Back From A Long Journey.

Ah, it is so good to see all you old geezers again. I’ve been travelling a bit during the last few months and in the process I visited a lot of cities. At times like this I wish I was a long distance truck driver to see the world for free.

I started off with a trip to Electri City but it was a shocking experience. I’ll never go there again. Being charged to go to Capa City I set of at a dizzy speed but I could not stop in time and when finally I did, I was at Velo City. Not a bad place – if only the pace was a bit slower. I did not stay long in Scar City. All the shops were empty and the people were starving.

At some stage I found myself at Univer City where they told me I got it all wrong. Apparently it is not a city at all. Only a large campus to keep a lot of fossilized academics occupied. They suggested that if I want to visit a real city with the same sentiments I should travel to Eccentri City. I stayed there for a while and I must admit that I found not a single eccentric person around. Some of the people had some weird ideas and theories but that is normal, is it not? I think the city got a wrong name.

My next stop was at Elasti City. What a boring place! Everybody was so flexible and eager to follow suit that the entire population followed one another in a large circle around the city. Almost like a snake trying to swallow itself. Not exactly a vicious circle as it was too pacified. Viva City was another strange place. Somehow the people could not talk without using their hands and their body English was excellent; even though none of them spoke English.

Then I spend some time at Catholi City to view all the beautiful cathedrals and churches, I left in a hurry when all the people gathered in a square to cheer a funny looking old man in a red Santa outfit. Too much is more than enough. On my way out I learned that the city is actually a state and used to be known by another name I cannot remember now.

I did not like Dupli City but Simpli City was less complicated. Then I set off for Auda City. This was when I first longed back to CS. The people were bold to the point of rudeness, but not half as bad as those in Fero City which I visited next. That was when I realised that I’ve been away from CS for too long.

Ethni City was almost like back home in my country where everybody tries to ram their cultures down everybody’s throats. At Atro City the nuthouse finally caught up with me. It was a disgrace how they put me in a straight jacket right there in the street with everybody watching. If I was not so used to this kind of treatment I may have been humiliated.

Well, after the inevitable stack of paperwork (with a black pen in triplicate) I was taken to Authenti City to verify my identity before returning me to the nuthouse. So here I am with all my fellow inmates in Luna City. So nice to be with people I understand.
cats meow cats meow

Now enjoy this day.wave

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Catfoooooooooooooooooooooooottttttt!!!!!! cheering cheering cheering

I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

It's ok, Art knows you're one of my favourite people on here blushing
Hi Mimi
Great to see you. I've been very busy and will remain so until the end of the month. I'm standing in for one of my ex colleagues who underwent major surgery.
wine wave
Oh! Guess what?!?! MiMi has been busy too...........................

eating grin
Nothing wrong with that. I do it three or four times a day.hug
I wish I still had the stamina to do a few other things three or four times a day.grin
Morning Mr C and welcome back handshake

Oh bugger handshakes come gimme a hug hug
Art wishes the same thing too!! laugh

He's sooooo gonna kill me now help
The best thing about hugs? Two, three, four, even more, a day, no problem grin
Welcome back your a sight for sore eyes.

Great to see you..often wondered what happened you...glad it's been eventful hug
Can we have a group hug, Biff?? grin

group hug
Hi Biff,
I've been away for too long. Don't worry, from next month I'll be the proverbial pain in the back again.

And a big hug to you toohug
I do prefer my hugs one on one but go on then laugh

group hug
I'm sure he does. rolling on the floor laughing
Cat, you have no idea how painful some bloggers can be. We got a whole new bunch. Some are wonderful. Some are - omigod. laugh

Mimi, guess what I'm wearing grin
Hi Dee,
Great to see you again too.

I must run now, Duty is calling. Can't have them student sitting alone in a lecture room. It is cold ut here and I need all four walls standing.

Will see you guys later today.wave wave
Biff, are you by any chance wearing a sarong batik? grin
Mimi, you are PSYCHIC!

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I'll get you a few more when I come visit again grin You can always give them away to your friends wink
Hello, Catfoot ;
Here, the turning off green light is on again, warm welcome back from your busy journey and bring back some fresh air on here ...
Cat, it is with felicity I greet the news that you have been travelling instead of being stuck in domesticity.
There has been a scarcity of good blogs of late, so I am hoping when you come back properly, it will be with the vivacity we all know and love cats meow

Welcome home Mr.Foot the nurse will see you nowgrin

For a moment I thought the ANC had changed all the city names again, but then realised it's just madness, good wholesum madness.

Welcome back! applause

(It's me - Krinka, Maya, etc. with a new profile. laugh )

I remembered you the other day when writing on namaron's blog about Pisces and wondered what happened to you...
Stocking up on blog topics I trust while you were away, cat.

Welcome back.
Hi Catfoot - I'm one of the new bloggers from another site. Looking forward to reading your blogs as I seen you are rather well liked by all my favorites so far.
Oh my Gosh!
I'm overwhelmed by your responses.blushing

I have been hauled out of retirement for July and August to stand in for an old colleague who is recuperating after major surgery. I will be busy until the end of the month when he resumes duty on Sept 3rd.

So bear with me. I have nothing planned until The end of the year when I will be visiting Feli City - wherever she is.devil
Hi July,
This is August, but I try. Thanks for dropping in.
Hi Molly
Great to see you gal! Yep, I'd be back soon. I only hope you guys are not expecting miracles. I don't perform well under pressure.laugh
Hi Map,
Oh the nurse. Now what was wrong with me again? Oh yes I recall now that you mention it. No I did not forget. It just eluded me for a while.grin
Hi Naivete aka Krinka aka Maya with a new profile.
Thanks girl. I have been thinking of a new profile as well but when I think of all the work it took to get mine to the current condition, I just let it slide every time.hug
Ah the fella who taught me to write travel journals - now I must learn to snap great pics like you do.

Topics are never the problem. It is the time to flesh those topics that is in short supply.sigh
Hi UnFayzed
I'm sure I've seem you before. Must be my imagination if you say that you are new here. But thanks just the same for dropping in.hug
lunacity . we do need that too.

Cat, good to see you are well. wave
Hi Catfoot, it's good to see you wave

I thought you was in prison. laugh

cheers my freind
Hi Catfoot, it's good to see you wave

I thought you was in prison. laugh

cheers my freind
Wow, did I post my comment twice or am I having double vision. confused
If you are having double-vision, then so am I laugh
Great to see you back Cat. Hope you can stay longer this time.cheers handshake
@Molly, rolling on the floor laughing
Paul, nice to see you back. wave

Just dropping by for a minute.

I've been very busy visiting friends and relatives as I decided to retire full time.

Anyways I'm so happy to see you back.cheers
Ok, I'm at home now and totally tours for the next fifteen minutes. Then I must attend to the few PMs in my inbox and I want to read a few blogs. I have some catching up to do.

Hey Boggie!!!
What a pleasant surprise to see you around. We have not spoken for a very long time. Good to see you around.

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