Sometimes in an obituary they say the deceased was pre-deceased by someone, e.g., Mrs. Smith was the grandmother of the late Suzie Smith. The wording of obituaries here in the south is a lot different from the way they do it in the north.

RE: is the devil dead????

He dies and is reborn to give hell to someone else.

RE: Men over fifty

Men over fifty? Naw, they are not quite there yet. Still sowing the last of their oats. A few more years and they will be looking for someone to take care of them. Then they will be absolutely trustworthy, loyal, sincere, and dedicated to their partner. hug

RE: Do you need to wear a suit to a job interview?

This might be a hard call but I would rather err or the side of neatness.

RE: It's not you, it's me...

He's obviously in it for what he can get. It's the old "I spent $42.15 on you so now it's time for some action". He's the @$$hole. Don't you dare try to justify anything with him.

RE: What time is it??

11:00 a.m. Saturday here on the East Coast of USA

RE: Child support

Good idea to give it a try. You will always wonder how it might have been unless you do. Just don't add to your responsibilities with another kid. professor

RE: Had a date this evening guys.....

I think the last thing to say on this would be "kick the guy to the curb".

RE: Child support

I think even if you go back home you will still be liable for that child support if you aren't married. Living together doesn't get you off the hook to legally support your children.

RE: Had a date this evening guys.....

That's not true and you know it. Just keep your priorities straight. If it's sex you're looking for, hey, go for it. He sounds manageable. devil

But if you're looking for something serious, I think you should pass.

RE: Had a date this evening guys.....

A man 44 years old, didn't want to go out in public, sitting in your car, gives you a kiss and you are thrilled??????? frustrated

RE: Had a date this evening guys.....

Nope, nope, nope, nope NO!!!! Something wrong here!!! confused

RE: SOS, Can anybody out here help me locate the woman I love?

It would be funny AFTER your legal separation . . . .


God is Good.

RE: Would you.......

For Sure!!

RE: Unanswered questions

Since the world is always spinning, can anything actually STOP?

RE: The origin of Adam

Yes, but the early time was way before disease, etc., was prevalent. Adam and Eve were pure. Even though they sinned they did not instantly get all the stuff that permeates the world today. So incest was not that bad. Later as we waddled in our new found freedom to get sick, it was taboo.

RE: Am I the granny of the site?

Grandma here too . . .cheering

RE: Girls, What do you want from us??

Somebody that doesn't need to prove anything to anyone.

RE: Where the hell is everyone?

Still no chatters. I think people just ignore what anybody writes in this thread.

RE: Jamaica!!!

Please, please be careful. hug

RE: How many times have you been married?

Only once for me. Too young and too dumb. blues

RE: Jamaica!!!

Yes, be very careful about drugs. When I was leaving Jamaica they first had our suitcases outside the plane and this official was urging his dog to inspect them. wow

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