. She advised me to do take a PCR test, as fast as possible. Thoughts was racing through my mind.. Did I possibly pass on covid to her? I wasn't that close to her during the concert, was I? Am I the reason she's possibly going to have to be forced to call in sick with covid? If it is covid, and I produce a positive test, how am I going to explain it to my 8 roommates?

You could say, I panicked.. Thinking "Oh shit, this is not good.."

I first went for a rapid test, and about 30 minutes later, it came back as negative. I then donned my face mask, that I got handed out during the rapid test, and went to do the PCR test. I felt fine, so I wasn't worried at all. Still, it didn't hurt to be tested, just to be safe. I have been light headed, and I did have some chest pains when I coughed.. This could end badly..

I went to bed a few hours later, my mind still racing. What if.. What if.. What if..

Sleeping didn't come easy, for some reason. I kept thinking about how bad K must be feeling, for her to visit her doctor

At 6 am this morning, I woke up to what could possibly be the best news ever - her test was negative. That lifted a HUGE weight off my shoulders. If her test was negative, then there is a possibility that mine is negative as well. I paid some bills and left for school.

A few hours later, while at school, my result came back. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous. I opened the app, and went to look at the result of the test. I read the best eleven letters ever: Not detected.


I am now extremely confident, that what I had over the weekend, was a regular cold. I guess the vaccine really does work.. Who would have thunk, eh?

Still, this experience has left me with one new thing to do: Wear a face mask on public transport and in large gatherings. I don't have the time to be sick. I want to be the student, who gets put on the Wall of Fame. Who has a perfect attendance rate! I will not fulfill those wishes if I am sick.

I did see K today, though. Now that she knows it's just a bad cold, she's going outside again. She wears a face mask and keeps her distance from all people - including me. Six feet. I told her I was okay with that, and it was for the best because she's sick. She'll be back to normal in about a weeks time. Until then, it's plenty of rest for her, and a lot of fluids
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Jumping head first into the horror genre!

I have decided to jump into the horror genre. There are a lot of good ones out there, but there are also some VERY boring horror films.

Let's start with the good ones:

The Alien franchise! The movies that cemented my love for the horror genre! Absolutely fantastic movies, that really deserve a place in history. Claustrophobic, disgusting and so amazing, with some kills that will make you squirm! Collective score: 10/10

The Predator franchise! I remember seeing the original with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and once I saw that sports hunter in the flesh, I was sold! I even liked the latest one, which was hated all around. They are making a new one, which I am very excited about! Collective score: 10/10

The Fear Street trilogy. The best horror of 2021, by far! The first film takes place in 1994, and it's very much a Scream homage, which I love! The kills are brutal and messy. One kill this one made me go "Oh damn, wow! Awesome!". It has just what a slasher needs: blood, gore and a well crafted story. The second one takes place in 1978, and it's very much a Friday the 13th film, which manages to be itself throughout, which I love. The kills are again bloody and brutal. Some might even say savage. The final film takes us all the way back to 1666, where we see the origin of the curse that is shown in the first film. This time, however, it's a slow burn, but the third act is where it really becomes a Fear Street film. My verdict: 9/10

It - Chapter I and II

I have never seen the original mini series, but I have heard it's where peoples fear of clowns began, so when they were announcing they were making a remake in TWO parts, I knew I had to see them both. Part I was surprisingly fun, while Part II was SIGNIFICANTLY more darker than part I was. But I had a lot of fun watching both films. Not as gory as I would have liked, but the story was great. Part I had some great kid actors, while Part II built on the suspense and the fun from Part I. Collective score: 8/10

The Hills have Eyes (2006 remake)

Now this was my first in-your-face horror film I saw, and I loved every minute of it. It starts as a regular off the mill classic road movie, but ends up being one of the goriest films ever. It has everything: From heads being blown off, a person semi-melting to full on blood fest. The design of the mutants is also very good. I need this movie in my collection - soon! My verdict: 8/10

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

Five kids pick up a hitchhiker, but ends up getting followed by a chainsaw wielding cannibalistic maniac and his family of psychos. This film has the scene that I hate to watch - nails being RIPPED OFF in slow motion.. It still makes me squirm. Other than that, it's a solid Texas Chainsaw film, and it's highly recommended from here. I showed the film to a bunch of people, and one of them got sick because of what she saw, so it's not for the faint of heart.

Now, it's time to name some of the bad horror films I have watched. Note: This is my opinion. You can have your own, which is fine. I will not go into detail about the films, but just list the names of them. Okay, here we go:

Saw 3-8. The first two were great, but it went downhill from there. Fast.

The Paranormal Activity franchise. I watched the first one, and I was bored. It kept me from watching the rest of the franchise, and by the sound of it, I haven't missed a lot.

Crawl. It was hailed as a modern day masterpiece, but my god it was dull and predictable. I was so bored, that I scrolled through my phone. Easily the worst film I have ever seen.

Army of the Dead. Zach Snyder is a hit and miss. Usually, his films are fantastic (take his version of the Justice League, for example), so when I heard he was making a zombie film with Dave Bautista in the lead, I was intrigued. The trailer looked good as well. Then I saw the movie.. I really wish I hadn't. Absolute trash!
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A fantastic evening with K was ruined by my own body.

Thursday, I got a message from K asking if I wanted to join her at a concert on Friday afternoon. I looked at the lineup and thought "Yeah, I'd like to see those bands", so I wrote "You're on. How much is it?" "Well it's in The Courtyard, and those shows are always free. Let's meet up in front of my place at 4 pm, so we'll get a good spot."

"Score", was my immediate thought. Live music again, without social distancing or face masks. I live for concerts, so it was really a no brainer. The bands were Lotan and Urkraft, two Danish metal bands. Lotan is black metal with satanic undertones, and Urkraft is just pure death metal. I had a great time, however.. By 6 pm, before any of the bands came on, my body suddenly decided to go "Here, have a cold!". I sneezed like mad, coughed like I was a heavy smoker and my nose was clogged. But, that wasn't going to stop me from enjoying the show. Luckily, I had a spare face mask, so I wore that. I did get some looks, but I explained it was because I was having a sudden cold, and I didn't want to pass it on to someone else. Luckily, fans of metal are an understanding bunch, so they were all "No worries, I'll just keep a foot between you and me. Cheers!"

I love metal fans.. Anyway, back to the evening!

Shortly before 9 pm, the show ended, and K and I went on our way home. I was feeling VERY rough, but I told her I could make it, even if she had to do some food shopping when we got to our stop. I did walk slowly, like someone had hit me with a truck.

She did her shopping, paid and we were off home. I followed her all the way to her door, because I am a gentleman, and I wished her a good night, and told her I had a great time. I then walked the remaining five minutes home.

I locked myself in, sat on my bed and was extremely close to falling asleep. A quick brush of my teeth later, and I was ready to fall asleep. However, I didn't get a lot of it. Mainly because of my cold, but also because I couldn't really fall in a deep sleep. I think I managed about 5 hours or so, so by the time it was 7 am, I was up again.

Here twelve hours later, I feel a lot better. I can feel the cold leaving my body, which is fantastic. I need it to be gone by Monday. If it's not gone, we'll see how I feel at 6 am. If I feel rough, I will not go to school. It sucks because I want to have a perfect attendance record, but if you're sick, you're sick.

So in summary: I spent a few great hours with K, got a cold, slept bad and now I feel better. If only I hadn't developed that stupid cold.. The evening might have turned out differently..

Anyway, tomorrow might actually be great. K and I have a semi-confirmed "date". I have invited her over to my new place, and if she can find the time tomorrow, she might come by. We'll see what happens.

Final thoughts: Black metal and death metal concerts rule!
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"How about you work here for a week at some point of your choosing?"

I have spent the past week and a halfs time emailing companies, saying that I had begun my truck driver education, and asking if they would be interested in a quick conversation to hear about me. One said they didn't do apprenticeships, but the other three have resulted in interviews. Two of them are up in the air, but the third one looks like a winner.

I received a reply back this morning, saying I was welcome to swing by for a short interview. So once school ended, I was at the company, talking to the boss. He explained that they are a moving company, specializing in moving from country to country. They had one client who had just come back from Switzerland to Denmark.

We talked back an forth for about ten minutes time, and we came to the subject of the apprenticeship. He felt that it was best to have me there for a week, just to see if I liked it and if I fitted in with the rest of his crew. So we agreed for me to come down to them at some point this year, to work there for about a week. He would call the school to arrange the final details, and he would stop receiving admissions for apprenticeships, until he was sure I wanted to do a weeks work there, which I definitely will do.

I am quite confident that I will like it there. Hopefully they will like me as well! If they do, I will do my apprenticeship there
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Attending my first truck show!

I deleted the previous blog, because it didn't give any information about the event. So here goes with a more descriptive blog.

Every year, a trucking industry hosts an even called Transport Øst, or Transport East. It's the biggest event on Zealand, and there's gonna be a lot of different exhibitors there. Among the attendees are:

Mercedes-Benz CPH
Nyscan Trucks A/S
Volvo Denmark A/S
Scania Denmark A/S
Lastas Truck Denmark A/S
Scanvo Trucks Denmark A/S
REA Commercial Vehicles A/S
Andersen Cars A/S

Apart from that, there will be trailers, fuel suppliers, forklifts, cranes, education centers (one of them is my school), tires, financing departments, banks and different accessories vendors.

At the event, you can get behind the wheel of brand new trucks, strike up a conversation with different companies and generally create connections, that you can use in your future. Think of it as SEMA but for trucking. An event not open to the public, but to people in a specific field. This case, it's trucking.

I am so excited for this! It's gonna be my first ever show like this. Later on in the education, we are also going to the biggest transport exhibition in Denmark, which hosts 250+ exhibitors, conferences, show trucks, rc trucks, old trucks and the Danish Apprenticeship Championship. Plus a LOT of other things as well. However, I am not sure if it's this year or next year, but I will ask tomorrow. Hopefully it's gonna be this year.
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Apprenticeship interview today plus another one next week.

Earlier today, I went to a haulage company for a small interview. They wanted to see who I was, and talk a bit to me. It was pretty easy to find, and it'll take me about 55 minutes to get there. If I have to be there by 6.15 am, I need to get up at 5, which I don't mind. Well, I need to get up at 5 until I have a car. Then it'll take about ten minutes to get there. I can then sleep in until 5.30 am. You need to get up early if you want to be a trucker.

Anyway, while I was heading down to the interview, I got an email from the CEO of the other company I applied for. They want to see me for a little interview on Tuesday at 2.30 pm in the afternoon. This company is one of the oldest in Denmark, and they can solve any job you throw at them. I look forward to that interview, because the company is a bit older than the one I interviewed for today. Also, something about the first company rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know what it was, but I just felt that the company was not really for me. I need to make a great impression at the other place, so they will pick me. Or maybe I will have to pick between both companies.

But in any case - interviewing for apprenticeships one week into my education, that's fantastic! Most of my classmates haven't even begun to think applying for places. They need to get a move on, because suddenly it's time for exams and tests, and then what?
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Possible apprenticeship secured!

In order for me to progress from the basic course to the main course of the truck driver education, I need to get a driving license for a regular car. In order to qualify for that, I need an apprenticeship with a trucking company.

I sent a few emails today to companies, that offer apprenticeships. I explained, that I have recently begun the truck driving education, or the road freight transport education, to be exact, and I need an apprenticeship by January 21st 2022, or earlier if possible. One got back to me, saying I was welcome to pop by on Friday afternoon, so that's what I am going to do.

However - we are going bowling on Friday. I will talk to a teacher tomorrow, and hear if I can be excused for the day, since all we have to do is bowl. I would rather go to that company and talk to them, than go bowling. I am fairly confident that I can be allowed to go to the company and have a word with them.

All in all, things are hopefully looking up
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