RE: Regrets

I regret not telling my platonic friend who passed away that he was worth more than the so called relationships I had. I don't think he would have believed me blues

RE: When i'm angry......

LOL I just started to post this one too!! peace

RE: Do you think single life is a better lifestyle?

We wish for things and try to make them happen. We learn from experience that way. I guess that is the way of life. Try to be happy with what we have and the changes that will naturally come to us all.


So this guy posted once and then he's gone? Was he found out?

RE: misogyny.. is this a primal fear of women.. is this a form of dominance ??

I think a man being rejected by his mother would do a lot of harm.

RE: misogyny.. is this a primal fear of women.. is this a form of dominance ??

Exactly the word I would use for my ex. His words were "his mother didn't want him". Guess it was true, he was raised by an aunt. I never saw a picture of his mother. He didn't really care for his father either. When his father married again, he wasn't close to either of them. When his stepmother died he declared his father "killed two women". He banned his father from our house but I would sneak him in to see his grandkids. When his father died he refused to let his children go to the funeral (he did go). When I divorced him (he never thought I could) he vowed that "he would have our daughter". Never realized what that meant until I discovered too late that he heaped negativity about me to our daughter. We are estranged to this day. He's in his grave but his poison lives on. If that's not a text book case, I don't know what is.

RE: If you were on a Wanted Posted what would it be for???

Getting too many Senior Discounts!! cool

RE: Question for CS

Well, here goes,

1. Loud noises (my phone doesn't even ring in my bedroom)
2. Going to sleep without my feet covered dunno
3. Those tiny tree frogs (ugh)

RE: Finally, i have decided to get married......

You have time, wait a little longer until you need a nurse AND someone to cook for you.

RE: My Island

motorcycle On my way super

RE: Whats the best thing you ever eat???

Raw clams on the half shell!!!!


Sixteen and I remember it like it was yesterday. Unfortunately it was at the movies and I don't remember what was playing. laugh

RE: Single's Cruise Feb 26th to March 6th 2011

Do you have the correct web site?

RE: kidding on bed ? do you like it !!!!

Is click! click! your favorite group?


What if my ex-husband destroyed my family and my relationships with my children? Can happen both ways.

RE: Abuse of Single Parents

And more to the story could have been "mother AND child" killed by this sicko. Would that make it better?

RE: What kind of computer do you have ?

Dell Desktop that's starting to act up. I think they program that into PC's uh oh

RE: whos been to niagra falls

Been there twice on my own blues Falls are quite impressive.

RE: I Miss The Little The little things in life...from child hood

Riding the stick horses grandpa made for us.

RE: Poor Man In Trouble

Haven't you noticed that life is not about having everything you want. It's the process of seeking what you desire. wine


super motorcycle cool

I'm ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Why do women smoke, when they spend a fortune on makeup

Same reason men smoke and then spend a fortune on those performance enhancing drugs. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: If your 15 year old son came to you and said i am gay. What would you do or say?

I know you're just kidding but how ironic. Your screen name describes what's happening to a lot of gays and of course, nobody knows why. dunno

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