Your take on doing things by yourself.

I am going to see a movie by myself tonight. I was just wondering about what others thought about doing things by themselves. For example, I will go to restaurants, nightclubs, bars, casinos, etc by myself. If I want to do something, I just go do it. About a year ago, I was talking with a friend of mine. She was recently divorced and she was saying she did not go to restaurants by herself. Is is really that uncomfortable to do things on your own?
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scold Johnny: In my opinion! There is nothing wronge with that. Think of it, as a Me Time. And you just might meet somebody, that you could be interested in.
i take my beer on my own cheers
there is nothing wrong with going by yourself i do often
think of all the money ya savehandshake
i sleep whit my monkey Always alone thumbs up
For me not doing things by myself is kind of rare. Not having a partner should not keep you from doing what you enjoy doing.
Thanks all for the comments. I agree, you should not be held back from what you want to do. I love being able to do what spontaneously comes to my mind.

Also...yes. You do save money. I can drink two beers where as in the past I drank one. laugh
I go to the cinema, plays, walking, etc. I also go on holidays by myself.

I don't fancy going to pubs by myself, although I would go down to the hotel bar if I were on hols.

Evening dinner in a restaurant is another unavoidable thing I don't enjoy so much alone, but that is not so bad if you can sit outdoors and watch the rest of the world go by.

Overall though, there is nothing I wouldnt do alone/place I wouldn't go alone, if by not doing it alone meant it wouldn't get done.

You can only depend totally on yourself in the long run.

And you will never fall out with your travelling companion laugh
I pity that poor monkey Jarraduh oh laugh beer
well, I went to a circus once by myself, and it felt really uncomfortable, everybody was starring at me weirdly, like as if Im crazy or something.
But, I really wanted to see a circus show. was the Russian world moscow circus or something.

ye, never again.

but, I do go into a restaurant by myself, but always look for the far end table behind the pillars or something.

have to go to a restaurant when I pass it. love food and milkshakes too much.
aaah Leakathrine, come with me. Cause when I go to these places alone, they treat me like a criminal sometimes, well, the staff do.
I've gone by myself to restaurants, movies although bars/pubs, not so much. Have a good time wine
Ive gone to bars on my own, its ok, but after a few beers I begin to talk to myselflaugh uh oh beer
@Johnny...... I don't think there is anything wrong with it, myself personally I enjoy large groups of people but not everyone is that comfortable around big crowds. You do what feels right for you!!
handshake thumbs up
I have no problem doing stuff by myself cause sometimes I prefer things that way.

I like doing shopping by myself cause I get more done and out of the store a lot quicker.
for me, going out to the public places alone is not too comfortable... I prefer to have accompany, but there is a time when i wanna do something alone. when I am in a bad mood, my habit is drive a car fast in high way and then stop in rest area to have a coffee and listening music ... for that I do alone.
Good for you and I believe it is good to enjoy our own company as well as others companybeer
Thanks all again. Beautiful responses that are much appreciated. not think for one second you are alone with those feelings. Again, I am no doctor of any sort; however, I have studied social dynamics and human psychology in regards to this area for about three years. It is amazing how powerful the brain is. I know this is somewhat cliche to say, but it is extremely powerful. From my understanding, most everything stems from your thoughts or from child scripts.

I felt the exact same way as you going into places by myself. I remember even being terrified....everyone was looking at me, they were thinking negatively of me, making fun of me, and when they laughed, they were laughing at me.

I discovered for me that a lot of those feelings came from my thoughts and my child scripts. Child scripts develop in you as an infant. When you were physically defenseless you discovered certain ways to behave to preserve your safety. Those scripts are so deeply ingrained in your being that you do not even know that you are reacting because of them. You do not even consciously recognize them.

Anyway...that is what I discovered within can take these words as trash or as you wish.
Some interesting points you make Mr. johhny, i travelled the world alone when I was 18 , insisting i was mature enough to do so , in my own mind. Back then being alone was what i had to be' to fulfill my dream . Nowadays i would not even Go to the cinema alone, because it makes me sad.
I thInk it depends where you are at in your life.
I have friends Who love being alone and do every thing alone or with girlfriends, they are quite happy.
I prefer to be' in company with someone definitly. Being someone Who enjoys the company of others is what I am .
Good thought provoking blog sir , thankyou.
Johnny a most curious question which in my mind a very thought provoking really. Fact, at least in my country, the USA, there are more single than married. And we reached the lowest. Now with accounted 300 millions. Even at half equation can you imagine what of us do if we don't feel comfortable doing things solo?

Now I halfway traveled the world at 30, and let me tell you ITALY is the rudest place to be when you're single. The men never leave up alone and most of the women sneer at you. Now having said that doesn't mean they are all like that. And I'm even in my business suit
Johnny I might add, I notice the happier looking people are the single ones.Ccome to California Johnny and all crowds are mostly singles.

The lips was supposed to be flowers. Sorry
I go alone for one simple reason. I don't have to resort to the whims of a "come along! I like certain places, do certain things and I don't have a tag along wanting to go home or somewhere else when I want to stay.
Hello S.R.,

Here I thought the lips meant you were trying to hit on me....too bad for me. :)

In regards to your comments, this is what I am finding with this site. I kind of like how it intermingles all sorts of cultures here. What a great way for us to learn about others on the opposite side of the globe. I am also in the U.S.. The divorce rate is high here, as I am sure you know. Maybe people are happier single?

Thanks for your post.
Thank you Ed. That is one of the advantage of being single. :) I often wonder about the old saying, "Woman, you cannot live with them and you cannot live without them." It seems as us single men are stuck between a rock and a hard place. :)

Good luck Ed!
Yes I go to the pub by myself, people tend to think I an stand offish but although I speak Finnish fluently I tend to enjoy my own company as the Finnish don't have much of s sense of humour, or rather they don't understand mine.

Also I have been caught in some very expensive rounds with people I hardly know.

If I am entertaining a lady it is different, and if she understands English and the culture that is an added bonus. I am not really a miserable sodgrin grin grin cool
Nah, I go places by myself all the time. Not going to miss out on life just because I’m single. I got an unlimited cinema membership while I was dating someone and kept it when we broke up. I just saw a good horror film last night by myself. Didn’t even miss him.

I don’t know why but your blogs are interesting to me. I feel like you’re your true self through your writing.
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