RE: What's the most expensive present....

The most expensive gift?

A child.

RE: Meghan Merkle

Harry 5th in line to the throne? confused

Are there a couple of scandals inbetween him and William?

RE: My dog and I

My intention wasn't to be mean to Harbal, Tulefell.

I was just teasing him in the stupid way I tease my friends.

RE: Trump sets his pants on fire.......again

Thankyou, Riz. That supports my first argument.

The particular maths I was referring to in my second, was how price changes might directly affect the farmer. Bragging that prices have gone up, doesn't necessarily mean farmers will earn more, or survive.

A company I worked for recently prided themselves and boasted about their lowest paid employees (well, second lowest paid, because the cleaners didn't matter) got a higher percentage pay rise than the highest, everyone inbetween being scaled according to their scale.

What actually happened after stoppages, was that the (second) lowest paid employees went home with less in their wage packets than before the pay rise, whilst the highest paid did rather well out of it.

RE: Trump sets his pants on fire.......again

Do you wear glasses, epirb?

RE: Trump sets his pants on fire.......again

Plus, if it's drought and flood lowering crop yields which has bumped the predicted price, do the maths.

If a farmer has 30 beans at a penny each, he, or she will earn more than if he, or she has 3 beans to sell at 2p each.

What do those predicted figures actually mean for the farmers, assuming they come to fruition?

RE: Trump sets his pants on fire.......again

But they haven't actually gone up yet.

Something could happen which could affect the prices between now and then.

RE: Are female sex offenders overlooked?

Yes, it's likely to be true.

It's also likely that most victims of male sex offenders keep quiet about the offences, too.

There are different gender and sexuality prejudices revolving around the offences, however.

For example, when women commit sex offences against boys, especially teenage boys, it's often assumed it's a bonus for the boys.

When men commit s*xual offences against girls, the girls are often assumed to be wiley and culpable.

Maybe you're not looking at the gender war in a way which will be functional in bringing about change.

RE: Trump sets his pants on fire.......again

Okay, I'm confused.

We haven't got to November 2018, January 2019, or March 2019 yet.

RE: My dog and I

She hot wired it.

RE: My dog and I

By the way, she mailed me while you were in work to let me know she doesn't like peppercorn sauce.

Would you like a baked whole salmon with chocolate sauce recipe? And how big are her paws so I can calculate the weight of the fish that will fit in your oven?

RE: My dog and I

She doesn't need to when you can make it for her. dunno

RE: My dog and I

So, she's cleverer than you, faster than you and prettier than you.

Yeah, I'd say she's humouring you, too. laugh

RE: I am Back!

Yeah, I remember you, HL.

I'm not sure I've had a tin of tomatoes since you've been active on the forums. laugh

RE: Proud to be European.................

I don't think I'm proud to be European, but I liked being connected with Europe as it connects most of my family roots and culture.

The main European continent has a more humanitarian slant in their culture than US, or UK.

I think we should be looking forward to healthier cultures, rather than trying to be all American.

RE: Friendship

It's rare to start mailing with someone and find the conversation just starts bubbling out effortlessly.

It's a strange medium and the world is full of people of all shapes and sizes.

Most of my conversations, if I bother to engage at all, only last a handful of mails before I dry up, or think it's not for me.

But once in a while, I hit it off with someone and that's a splendid thing. grin

RE: No sex please , we're British .

Like any of us need to put in a request for no sex.

RE: It's not funny

Sometimes emotes are used to express the poster's own mood.

Sometimes emotes are used to demonstrate the context in which the comment should be read.

Sometimes they are used as a power tool in an attempt to belittle others and demonstrate secret superiority. There really ought to be a :shootownfoot:

RE: How does one beat death...?

I assume not, then.

In which case, I still think we have a lot more control than most people realise.

RE: How does one beat death...?

Have you had that experience, tulefell?

RE: How does one beat death...?

I had a near death experience.

I was in a position to make a choice - let go, or come back.

When we're ready to go, we know it, I'm quite sure of that.

We might be ready to go because life has become untenable, such as when we have a serious illness, or injury, but if there is an option, we chose, even if it's clinging on to life for a few more seconds.

I'm absolutely positive we have more control over life and death than most people realise.

RE: Sons and daughters

I only have a daughter, but I did have to be nigh on telepathic with her. laugh

Two of my grandchildren are close in age, and despite not being biologically related, look alike and behave alike. Maybe they are too young (6 year old boy and 7 year old girl) to tell, but there doesn't seem to be much of a gender gap when it comes to working out what is going on with them. They both have stuff going on inside which they express with behaviours.

Maybe it's not just a boy/girl thing, although as Mercedes pointed out, gender does have its influences. Maybe it's also a person thing, or time and circumstances thing. dunno

RE: Faithful requirements from society and religion.

The tone of some of your posts comes across as extremely judgemental, Chris, which I don't find functional.

Personally, I think the ability to form attachments to others, particularly in certain ways, is healthy.

I'm also with Marlindap on this one - how people choose to form those attachments is up to them. The format of the relationship does not denote it's health, but the content does.

Take for example the phenomenon of complex families which are prevalent in western societies. The issue as I see it is not different mothers and fathers, but how functional the family dynamic is. If step-siblings, half-siblings and children with the above in common are all treated as just siblings within a supportive, loving, extended family, they will develop healthily.

Developmental issues will arise, however, if that complex family is at war and the children are not allowed, nor facilitated in having a relationship with each other.

Screwing up children and messing with their attachment health can happen in traditional families, too.

I reiterate, it's the content of relationships, not the format, which we should focus upon for psychological and family health.

RE: Faithful requirements from society and religion.

Oh, and my daughter and granddaughter have my surname. My grandsons have their father's surname.

I don't think anyone has died of it yet.

RE: Faithful requirements from society and religion.

Are you asking if humans have an innate sense of bonding, or did you just create this thread to be judgemental?

The former is an interesting and vastly complex subject (attachment theory) with enough research and literature behind it to fill a library. I can't say I've ever done more than skim the surface.

The latter is not so intellectual, nor objective.

RE: Do you keep your love promises

Given that I might be run over by a bus at lunchtime, I'd be on dodgy ground promising to get a piece of work done by the end of the day.

Promising is somewhat false and fiction has little place in relationships.

RE: What the

"You don't need clean water in the bucket. It's only the kitchen floor..."

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