RE: marriage

Why is this your goal? You are soooo wrong to concentrate on this.

RE: If slavery was legal today, would you own a slave?

I've known people that lived together just fine but as soon as those "papers" came into play, everything went south.


Santa Claus is dead. dunno

RE: what made you choose your profile name?

About 5 years ago I was new in the south. Don't want to change it to old in the south LOL


Does anyone remember that "The Office" was on BBC TV before USA stole it?? The British version was rather good too.


Hey, thanks. I don't have any favorite stations, it's just that I want to have a choice of radio stations, . . . ANY stations. I like talk radio too. I know a lot of people do listen to radio over the internet but I just miss that box with a dial LOL Guess I'm showing my age.

RE: Do you think Angelina Jolie is hot?

As are most pictures of stars today. You can do a lot with a computer.


Real here. Hi neighbor.


Radio, what's radio? This place is the worst for radio stations!!! HELP!!!! Now I remember what I miss about New Jersey.

RE: Hello from an old friend...

My sympathy to you. Take care.

RE: Condolences to Ladyfingers

Thats you and yours . . . .
Seek help from HIM who can ease all pain.

RE: Condolences to Ladyfingers

Prayers for your and yours. sad flower

RE: My health

May God be with you. He is the only one that can truly ease our stay and pave our way.


If I said this once, I've said it a thousand times. It's NOT the age but where you are in life. If you are a lot younger than the woman but you are both still working, I'm sure dating and being together would be welcome. But if you are still working and the woman happens to be retired with lots of free time, I don't think waiting around for you to finish work, waiting for nights or weekends would fly. Having to schedule your vacations and not being available for spur of the moment trips or times together sure isn't fun either.


All you have to do is lay there. blues

RE: Best Friend

So sorry for your loss. I know the feeling. I lost my sister recently. It is a life changing event, physically and emotionally. Time eases the pain but never the sense of loss.

RE: Can you name a funny thing your pet did

I finished washing clothes and was putting them in the dryer. I closed the door and turned it on. I heard this thumping noise and thought for a minute "I don't remember putting sneakers in there to dry". YIKES!!! Opened the door and my cat flew out screaming.

Another time I was putting things away in the hall linen closet before I went to work. When I got home, I thought it was strange my cat didn't greet me. I called him and heard this far away meow. Finally found him closed up in the hall closet. He was in there all day.

RE: is it weakness to forgive?

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

RE: the best male actor ever

Anthony Quinn

Comedian Soupy Sales Dies

He really was great in his time. Some of the modern day sitcoms copy his style (e.g., camera going in for a close up of a persons facial expresions). THE OFFICE does it big time.

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