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Can You Die Of A Broken Heart?

I just got the very disturbing news that an old school friend has died last night. This after we had been bad friends for more than 40 years.sad flower

He was my best friend during my childhood and it is sad to know that we had squandered a lifetime not talking to each other. Thankfully we patched it up a few months ago and had the opportunity to have lunch together four times since then. We had another lunch date scheduled for next Thursday.blues

An old friendship rekindled just to be cut short again. Life is truly too short to be cross with one another.sigh

He died very unexpectedly in his sleep; just as his father did 30 years ago. I was under the impression that he was enjoying good health and according to his sister who brought this bad news to me, he was in good health indeed. The cause of his death is not yet known.dunno

The uncanny thing here is that history has repeated itself. His father died 3 days after his wife – that is my friend’s mother – died and now he died; a mere 4 days after his own wife died. She is not in her grave yet.sad flower

Farewell my friend. I shall miss you.
cats meow cats meow

Have a wonderful day.
The good weather is holding. We're having a windless and sunny day again. It is not warm but the worse coldness is broken.wave

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Sorry, I wall be away for a while. I want to take a drive out to pay my respects to the rest of his family.
OF COURSE we can die of a broken heart blues
The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them.”

? Lois McMaster Bujold, Diplomatic Immunity cheers sad flower

Some call it, the circle of life.

My Mom passed exactly one month after my Dad.sad flower
Cat, sometimes losing a loved one like your wife etc. can be much for some over sensitive guys I reckon. Couple of years back my school pal was shot while taking his kid to school. But then again he was a Prosecutor. I would not even have known if I didn’t read about it in the newspaper.sigh cheers
............sad flower
hey kitten, I don't know if people can die from a broken heart but seen many animals that have, lived on a farm, and when my uncle passed, he was buried five miles from his farm, which was 10 miles from our farm, we took his dog, and forever the dog would go missing, my dad would find him laying on my uncles grave site, brought him back, went back,and this dog continued to travel miles daily to the gravesite and a week later the dog was found beside my uncle, dog had passed away, so we buried the dog close to him, regardless a passing is difficult for any creature to deal with bouquet
Yes, it is possible.

Research has shown that in any marriage of more than 30 years, the death of one spouse greatly increases the chances that the other one will be dead within 6 months.
Cat, handshake

its possible,.. but i dont want to. grin

cheers wave
Really sorry to hear about your friend Cat sad flower
Glad you were able to make up your friendship again and enjoy some good times.hug

I do believe you can die from a broken heart. Sometimes the pain of being apart is just too much for some hearts to deal with. It does seem uncanny what happened to your friend and his father.

Butters.. That was a sad story about your uncles dog crying
Ever loyal are dogs I think hug
Oh sorry cat sad flower sad flower may be they wished to be together!teddybear teddybear
My respect my friend. We always mourn about those who went to that better world. Unfortunately we forget sometimes that day will come, hour will come and we will go there. But and God will bless all who is live on this earth. World and wellbeing to you, your family.hug
Sorry to hear about your friend Cat. sad flower

The death of someone close is a lot of stress. Maybe it was too much for his heart.
I am sorry to hear about your friend Catfoot. Yes, I think someone can die from a broken heart... My condolences to you and his family.sad flower
Hi Cat
Death is an inevitable truth sad flower
Thank you very much for responding. Do pardon me for not acknowledging your contributions as I normally do. I'm just not up to it today. Sorry.

Tomorrow will be another day.sad flower
cheers hug wave
Kittyjoy sincere condolences on the loss of your friend and yes, when you have lost someone close to you such as a spouse then somehow the quality of life seems to have diminished and the concept of recapturing any form of joy again seems rather far fetched which inevitably leads to a lack of desire to live or move on with your takes a lot to raise up out of that mind set and I believe the older we get the more challenging it
Cat I know you'll be away when I write this but isnt it great that you made up before he died, like you say, life is too short to hold on to grievances. I do believe people die of broken hearts, and if they don't they often die within 6months and get Cancer, something that takes them away from the pain.
I have seen animals grieving too, I do think some hearts love very hard and feel things, the body and mind and heart are so intwined, it just closes down in grief.sad flower
Butterflies, A very very sad story, but not an uncommon one, Cats and dogs grieve for their owners, Dogs in particular,and that dog died of Grief. What loyalty and love. I didn't know you lived on a farm Butter that must have been a good upbringing and a hard one at times too.
Sorry to hear that, I assume this is the friend you blogged about a while ago sad flower
Sorry to hear about your friend and glad you had a chance to make up.

I dont believe we can die of a broken heart, after all the heart doesnt literally break it is simply an expression used to explain losing someone we love.
Cat..handshake condolences on the loss of your friend.

disregard my other post, i was in the mobile.
Hi Glat
I think we all know that a broken heart is a figure of speech and that the heart does nor physically break. The question really is: Can extreme sadness cause death? But then I guess you knew that too.
hug wave
Yes, it is the same fella.

To all you other guys, Thank you once more for the responses. I'm off to bed now. Not feeling well.
wine cheers wave
Oh I didnt mean to infer that people didnt realise that Cat. Nope you cant die from sadness, its an emotion.

Sorry your not feeling well, hope it passes quickly hug
Cat, I just don't know! We don't know the reason for some things happening! crying wave
Hi Mr. Cat, Your reunion with this friend was one of the first blogs I read here. I remember a pots flying story. Truly sorry! sad flower sad flower May he rest in peace!!sad flower
I have "seen" this phenomena twice. Each time the husband died days after the wife! just as in your experience.
Bob, hug comfort
Hello Cat....

Sorry to hear about your friend. It is wonderful to know that you did actually have some time together before his death.

As far as your blog title, I really do not know. It seems as this happens quite often, where one dies and the spouse follows shortly afterwards. I wonder if it isn't some sort of mental state that provokes death shortly afterwards? In a sense, a piece of you disappears once you become one from a relationship. The power of the mind.....perhaps?

Again, sorry to hear the bad news. Hopefully things are going well over there with you and his family.

Yes...My friends father died in the kitchen suddenly..of a heart attack..his mum died 4 hours distraught of the loss.

The loss to my Friend was such that not long after, he left his job and went to the USA to get away from the pain..he never married with two kids and lived in the US ever since.
yes,studys show.
Hi All
I cannot thank each of you separately for your kind words but
Nozeal, Jarred, Bubgallow, Luke, Angel, Butterfly, Ken, Bogart, Wallops, Zeurich, Ummka, KNenach, Welela, Bhadra, Kittyjoy, GoldenGlos, Zman, Glatlol, Calleis, Usha, Ed, Mimi, Johnny, Ian & Reb - I thank each one of you for your contribution. It is very much appreciated.

If I left a name out, do pardon me. It was not intentional.
hug cheers wave
Cat Take care of yourself. hug The mind has a huge influence over the workings of the Body. Extreme grief can cause the bodys resistance to become low and many widows/widowers etc die within months, in extreme grief, the will to live just erodes and the person dies. Heart attacks, Strokes are very common. Any good Heart Surgeon or Oncologist will tell you this. Our hearts and minds and bodies are very much one with each other, hence words like 'psycosomatic' .teddybear
Your friends want you to forget the sad, every day health, peace, joy!
Thank you GG
Anyway, what will be will be. His wife was buried today (Monday) and he will be buried on Friday. They wanted the keep her burial over for Friday as well, but too many people came from far away and have to return before then. They could not postpone it.
hug wave
Hi Spring.
You are absolutely correct. Life must go on.
hug wave

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