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Understanding Christian Martial Arts

Understanding Christian Martial Arts

But I say, don't resist an evil person! If you are slapped on the right cheek, turn the other, too, (Matthew 5:39). The teaching in Matthew 5:39 is no...

Unknown2,6581Oct 2009Nov 2009
Everyone Needs Somebody

Everyone Needs Somebody

As one hand can never wash itself without the help of the other, one leg can never walk without the help of its pair too. So, we all need somebody in...

mayor0072,5290Oct 2009
Considerations about the Archaeus of Water

Considerations about the Archaeus of Water

It's an undeniable fact: we all know that water carries the seed of life within. Many alchemists starts their first steps into the labyrinths of this...

Unknown6,3193Oct 2009Oct 2009
Women and Friendship When friends lie

Women and Friendship: When friends lie

Have you ever been in a situation where a trusted friend lied to you? What is the best way to respond? First, it usually comes as a shock. You don't w...

Staff17,8312Feb 2009Oct 2009
Alchemical and New Scientific Approaches to the Concept of Transmutation Part II

Alchemical and New Scientific Approaches to the Concept of Transmutation Part II

Going back to scientific layout, one can say that dark matter, as an intentional agent, expresses its desire to make something happen by sending a sig...

Unknown2,3140Oct 2009
Alchemical and New Scientific Approaches to the Concept of Transmutation

Alchemical and New Scientific Approaches to the Concept of Transmutation

This is one of the first articles that I have written on the matter of transmutation and its concepts. It's been published at the Alchemy Journal, vol...

Unknown2,9080Oct 2009
Spiritual Philosophy

Spiritual Philosophy

We must employ Christianity through Seireido to give a new form of martial arts study and a new meaning to the world. Another thing that makes this ar...

Unknown2,6490Oct 2009
Martial Arts Sparring Gear

Martial Arts Sparring Gear

But let us who live in the light think clearly, protected by the body armor of faith and love and wearing as our helmet the confidence of our salvatio...

Unknown2,6190Oct 2009
Philosophy of Dating

Philosophy of Dating

We all say that we are looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right but too often do we find ourself with Mr. or mrs. Wrong. Why is that, maybe because it is a onesi...

Unknown2,6340Oct 2009
Whats the point of online dating when 98 of women

Whats the point of online dating,when 98% of women.............

Haven't even got the decency to send a mail saying yes or no. It's curtious if nothing else. look through the profiles of possible tar...

Unknown1,8211Sep 2009Oct 2009
Dont Forget Fathers Day

Don’t Forget Father’s Day

Father's Day is one day in the year when fathers are allowed to think of themselves as being a little special. It is generally treated as a light-hear...

Staff6,7121Mar 2009Sep 2009
How to Say No When It Counts

How to Say No When It Counts

It's Christmas Eve, and you reluctantly answer your phone. Your brother asks you to watch his kids so that he and his wife can do some last minute sho...

Staff8,2492Feb 2009Sep 2009
Its all our fault The modern woman

Its all our fault ( The modern woman )

If men weren't so shallow and and superficial,women would be far more interesting than they are today.All they care about nowadays is their hair,fashi...

Unknown3,23810Sep 2009Sep 2009


Are you aware that 33000.000 people have Aids around the world? Africa and Asia have the biggest problem. Not for any other reason than abject poverty...

Unknown2,2991Sep 2009Sep 2009
Fear of Feminism

Fear of Feminism

Shampoo suds and warm water sluice through my hair. Connie, my hairdresser, scrubs vigorously. She is a hearty woman in her fifties with a square jaw...

Staff7,9966Mar 2009Sep 2009
Get in shape with Aerobics

Get in shape with Aerobics

Aerobics is fun, and a great way to meet new people and stay in shape. Aerobic exercise has many benefits to your health and has been shown to help in...

TallBrunette226,2871Feb 2009Aug 2009
Are Online Degrees Credible

Are Online Degrees Credible?

Online degrees are becoming an increasingly popular option as spiralling costs force students to look for alternative study modes. Due to increased fl...

Staff8,4164Feb 2009Aug 2009

What is better than CDs / DVDs / HD DVDs or Blu Ray discs?

Streaming over the PC LAN (Local Area Network), or even via the Internet! This is the future!...

_Peet_606,2093Apr 2009Aug 2009
Legalized Executioners

Legalized Executioners

Ever since Roe vs. Wade became law in 1973, more than 70 million innocent lives have been snuffed out. We abort our babies and defend the atrocity on...

mayor0075,59411Jun 2009Aug 2009
Lottery Scam

Lottery Scam

Be aware that scammers are attempting a lottery scam on the site. The scammer is pretending to be staff, and sending emails like the one below. If y...

Staff7,8941Jul 2009Jul 2009
How to stop comforting yourself with food

How to stop comforting yourself with food

People often use food as comfort. A depressed woman is twice as likely to binge then a woman who is not depressed. To add insult to injury, after a fo...

Staff9,8076Feb 2009Jul 2009
Advice for Dating a Single Parent

Advice for Dating a Single Parent

You've met someone interesting and now it's time for the next step – the all important first date. Does the fact you're about to date a single parent...

Staff8,4540May 2009
Practically Bare Bosoms

Practically Bare Bosoms

From the time females are little girls until the time they become grown women, they are inundated with the world's perception that bigger breasts are...

Staff12,11735Feb 2009Apr 21
Does Your Computer Have a Virus a Trojan or Spyware

Does Your Computer Have a Virus, a Trojan, or Spyware?

One of the more unfortunate aspects of being connected to the Internet these days is the likelihood of having your computer become infected with spywa...

Staff6,7421Feb 2009Apr 2009
Aerobics Class Etiquette and the Unwritten Rules

Aerobics: Class Etiquette and the Unwritten Rules

Nobody really talks about them, but there seem to be some unwritten rules that aerobics enthusiasts just seem to understand. Especially in the more co...

TallBrunette223,8350Feb 2009
How to Survive a First Date

How to Survive a First Date

There is a very basic rule for the first date: If you want to get a second date, don't screw up the first one! This guide will help you make your firs...

Staff13,4000Feb 2009
The fun of Dough Craft Christmas Ornaments

The fun of Dough Craft Christmas Ornaments

Dough craft is one of the most attractive and easiest to make, and it is a perennial favorite with beginning crafters and experienced craftspeople ali...

Staff7,2620Feb 2009
Clearing Your Web Browser Cache When Why and How

Clearing Your Web Browser Cache: When, Why and How

When you surf the internet your web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) makes a copy of the pages you visit and stores (caches) it on...

Staff7,2610Feb 2009
How to fight spam

How to fight spam

SPAM denotes junk mail, an important aspect of Internet privacy. It is a highly notorious word on the Net. Companies, and individuals including some o...

Staff7,2830Feb 2009
Avoiding Work at Home Scams

Avoiding Work at Home Scams

With gas prices soaring and job security a fading memory more and more workers are looking for a way to work from home by starting their own home-base...

Staff7,7510Feb 2009

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