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Get More Views to Your Profile

Get More Views to Your Profile

Making use of site features is fun and will get you listed on more site pages and bring more views and attention to your profile. The more you participate and use the site features, the more other mem

Five Ways to Tell Hes Good in Bed

Five Ways to Tell He’s Good in Bed

Looking for a lover that will drive you crazy? Sure, he might have a great personality, make you crack up with laughter, and have a smile that makes you weak in the knees... but if it's brilliance in the bedroom you're after, then none of these quali

How to Dress to Attract a Man A Guide for Women over 40

How to Dress to Attract a Man: A Guide for Women over 40

First impressions are very important, because we judge people almost instantly. It is vital that the first impression you give is a good one. You should dress to look modern and stylish, and not try t

How To Be Unpopular In The Dating World

How To Be Unpopular In The Dating World

When you can't seem to get past a few dates with anyone, you might begin to wonder what you're doing wrong. It may be a simple case of bad habits you don't realize are putting you in a bad light. Here are five ways you might be ruining your chances at finding a lasting relationship.

Making Him Wait Why its Brilliant

Making Him Wait: Why it’s Brilliant

If you are a relationship-oriented woman, you need to know what to do when dating a man.. more importantly, what not to do. Eliminate the possibility of sex on a first date and even second or third date. Ladies, read on to find out why you should make him wait.

8 Tips to Develop Courage

8 Tips to Develop Courage

Don't let life's numerous problems and challenges faze you. Bolster your mind and body with positive thinking and healthy habits to become mentally and physically strong. Here are some tips you can try to boost your fortitude and courage.

7 Most Popular Ways to Spend Valentines Day

7 Most Popular Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

From breaking up to getting married, from hosting an anti-Valentine party to heading out to the club, there's a way to celebrate Valentine's Day for everyone; even those who can't seem to remember what's so special about February 14. What does Val

Why Do People Break Up on Valentines Day

Why Do People Break Up on Valentine's Day?

February 14 is touted as a day of romance, but the holiday has its dark side. The number of shattered relationships in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day is unusually high. In addition, there are

Valentines Day for the Unattached Is it S A D

Valentine’s Day for the Unattached: Is it "S.A.D."?

It can be depressing to look at the calendar and see Valentine's Day coming up. For single men and women around the world, it isn't Valentine's Day so much as it is "Singles Awareness Day." The fact that it spells out "S.A.D." does not escape them. W

A Perfect Valentines Day Date What definitely NOT to Do

A Perfect Valentine’s Day Date: What (definitely) NOT to Do

So it's Valentine's Day, and you've found yourself a date. Congratulations! Now it's time to really impress her. Everyone knows the main taboos of a romantic date, like checking out the wait staff, calling your date by the wrong name or having a frie

Valentines Day Gifts for Beginners a Mans Guide

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Beginners – a Man’s Guide

Don't know what to get that special lady in your life for Valentine's Day? Tired of the same old gifts year after year? Use a little imagination and even the old stand-buy gifts can be turned into brand new surprises this Valentine's Day.

4 Signs of Relationship Trouble

4 Signs of Relationship Trouble

There are many signs of troubled relationships, but it seems harder to recognize them when you're in them yourself. You become more accustomed to the behaviors and they start to seem normal. Here are 4 signs that you're in a troubled relationship.

6 Signs Hes Ready for Marriage

6 Signs He's Ready for Marriage

How do you know if your man is ready for marriage? How many of these 6 signs does your man show? These are a good indicator that he wants to tie the knot.

People Will Treat You How You Let Them

People Will Treat You How You Let Them

How we feel is all our own doing, its all our own choice. We choose to react to something someone said or did. If you feel bad, you choose to feel that way. Heavy and uncomfortable realisation for som

10 Tips a Guy Doesnt Want to Date You

10 Tips a Guy Doesn't Want to Date You

Girls! Avoid wasting your precious time with lame guys who aren't interested in you. Here are 10 straight-talk tips to help you discover if your man is taking you seriously or just playing around.

Is Dating Draining Your Wallet Here Are Some Ways to Deal

Is Dating Draining Your Wallet? Here Are Some Ways to Deal

Dates are expensive, and the unfortunate thing is that cocktail/dinner dates might be the least memorable (and most expensive) type of date out there. Here are some other ideas to jog your creativity.

History of Nepal

History of Nepal?

Nepal is an asian country. It is situated in South Asia. It is a member of saarc. Nepal is a independent country. It has not been ruled by any country. Nepal has tallest mountain of the world Mt. Ever

Is He Too Immature For You To Be Dating

Is He Too Immature For You To Be Dating?

Being young at heart is quite different from being immature. Someone who is immature refuses to act their age in all situations. This article outlines 4 signs that the man you're dating is too young for you.

Are You Alone Because Youre Too Picky

Are You Alone Because You’re Too Picky?

Ladies, have you ever been told that the reason why you don't have a guy is because you're too picky, and that your standards are too high? If you've been feeling lonely and wonderin

9 Gemstones to Express and Attract Love

9 Gemstones to Express and Attract Love

Many people believe that gemstones have the power to change your mood and bring specific energy into your life. These 9 gemstones can help you attract new love and bring your romantic relationship to a new level. Try them for better communication with your partner and more loving intimacy.

8 Natural Ways to Overcome Depression

8 Natural Ways to Overcome Depression

Depression affects millions of people worldwide. However, you don't need to sit around moping, or resort to drugs to beat the blues. Here are some natural and holistic ways to help overcome that dark and gloomy feeling.

Helicopter Parenting Are You Crowding Your Child

Helicopter Parenting - Are You Crowding Your Child?

With the many dangers in today's society, many parents feel they must take an active part in monitoring and intervening in their children's lives on a minute-by-minute basis. This intense parenting style is often called "helicopter parenting" and it can have a detrimental effect on children's development.

New Year New You

New Year... New You

Do you make new year's resolutions? I do. Making those new year's resolutions is easy... but keeping them is a lot harder. If you really want to create a new you in the new year, you need to make practical resolutions that you can maintain for 12 mon

3 Things Couples Of Less Than A Year Shouldnt Do

3 Things Couples Of Less Than A Year Shouldn’t Do

It's natural to want to rush relationships when things are going well, but rushing can actually bring trouble. Relationships are all good in the beginning because people are on their best behavior. It takes time to see what a person is like in different types of situations. Spend a year getting to know someone before you make life changes that involve them. Here are 3 things that no couple of less than a year should ever do

Rebound Dating

Rebound Dating

A lot of people use rebound relationships as a way of moving on from their ex-partner. It's a common phenomena, but is it healthy? Here are several good reasons for giving yourself a breather in between love interests.

How to Overcome Stress Naturally

How to Overcome Stress Naturally

Today's fast-paced lifestyle is stressful for the mind and body. Therefore, one needs to take time out to practice relaxation techniques. Here are some natural and holistic ways to help beat stress and feel good through the day.

4 Ways To Make The New Year Your Best Ever

4 Ways To Make The New Year Your Best Ever

Many people think about how they can make the new year better than the previous one and set goals they'd like to achieve. Here are some tips to help you have your best, most successful year ever.

Should we do it on the first date

Should we 'do it' on the first date?

It's a question that can haunt a person, guilt a person, intimidate and frighten one out of their wits. Everyone has an opinion about this, especially your parents, your church, friends, teachers, and

How do I find The One and when

How do I find 'The One'... and when?

We hear this question asked often. While working as a counselor, I was asked this question frequently, by people of all ages. And at one point of my life, I asked this of myself and lived with concern

Thinking about getting a tattoo

Thinking about getting a tattoo?

A tattoo is a beautiful way of expressing individuality in a permanent way. In the past, tattoos were the domain of sailors, criminals and other members of the fringe of society. However, more and m

Why Women Pick the Bad Guys

Why Women Pick the Bad Guys.

Have you ever watched the woman you want go for a man that you know is a waste of space? If this is something that's happened to you, perhaps you wondered why on earth an intelligent woman would make

Loving Yourself Can Make You Sexy

Loving Yourself Can Make You Sexy

Your sex appeal is largely an extension of the way in which you carry yourself in daily life. And this, in turn, is influenced by your level of self-esteem. The more you accept yourself for who you ar

Get A Relationship Breakup Makeover For The New Year

Get A Relationship Breakup Makeover For The New Year!

Breakups can be difficult for anyone. It can be painful and leave us emotionally scarred for a longtime if you don't know how to move on for the better. Get into the right mind frame by moving forwa

Dating and Statistics

Dating and Statistics

A growing number of men and women are using online dating to find their romantic partners. Let's run some numbers, shall we? Statistics show that close to 48% of American men and 58% women are into on

Romance Scammers Con Artists Predators and Pathological Criminals Have No Guilt

Romance Scammers, Con Artists, Predators, and Pathological Criminals Have No Guilt

By Bernard G Vance, Dr.Ed and Erlina, M.Hum Romance Scam, Part 17 The four terms mentioned in the title; romance scammers, con artists, predators andpathological criminals are criminals who get involv

5 Things You Probably Didnt Know About Your Favorite Christmas Carols

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Your Favorite Christmas Carols

With Christmas approaching why not brush up on your Christmas carol trivia? We all know the popular Christmas carols by heart, but not many people know the history behind them. Impress people with a few quick facts about your favorite carols this season.

Embracing the Holidays When Youre Alone

Embracing the Holidays When You're Alone

While holidays are usually considered a time to be spent with famliy and friends, not everyone has a circle of people to embrace at this time of the year. When that's the case, single individuals often become depressed when faced with spending time alone. By following the practical tips below, even those who find themselves alone on the holidays can enjoy a peasurable celebration after all.

Make Christmas Meaningful Even If Youre Not Religious

Make Christmas Meaningful.. Even If You're Not Religious

The Christmas season has many religious connotations that not all people share. However, within the Christmas traditions lie many important lessons about life and community. You can have a deep and meaningful holiday experience, even if you don't partake in the conventional religious traditions.

10 No Pressure Christmas Date Ideas

10 No-Pressure Christmas Date Ideas

Some people don't like dating during the Christmas season because they dread meeting family and fear prematurely advancing the relationship, or finding an appropriate gift. Christmas dating doesn't have to be like something you see in a bad movie. Enjoy the holidays with the one you love, or like, with these festive Christmas dating ideas.

The December Sprint A Different Kind of New Years Resolution

The December Sprint- A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

Some of us singles need a new strategy for approaching New Year's resolutions from a perspective of empowerment rather than defeat. The December Sprint is all about doing it right for one week before sitting down to plan the coming year. Attitude adj

Take the Stress out of Christmas

Take the Stress out of Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a special celebration of love, so why is it that so many of us just feel completely stressed by Decenter 25? Christmas should be time when you focus on love - the love of G

How to Cure a Broken Heart

How to Cure a Broken Heart

Has your lover broken your heart? Here are a number of ways to help cure it and bounce back. You don't have to silently suffer.

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