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dire straits money for nothing Music

dire straits: money for nothing

best song intro ever...

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Highway 101 Cry Cry Cry Music

Highway 101: Cry, Cry, Cry

Mhmm wouldn't mind taking a long drive on that highway...

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Highway 101 Somewhere Tonight Music

Highway 101: Somewhere Tonight

Mhmm California, Highway 101...

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Fleetwood mac Talk to me Music

Fleetwood mac: Talk to me

yeah...luv Fleetwood mac, 80's mhmm...

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Paula Cole Feelin Love Music

Paula Cole: Feelin' Love

.....sorseggiando un buon vino e danzando lentamente...

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George Strait I Just Want To Dance With You Music

George Strait: I Just Want To Dance With You

The King of Country Music Mr. George Strait Career has always lead me to treat the Ladies Very Special....

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George Strait I Gotta Get To You Music

George Strait: I Gotta Get To You

The King of Country Music Mr. George Strait Career has always lead me to treat the Ladies Very Special....

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lindsey stirling master of tides Music

lindsey stirling: master of tides

my favourite violinist...very beautiful.....

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black eyed peas where is the love Music

black eyed peas: where is the love

always loved this 1...

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Twisted Sister: The Price

After all the work these NYC guys did they achieved a Lot after all... ...We're Not Gonna Take It!...

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Nightwish: Sleeping Sun

A Finnish band on their "early" years before the 'reaper' of success became as apart for this group(Mark I)... ...Some Scandinavian summer scenes on...

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Band Aid: Do They Know It´s Christmas

Thanks to Bob Geldof to gather around all of these UK artists as Quincy Jones did on "We Are World" at on another continent......

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USA for Africa (with intoductions of the artists): We Are The World

For those who doesn't have any idea the artists on this one... ....Have a good one!...

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USA for Africa: We Are the World

As the X-Mas time is coming.... To "Western" world at least...We all should think out off our own belly-buttons! Right?...

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Steve´n´Seagulls: November Rain (G´N´R -Cover)

Just an example how to do a cover song with minimalist way.......

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Eurythmics Sweet Dreams Music

Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams

80's Luv it :)...

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Tony Orlando Dawn Knock Three Times Music

Tony Orlando & Dawn: Knock Three Times

I dig the dancing :)...

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Disturbed: Sound Of Silence

Amazingly well arrangent track of Simon & Garfunkel's "Sound Of Silence". Good 'update`. Well done boys!...

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Queensrüche: Silent Lucidity

Piece from the late "Hard" Rock era... Silent Lucidity by Queensrüche...

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Kansas: Dust In The Wind

Wonderful track by the Kansas..."All We Are just Dust In The Wind....."...

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Heart: Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin Tribute-Live)

Touching piece of legendary Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven" by Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson. Even Robert Plant share some tears at that moment......

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Heart: Crazy On You (LIVE)

The carrying force of the Heart, sisters of Wilson's playing their live version of "Crazy On You". Truly maqnifique guitar by Nancy Wilson...:dancing...

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Gary Moore: Always Gonna Love You

As an excellent Irish guitarist the late gary Moore was known since his Thin Lizzy times. After couple of years he started making his own "solo" care...

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Marcus Nimbler Enter the Sandman Music

Marcus Nimbler: Enter the Sandman

This is cover of Metallica's Enter the Sandman....

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Tina Turner Proud Mary Music

Tina Turner: Proud Mary

it's the morning...this song will not get you to sleep..unless you can dance like hell when snoozing... Rolling on the River!!!!!!!!!! Cmon...

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Christina Aguilera Candy Man Music

Christina Aguilera: Candy Man

there are tons of military in our neighborhood, so when this song came out i loved it :)...

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Pat Metheny Last Train Home Acoustic Music

Pat Metheny: Last Train Home - Acoustic

This magnificent guitar piece takes you to another place.......

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Crash Kings Mountain Man Music

Crash Kings: Mountain Man

Whoa.. his booming voice, those drums, that chord progression, just rocks out! Love this song!...

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Beautiful South had a little time Music

Beautiful South: had a little time

i sing...the boys and girls part..i love this song...

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GEORGE Michael Fast love Music

GEORGE Michael: Fast love

Amazing musician...

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MALIN (Accoustic unplugged): Our God

Beautiful worshiped accoustic instrument...

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The Ting Tings Thats Not My Name Music

The Ting Tings: That's Not My Name

I love this upbeat song! Tho it's about isolation in the music industry....

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Kidum Shamba Music

Kidum: Shamba

This is one of the great Burundian singers, Kidum. he sings in the Kirundi language. The song is talking about stories that are told by grandfathers e...

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Nickel Back If today was your last day Music

Nickel Back: If today was your last day

Nickel back has good songs. I have a variety of songs I like...

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dolly parton ity bissant country place Music

dolly parton: ity bissant country place

best brothel i've ever visited....yet!...

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Ralph mctell streets of London Music

Ralph mctell: streets of London

i love to play this on the guitar,and i sing it...

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flip n phill up up up and away Music

flip n phill: up up up and away

this is just to get you in a good mood...

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Dire straights romeo and juliet Music

Dire straights: romeo and juliet

this song is what i like about a new relationship.."not serious at first".,....

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ian van dahl castles in the sky Music

ian van dahl: castles in the sky

yes...we danced to it like nutters in the old's been forgottem for being too famous?...

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across the universe let it be Music

across the universe: let it be

easy to interpret...

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across the universe dear prudence Music

across the universe: dear prudence

flower power anyone? i can highly recommend it...

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