RE: Why should my race matters?

Obviously she wasn't what you thought she was. We all make mistakes. Race aside, she's a "taker" with nothing to give. The world is full of them.

RE: will it show that you are pregnant or not pregnant if you take a test 1 week after you had sex?

Too soon for a test to show if you are pregnant but if you had sex around two weeks into your cycle, you are probably pregnant. blues

RE: how many of you's smoke?

I've never smoked either but it doesn't make any difference. I came up during the time there were no restrictions on smoking. Worked a lot of years next to people that lit up. blues

RE: Pregnant

It's so old school to depend on the "other" person for contraception.

RE: Where should I go for vacation,I need to get out of oklahoma.Any ideas?

Not on your list but try Aruba (especially before the oil gets there) professor

RE: A little strange... Rather odd...

Seems like the coffin thing isn't that strange after all. Who knew? confused

RE: Can't we all just get along?

Surely you don't own a snow shovel down there?

RE: onsolved mystery..

Just give up and sit in a corner.

RE: Do you believe you make your own luck??

Taking advantage of what you already have been given = luck.


And if he didn't visit he'd be cursed!

RE: "The day the music died"....

The Bee Gees' Maurice Gibb blues

RE: Oil Drilling

I would think if you do something you would take into account the possible negative effects and have plans and back up plans to cover the consequences. Oh wait, scratch that . . . there's the tobacco companies.

RE: what is it that is more important for you???

I think self esteem. Love can be wrong, power shifts, wealth is being sucked away, social circles don't last and as for our professions, we can always be replaced.

RE: Why do you travel?

Travelling is a nice change of pace. I think we appreciate home more when we return. Beautiful sights can't hurt either.

RE: I allowed myself to get pulled into neighbours dilhema

It would be nice if people could benefit from good advice or experiences we've gone through. But it seems like they just have to do it on their own and learn the hard way. It's a shame.

RE: Are single mothers so terrible?

I wish I had a son like your's. Too often they don't realize what it takes to raise children alone.


Love chatting with friends I haven't met yet, reading the diverse points of views and sometimes getting advice for something I'm pondering. cheers


I'm always looking for friends. I love the forums and chatting.

RE: Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes.

Jeremy Brett was awesome. There will never be another. I keep hoping someone will take up the role and give us some more good entertainment but so far nothing.

RE: Hello World

Hello cswelcome

RE: Is this LOVE?

Been there, done that. Wonderful if it's mutual and you can grow together. Horrid when it one-sided.

RE: Do you sleep ?

You have company! Why can sleep be so elusive sigh


If you don't have self esteem you can't be loved in the right way.

RE: i am looking for marriage age 20 to 50

Darn, missed the boat again laugh

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