RE: For WOMEN only

OK, here goes:

Me: Thank you for contacting me and your complement. I notice though that you are about 100 miles away!

GUY: Distance is no object to me. I think we can get to know each other with email and the phone.

Me: email and phone are great but I think there needs to be face to face to learn about each other and with so much distance, I don't think that is possible.

GUY: I disagree. After talking and emailing we can progress to actually meeting each other.

Me: That sounds nice but travelling 100 miles just to meet for the first time puts a lot of pressure on the meeting. I would expect chatting over coffee and lunch and maybe walking thru town.

GUY: That sounds really nice. But what if we like each other?

Me: I would presume we would make plans to see each other again.

GUY: But what if we REALLY like each other??

THE END .sigh

RE: What advice would you give your 13 year old self.

Everything grandma said is true. blues

RE: AT&T do you think we are stupid?

Well, AT&T isn't everywhere. I've lived here for over 13 years and they still cannot provide internet in my area.confused

RE: You Have Mail........

"I was raised with a strike Christian background"rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What advice would you give the youth of today?

Too bad, it's all on you now!tongue

RE: do u believe in second chances

Second chances ok, but three strikes and you're OUT.

RE: Where did it all go wrong for you!

Not knowing is no excuse. Being religious (I know many people are not) I prayed for something and I believe God granted it. And how did I pay him back? By falling for the first devil put in my path. I don't blame anyone for my situation except myself.

RE: Where did it all go wrong for you!

True, but I was naive as they come. No life experience, no sex education, believed the best of everyone. I was ripe for the picking. During my early years people didn't speak of such things. Oh, I remember my grandmother saying "don't sit on the boys laps". I thought that was strange. I was a senior in high school and didn't know what a "rubber" was. Hindsight is always the best.

RE: Where did it all go wrong for you!

The day I married a physically and mentally abusive "man". Can't really call him that. I believe he was the devil incarnate.

RE: What are characteristics of a men who secretly hates women ?

They are out there! Dumb me fell for it: the nice in the beginning. By the time the cracks began to show it was too late, I was his wife. His mother didn't want him and he was sent to live with an aunt. His father married a second time and she died too. As my ex put it "he killed two women". Didn't allow him in our house and refused to let the kids go to his funeral. What a perfect person to school his kids on their "bad" mother.. . . . . me.

The evil that men do live after them, the good is oft interred with their bones.sigh

RE: Should parents be jailed for not vaccinating their children?

They stopped vaccinating for smallpox in 1975 or so. I'm waiting for that pandemic to surface.

RE: Long Distance Relationship

It might work if the relationship was established first and then for some reason distance became involved. But forget trying to establish a long distance relationship when you first meet someone. That's plain stupid.

RE: Insomnia

This is the million dollar question. I've had this problem for years. Doctors don't seem to think it's a big problem. That's when I want to wring their necks. What would a doctor do if had to operate in the morning and couldn't sleep all night?

RE: Independent woman

What a great reply. I couldn't have said it better cheers

RE: Why are people in a rush to get married so young

So very true. It does take time. Don't be blinded by "happily ever after"

RE: Marriage regrets???

Regret, regret, regret frustrated

RE: Some people are meant to be alone.

Sometimes it just works out that way. Combination of a lot of things. Make the best of what you have. cheering

RE: Are you glad you were a child before technology took over

Eating those NJ tomato sandwiches in the summer on the front steps, playing hide and seek, hole singing acapella with the gang,danceline walking downtown, riding our bicycles, it goes on and on. Where did those days go? sigh

RE: Who pays on the first date?

Should be 50/50. Guys get funny about paying. Seems when dating and his paying reaches $47.19 he feels entitled to more. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: First Dates?

Restaurant. Chatting over a meal.

RE: Deal Breakers

Being "separated"
Being too far away to begin a relationship.

RE: IMO any thing you mock comes back on you 100%

Absolutely, positively TRUE!!!

RE: If you were to reproduce ...

Having children isn't all it's cracked up to be.

RE: Only for above 35 yrs - or if you luv old movies / tv-series !!!

I liked Cannon with William Conrad. A great detective series!!

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