RE: Contact wearers! What do you know!?!

I'm near-sighted and I wore contacts all the time in New Jersey. Down here my allergies bother me so much I've basically given up putting them in. When I did wear them, of course I couldn't see close up any more and I needed glasses to read. Seems like you just can't get away from glasses. When you correct for near-sightedness you can't read and when you correct for far-sightedness you can't see that stop sign coming up LOL I don't like the two different lens either so I just pop my glasses on.

RE: Conrad

Hope to see you back soon!!

RE: Advice, please...and I'm listening

They always say try the church route to meet someone but what you are saying is so true. Seems we are the fifth wheel when we are at other festivities too. I can see how a person would just settle for being with someone. It is hard to realize what we may have with someone is not working and the alternative is to go back out there . . . . alone. Still, if it must be done, it must be done.

RE: Tea or coffee what u like to drink ?

The sweet tea here in the south is going to be my downfall. I drink it all year round!!!!!!

RE: what height in a guy would you prefare?

Nothing wrong with that height.

RE: Death of a parent

Death . . . sudden/expected is never easy. Sometimes I just want to grab everyone, hold them tight and shield them from the inevitable. But alas, I can't, no one can. Sending healing thoughts your way.

RE: OMG My Brother Mike

So very sorry for your loss.

When you tie your shoe laces, which hand holds the loop?

Interesting! I'm right-handed but I write back-hand and when I played softball in school, I batted lefty. I still don't know which way is more comfortable when I play golf.

When you tie your shoe laces, which hand holds the loop?

Somehow the question got flushed in the toilet and which hand to wipe with.

When you tie your shoe laces, which hand holds the loop?

Yep, I'm sure everyone will equate tying shoe laces with their a**.

When you tie your shoe laces, which hand holds the loop?

Someone told me once that my mother taught me wrong because I held the loop in my left hand. I guess to imply she faced me when teaching me and she held the loop in her right hand and when I copied it, the loop was in my left hand.

RE: Best Movie QUOTE ever!!!

Cool Hand Luke:

What We've Got Here is Failure to Communicate!

RE: riding the greyhound bus in america

I wish there was a convenient greyhound bus around here. I love bus trips. I wouldn't mind taking one coast to coast LOL A lot of my clubs do day bus trips and a very few overnighters.

What Do you Think of This?

Mom's gone now but I'm so glad at least she saw the situation for what it was.

What Do you Think of This?

My son was 41 and my daughter 33 when their father passed away. As I said before, I had custody but he had visitation rights. I never questioned or asked anything about their visits with their father. I never believed he would do anything like turning the kids against me. Even my mother when I said he might be doing that she said "Oh don't bring him into it". So even she thought all the problems were only mine. Well one day she got a call from my ex ranting and raving about the chores I had given to my daughter. He told her that my son didn't do anything around the house and she didn't have to either. Mom called me and said, "You know, I think you were right."

What Do you Think of This?

Thank you all, nice to have some different takes on this matter.


What Do you Think of This?

Thank you for your comments and this is what I may do.

What Do you Think of This?

Thank you too for your comments.

What Do you Think of This?

Thanks for the comments.

What Do you Think of This?

Thank you for your comments.

What Do you Think of This?

But what's the alternative? Bad mouth the dead? They wouldn't believe anything and he's not here to "defend" himself. I don't even think now that I would discuss him with them. If they didn't have the "balls" to discuss him when he was alive, I'll be damned if I talk about him now that he is dead. I sure didn't like him but it's useless and futile to talk about him now.

What Do you Think of This?

You know I had documented my whole life with my ex, from when I got married, to when I divorced him. All the 11 hell years I was with him. I figured when I was gone, the kids could read it. Then when I went to the ex's funeral, I heard my kids talking about a GOD. I couldn't even cry looking at them up there speaking and breaking up. When I went home, I tore up everything I had written. I guess it was then I realized how much I had lost and there was no getting it back.

What Do you Think of This?

ONE DAY? I guess I'm a bit dismayed because of the time this has been going. It's not like I have all the time in the world any more.

What Do you Think of This?

But don't the grandkids learn from their parents?

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