RE: Belly muscle

The only part of the body the stubborn fat refuses to leave. Yes, sit ups help but they aggravate my bad back. Has anyone tried that cool sculpting process????

RE: How important is physical attraction when looking for a spouse?

I don't see how anyone could discount physical attraction if they intend to be intimate with a person. If no intimacy is contemplated, then yes, it is easy to befriend a person. We can't have too many friends.
hug hug hug hug

RE: Age it's only a number in Love?

One thing about aging, you can't stop it. dunno

RE: Regrets I Have a Few and I Will Mention Them

I regret trying to capture again those wonderful moments in the past that are gone forever blues

RE: When do you do your Christmas shopping?

I shop all year long buying small door prizes for a Christian social group I belong to. It's much more satisfying than buying specific gifts for people who don't really care.
gift gift

RE: Black Friday

Black Friday???
hole hole hole hole


Basically they are out of their mind. They get paranoid and you cannot reason with them.


When my mother was in the early stages of COPD, doctors used to give her steroids. You would not believe how well that worked. It was like her COPD disappeared. Of course there was still the progression of the disease. The last few times they used it, she developed steroid psychosis. Shame, she was really out of it.

RE: Cat Bath

Some breeds, like Persians, are supposed to get used to water while they are kittens. Especially true if you want to show them.
cats meow cats meow cats meow

RE: Capital punishment should be banned ??

Actually I know a few people who would be alive today if they were in jail maybe forever. They just couldn't function in society and were always getting in trouble. The authorities would just give them a tap on the wrist and turn them out again. I'm for life in prison and I'm ashamed to say that I almost found myself wishing these people would do something drastic so they would be in a safe confined place.
doh blues blues blues

RE: How to get over the death of a parent

Unbelievable that you had the strength to do this. GOD BLESS YOU!

RE: How to get over the death of a parent

Some children have nothing to do with a parent. I often wonder how they do that when no abuse was involved. I can't see how a child could live with that. When the parent dies, I wonder what they feel?

RE: Life is a dream !!!

Maybe that's the time to say that part of life was just a bad dream. Divest yourself of it, put it out to pasture and never go visit.


Sorry about your friend. My mother had COPD so I know what it is like. However, you don't have to smoke to get COPD. In my day there was that "second-hand smoke". Everybody smoked, in offices, in cars, restaurants, etc. It might just take one more episode to move that non-smoker to COPD. Doesn't seem fair.

RE: If you cant sleep

Any more solutions to this big problem? sigh

RE: Age

Hey, how about a relationship with a mother/father? I bet 65 year old Caitlyn Jenner isn't looking for older rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Carol Vorderman

Too old in her 50's???? Try wrapping your head around 65 year old Caitlyn Jenner. According to one of my papers, he/she is now longing to be a mom. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Does the sound of a voice make the person?

Don't forget the great voice of Jean Shepherd. His "Christmas Story" is an annual treat.

RE: What's the wisest thing anyone has ever told you?

So right and there is nothing like being comfortably uncomfortable.

RE: What's the wisest thing anyone has ever told you?

Money talks and Bull Shit Walks. . .

RE: Do you plan to leave your assets to your children?

If I have anything left when I die it will go to charity.

RE: do females over 60 enjoy sex

Most certainly so! kiss

RE: Death Penalty

If I were stupid, crazy or insane enough to kill someone, being taken care of 24x7 with food, shelter, health care, recreation, the availability of a library, TV, heat, and cooling would be wonderful.

RE: meeting in the internet versus meeting in real life

typing typing typing

I agree. Online meeting can give us a boost in what could be the right direction, but you must have that face-to-face meeting and spending time together to really see if you click.

handshake handshake handshake

RE: Have you ever had a 'wierd and wonderful' dream?

When I was married to my ex, I had a dream that somehow we weren't married as we thought. I guess it was assumed that we would go thru the motions and make it legal. I was hesitating and someone was laughing at me saying "Oh, you know you're going to marry him". I said "If this wasn't a dream I'd show you!" . . and I woke up.

RE: Did God create just Adam & Eve or everybody ?

If Adam and Eve had not fallen from grace, there would have been nothing wrong with incest. It's come to be so horrible because of the fall and the sinful times we've been living in ever since. Hard to believe now because we've been living with what is "right" and what is "wrong" for so long, that mindset cannot be changed.

RE: Why do some people purposefully humiliate others?

I think humiliation is just a form of abuse. very mad

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