RE: Long Distance Relationship

It might work if the relationship was established first and then for some reason distance became involved. But forget trying to establish a long distance relationship when you first meet someone. That's plain stupid.

RE: Insomnia

This is the million dollar question. I've had this problem for years. Doctors don't seem to think it's a big problem. That's when I want to wring their necks. What would a doctor do if had to operate in the morning and couldn't sleep all night?

RE: Independent woman

What a great reply. I couldn't have said it better cheers

RE: Why are people in a rush to get married so young

So very true. It does take time. Don't be blinded by "happily ever after"

RE: Marriage regrets???

Regret, regret, regret frustrated

RE: Some people are meant to be alone.

Sometimes it just works out that way. Combination of a lot of things. Make the best of what you have. cheering

RE: Are you glad you were a child before technology took over

Eating those NJ tomato sandwiches in the summer on the front steps, playing hide and seek, hole singing acapella with the gang,danceline walking downtown, riding our bicycles, it goes on and on. Where did those days go? sigh

RE: Who pays on the first date?

Should be 50/50. Guys get funny about paying. Seems when dating and his paying reaches $47.19 he feels entitled to more. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: First Dates?

Restaurant. Chatting over a meal.

RE: Deal Breakers

Being "separated"
Being too far away to begin a relationship.

RE: IMO any thing you mock comes back on you 100%

Absolutely, positively TRUE!!!

RE: If you were to reproduce ...

Having children isn't all it's cracked up to be.

RE: Only for above 35 yrs - or if you luv old movies / tv-series !!!

I liked Cannon with William Conrad. A great detective series!!

RE: Horror Movie Buffs

All the old black and white horror movies were great, especially when hosted by Zacherle who recently passed away.

RE: Need Opinions

I love cologne on a man and when I was working up north I used cologne or perfume every day. Not overpowering scents either. Well God forbid if you use it down here in the south. If the bugs don't get you, then it's people with a loud voice saying "who has perfume on? I can't sit in this seat" will embarrass you every time. Most physicians offices have signs saying not to use perfume because people are allergic. When I'm home alone I relish putting on one of my scents.

frustrated frustrated

RE: International News Thread.

Who knew! The bottom drawer on your oven is not for storing pans, etc. It's a warming oven.dunno confused

RE: Recent Trip to Florida

Sounds like a pretty nice trip. You brought in the New Year right. cheers

RE: More gun control in the USA

5 dead in Florida airport with a gun that was checked on a plane. Guy retrieved it, loaded it up and then went on a rampage.

Do You Think We Will Ever Be Able to Stop Robo Calls or Unwanted Telephone Calls?

I've read that some fraudulent callers can be downright rude or threatening. One even said they could never find him because he was calling from a prison. You'd think in this day and age something could be done. We've gone to the moon but can't fix the common telephone. Maybe it is too big a business like the tobacco industry. Where else can you market a product that is bad for your health. I guess getting into someone's home has become worth its weight in gold.

Do You Think We Will Ever Be Able to Stop Robo Calls or Unwanted Telephone Calls?

Considering how these fraudsters can spoof a telephone number, they have an endless supply of numbers that can't be traced back to them. Blocking doesn't do any good because they just get another number OR use words to show up on caller id.


RE: do you sleep in a double or single bed...?

Queen bed. Don't know how I made it in anything smaller.

RE: Marriage regrets???

Luckily I only wasted 11 years on the bum.

RE: What will you be doing on New Years Eve and Day?

I'll be home with the TV on. The fireworks going off make me jump even in the house hole

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

RE: If your all alone this year

You're not the only one alone. Plenty of us out there. But I'm sure we still have a lot to be thankful for.

hug gift gift gift handshake

RE: The van Allen belt

He made us able to think and do for ourselves. Even after our fall from grace we were still more pure than we are now. All the problems we have now can be traced back to something we did or didn't do. Why should HE keep stepping in to save us from ourselves? We can ask for his forgiveness and it will be granted but that forgiveness does not erase what has been done and the consequences that we must live with.

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